My Spring Break Packing Edit (a uniform of sorts)

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Before kids, my husband and I would try to escape the winter cold by doing our own little mini Spring breaks.  South Beach was our favorite.  I'd pack my XS bikini top (snort), the tiniest bottoms I could find, a little scrap of a dress and off we'd go.  We'd stay out all night, sleep in until noon, and then roll out to the beach around 1PM.

Well.  THINGS HAVE CHANGED, PEOPLE.  And these changes have resulted in a decidedly different Spring Break uniform:



BAM.  Because vacation or no, my kiddos get up around 6:30AM.  And can you guess how long I can stand to be in a CONDO with two boys under the age of 7 before I lose my mind?  

9AM.  If we're lucky.

(And if we're in a run-of-the-mill hotel room, I change my answer to 6:37AM.)

Which means I'm on the beach bright and early, and, typically, freezing




At least I have the good sense to wear something warm, unlike a certain three-year-old who shall remain unnamed.  Ahem.  MUMMY WAS RIGHT. 

But!  Butbutbutbut!!  Underneath the pile of sweaters, I am wearing (besides a bikini – no really, it's under there somewhere)…I am wearing something pretty.  So if the sun does decide to come out….




Voila!  It is, of course, from Free People.  No matter where else I look, year after year I find my pretty beach tank at Free People (last year's version, or the one that started my obsession).  And while I often find myself inexplicably confused at Free People (why so sheer?  why is there no back?  does anyone wear a bra in this store?)  these are the very details that make for fabulous beachwear.  (And most of these tops do OK over a nursing cami.  Just saying.)




I don't know.  For some reason, these little boho tops feel more chic and…unexpected than  my typical t-shirts.  And I can pretty much just slip on boyfriend jeans and shoes and go out to dinner.



tank: Free People Fly Away Tank

undergarments: Splendid striped bralet, Hanky Panky Millefleur retro high-rise thong

sweaters (above):  Revolve clothing has a similar one….or Forever 21.

denim: J.Brand Aiden

shoes: Tieks in Ballerina Pink




In fact, when I'm really, truly overcome by laziness, when it's WAAAY too early OMG where's my coffee BOYS STOP JUMPING ON THE COUCH WE ARE GOING OUTSIDE RIGHT FREAKING NOW….



Sweatpants.  With a pretty tank, like it's a thing. #itisathing The tank above is my 2012 Free People beach tank model.  (I may have a problem, now that I see it all laid out here.)

And if it's cold?  You just warm those sweatpants up….



….with a sweater.  That's my line, Mamas.  The one I won't cross.  Sweatpants?  Yes.  But never with a sweatshirt – only with a sweater and a pretty tank.  Then I'm OK.  (The observant among you may note that my moto jacket is, in fact, a glorified sweatshirt.  You are correct.  #shutup)


floral tank: Free People 2012…this one from Anthro has a similar vibe (and check out the back!!)

bikini: O'Neil velvet floral.  For realz.  I feel like a disco queen…even though I had to go up to an XL in order for it look like a top, rather than pasties.  I don't understand what's happening with swimwear these days.  

sweater: old….similar from Victoria's Secret or Ann Taylor.  

sweatpants: Love Michigan sweatpants

moto jacket: Athleta has a cool one

sunnies: Ray-ban


So I don't forget for next time, here are a couple of packing lists, based on my new favorite Spring Break outfit.


1.  Uniqlo Printed Parka, $30

I love the subtle check print of this K-Way knockoff (it's half the price). 

2. Mango Ribbed Crop Sweater, $60

The easiest way to wear crop tops?  Over a longer (pretty) tank.

3. 1.State Sheer Insert Cotton Top, $88

This top looks awfully fancy, but it's still cotton.  I love the structured, minimalist vibe.  I'd wear this with cut-offs it it was warm enough. 

4. Gucci Sunglasses, $295

So Audrey Hepburn classic.  I've been drooling over these for a while.

5. Gap 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, $69

Finally!  Gap does the lightwash perfectly.  (Denim snobs, beware.  These won't be quite as soft as you'd like.  I suggest you take a look at Current Elliott's  Traveler Jeans, $218.  DROOL.)

6. H&M Sweatpants, $35

Really, H&M makes the best high-fashion sweats at really low prices.  

7. Sam Edelman Sloan Sandal, $40

I can't believe the price on this sandal.  It also comes in a tan and gold that is gorgeous (but didn't match the collage, so….)

8. J.Crew Neon Sculpted halter top, $52 and bottom, $48. 

I think I need a neon bikini in my life. Right?  Or at least a neon ruched one-piece.  OMG LOVE.



1. J.Crew Silk Cami, $60

I own this cami (in blue, from last year) and wore it all summer.  I wash it, then dry it in the dryer for just a few minutes (to get the wrinkles out), then hang to dry.  Now I'm drooling over this very lux-looking camel.  So pretty with gold jewelry and a tan.

2. Adidas Feather Track Top, $60 (on sale!)

So freaking cool.  (Was part of my guest post on Rookie Moms, but I just can't quit it.)

3. J.Crew Collection Cropped Cashmere Sweater, $228

The kind of thing I wear all year long.  Swingy and soft and fabulous.  Lovelovelove.

4. Kate Spade Polarized Aviators, $158

True aviators make me look like a sad clown.  I love this slightly-less-droopy shape.  And polarized!  Yessssss.

5. DV Milena Sandal, $68

These look like Prada sandals.  Nuff said.

6. Gap Deconstructed Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, $69

Oooo…some deconstruction.  Nicely done, Gap.  Nicely done.

7. Old Navy Harem Pants, $20

Old Navy!  You are actually on-trend?  Thank you!!  Wait – what?  You've been carrying these since 1988?  Oh.  Whatever.  I'll still take two.

8. J.Crew Cubist Bikini Top, $52 and bottom, $44

This is a seriously chic print.  (And YES the top comes with a removable halter strap before you start throwing things at me.)


And thus concludes my dissertation on Spring Break beachwear.  I'll be taking questions after a short break. 

Hey!  Know what I just realized?  (One more point then I promise to END THIS ALREADY)  I didn't include any of Free People's fabulous beach tops!  Would you like to see some?  







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  1. omg ! Shanna! I have more to say but I just had to ..ahahahahaha about your comment on Free People…My thoughts exactly! Do they have boobs in that store?!? I actually laughed out loud 🙂 But you are right..thats what makes them cool.!

  2. You look great! I never would have thought to pair a pretty top with sweats. I Love it! Will have to pack accordingly.
    Giirrrrlllll, I live in a 2bd condo with two boys under age 3. The ish gets real. Let me tell you!

  3. Just. So. Cool. But if you’re an XL, I am….doomed???? Ideas on bikini tops for….adults? Breasts? Women?!? I’m not ready to surrender to one pieces, damnit!

  4. I wanted to drop a quick note just to say thank you! I’m a new reader and new mom. Thanks to you I have a nice, new nursing bra, skinny, ankle length jeans, layered tops to hide the pooch and a husband who walked in the house yesterday and said, “you’re hot!” You rock, Shana! Off to get some sweat pants and a sweet top…

  5. Thanks! Now that’s a spring break uniform I can wear!
    And for those of us with pooches and stretch lines that mean we can’t quite rock a bikini like that — I got a high waisted bikini last year, and love it! It feels so much sexier than a tankini, but still covers what needs covering.

  6. Oh! OhSoFreakingAdorable! I am going shopping right now.
    BTW, I am a B cup but like my bikini tops (and bras) snug and very, very supportive. I have found some gems at Title Nine Sports – printed cute tankinis too, that you could wear all day and swim in too. Also, for more support/coverage, go retro – Kooey is a brand I found on that just looks fab and has underwire options.
    Thanks for the inspiration today! Can’t wait for the sun!

  7. Shanna, you are the best thing that happened to me today. I was feeling frustrated after hanging up the umpteenth black cardigan in my closet, so I googled “styling for nursing moms.” Your blog popped up and I instantly fell in love. I was flipping through it, loving all the suggestions and humor and I noticed some changes in the length of your beautiful hair. I flipped back a bit and read some of the story of what you’ve been through health-wise. What an inspiration you are! Beautiful, brave and so friggin inspirational! I salute you, Shanna.
    Liana (mom of two daughters and your very newest fan) 🙂

  8. SERIOUSLY. I was shocked. I mean OK – the boob job left me with some decent sized ones….but the bottoms? Size M. I wear a size 25 in most denim so wtf is happening?

  9. Hi Shana,
    This post is awesome. As I sit here watching the snow fall in Michigan I am planning our Spring Break trip to Florida in a few weeks. Question – any chance you would do an update to your summer hat post? I was diagnosed with basal cell skin cancer and take my sun coverage seriously. I’m hoping to find a hat with nice coverage, that isn’t so big and floppy that I can’t see, and is still stylish. Does that exist?? Thank you so much for keeping us stylish!

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