A T-Shirt On Date Night….Sigh. (And Friday Links)

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So I have this going-out uniform of sorts.  Disappointingly, it involves a t-shirt.  I keep meaning to find some fabulous top – something silky, pretty, patterned, whatever….but I seem to have this mental block where silky shirts are involved and instead, a closet full of cotton and wool.

Which is why I find myself, most Friday nights, clad only in underwear and squinting into my closet, Mike (wisely) tip-toeing around me.  "Ready, Babe?" he'll eventually ask.  "Yes, Honey!" I'll chirp.  "Let me just plop on a necklace to match these panties and I'll be right down!" #NO 

I mean seriously.  A half-naked wife should be the first sign that THINGS ARE NOT READY.   

So, yeah.  Eventually I'll just grab a t-shirt, add my usual necklace (what did I do before this necklace??) and plop my ancient jacket on top.  Typically, I throw on jeans because by this time I'm totally annoyed and – wow – that makes no sense at all total sense and then I stomp down the stairs STOMP STOMP STOMP to my waiting husband (who knows this drill by heart) and he exclaims, "Babe!!  You look beautiful!!!!!"

Bless his heart. 

But sometimes, if my annoyance level hasn't reached reach-for-denim proportions, I will grab one of my short little bandage minis.  So easy to style!  So sexy!  So cheap!  (Target, baby.)



jacket – similar on sale at Boden

skirt – similar on sale at Piperlime

t-shirt – similar

boots – similar on sale at ASOS



We don't always bring the kids to date night, but the Art Museum was doing their Art-After-5 party, and last month's involved k-pop music and a little show and then a dance floor and we thought, why not?  So I put on some flat boots (to make this skirt ever so practical) and dressed the kids in head-to-toe FabKids and off we went.



And then we arrived and I realized where we had to sit and all at once I had flashbacks of that one time my bum was inadvertently part of the Franklin Institute's spy exhibit.  

This damn skirt.  You'd think I'd learn.  Cause getting into THIS POSITION ON COLD MARBLE STEPS took some serious skirt-wielding skillz.



So this is where I swear off bandage minis while on kid-duty but why bother because I'll probably just wait another week and then do it again.  So if you ever visit Philadelphia, be sure to see the Liberty Bell, the Battleship New Jersey, and S's bum.  And now that I've compared my @ss to historic treasures, we'll move on.  

Pax, it turns out, loves k-pop.



So does his mama.



Raines was totally annoyed by the both of us.  Dancing?  So embarrassing!!


 But since it's Friday, here are a few fun links:

I was thrilled to do another podcast with Meagan from The Happiest Home.  This time, Meagan and I chat about dressing for your high school reunion.  Gulp.

The Modern Mrs. Darcy has a genius technique for faking a clean house.  

Would you wear a fanny pack? I…..might.

Loved this article (and picture!!) of Plus Size Princess.  Awesome.  

Since I've been relying so heavily on soft jackets to dress up my t-shirt, I just picked up this one in white.  Insanely comfortable and flattering.  And check out the swing back – it's my fav part.    

Someone please go buy this Soft Joie dress that is currently 30% off.  I'm smitten, but they only have M and L left. 

BCBG is offering 50% off of everything. I'm seriously considering this chic twist on an everyday t-shirt dress.

For those of you who miss the old Lucky Magazine, Andrea Linett has started doing personal outfit posts on her blog.  Finally!  

Happy weekend!



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  1. I have been COVETING that anthro blazer. I’ve been on the fence as I wasn’t sure what I could pair it with in terms of bottoms and tops- thoughts? Do you truly love it??? LOVE this post- you look fabulous mama! xo

  2. Ugh….so jealous of your tiny’ness! I would sooo love to wear a bandage skirt. I was wondering what the hell happened to Lucky magazine! Sadly I won’t be renewing.

  3. I cannot get over how hot you look. Ow ow!
    I’m usually just going for the tee and jeans too…I mean, it works. It’s easy to snazz up a bit.
    That said, I have a similar-ish skirt from
    Tarjay…and I think I have my next date look. 😀

  4. Hi Shana! Good news …6pm has that soft joie dress in small AND x small ….FYI ..in case you still want it:)

  5. I just loaded up your podcasts on my phone and am looking forward to listening. Such a great topic–I was pregnant for my last high school reunion, and really could have used all your best tips for that (thankfully past) event. 🙂

  6. I could cry. The link to the Soft Joie dress has me just going to the shopbop homepage. I am your faithful disciple and would buy that dang dress cause you told me to.

  7. I have the same problem getting dressed to go out! I’m hoping that the Everlane silk tank fills in for a slightly nicer shirt.

  8. Congrats! Love your blog. FYI-in the second paragraph of your FAQ section there is a typo…currently it says “mom or no.”

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