Reader Style: A Review of SuperGa and Spring Court Sneakers (Think Comfier Than Converse)

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I was delighted to get the following note from Allison:

Something I've been trying to find is the perfect cute sneaker.  I had a pair of Bensimons which were adorable, but honestly, not comfy to wear for very long as they were so flat and with little support.  Same goes for Converse.  But what I've tried out more recently are Superga and Spring Court … Italian and French tennis shoes.  They aren't quite as slim because they're a unisex style, but there is a lot more support.  The Superga is still pretty firm, but has a bit of arch support.  The Spring Court are my favourites because they have a removable insole that is really cushioned and comfy for playing or walking all day.  


Seriously helpful, right??  So we email-chatted a bit, and she indulged me by sending over a close-up of the Supergas and Spring Courts:



Here's a side by side of the superga and spring court (both eu size 39).  I'm actually planning to return the superga and get another pair of the spring courts as that insole is unbelievably comfy and now I'm spoiled! (The spring court shown is from a pair I have had for awhile… I actually dyed them because I wanted a darker blue than I could find in my size at the time, so they survived that plus a lot of play). 


I love both of them (and now am obsessing over navy sneaks).  Allison, rock star that she is, THEN sent over pics of her next favorite sneaker trick:  swapping out the laces.



Which do you prefer?  I honestly can't decide.  


Bonus, they make them in kids sizes too (Velcro or laces) and they are even cuter on the small people.




Where To Buy?

So here's the downside:  finding Spring Court sneakers aren't easy.  Luisviaroma carries a few children's Spring Court styles, Yoox has an ever-changing selection of one or two Spring Court styles (currently only one), J.Crew used to carry them (but currently does not – I'll bet this changes eventually)…or you can go right to the french Spring Court website and order some.  


Now Superga is a different story – you can buy Superga sneaks at Zappos.  Ordering ease alone may be why I pick Superga over Spring Courts.  Zappos even has my favorite camo Supergas, as well as chambray, glitter (which for some reason I am drawn to, magpie that I am), some cah-razy floral that is seriously awesome,  and then all of the classic colors as well.  


Allison, thank you SO much for this amazing review!  I've been debating over another Converse purchase, but was holding off because – as you mentioned – they're not super comfortable (especially without socks in the summer).  So thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts and adorable pics!  This mama-community so appreciates it. 

Allison's Outfit Deets (top pic)

I wore my sneakers today with bright blue tights, a thrifted skirt (h&m), a black tshirt (h&m), an old Gap cardigan, a dotted scarf from a trip to Barcelona, earrings by Darla Hesse, brooch by Fairyesque.  Bag is a Moop Paperback in grey (found this thanks to your blog and love it!) Sneakers by Spring Court naturally.

I usually try to wear sneakers with a skirt or dress as it feels much cuter than just with jeans.




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  1. Thanks for the sweet words Shana! I’m glad this is helpful for other Mamas. If you live in Europe, then Spartoo is a great source for both these brands as there is free shipping and returns in a bunch of countries. That’s where I got all of mine. Happy sneaking!

  2. Yay! I live in France, have despaired of ever wearing Converse (even the wedge ones aggravate my plantar fasciitis), but had never heard of Spring Court before this post. I found a pair on sale at and just ordered them!

  3. I recently bought a pair of Supergas through – they have a variety of colors and styles – and since the site is part of the Gap family if you have a credit card for one of their brands your purchase counts towards points needed to earn coupons or you can redeem a coupon you’ve already earned. Piperlime also participates with so when I made my purchase I went through there first at a time when they were offering 15% cash back. Can you tell I’m frugal? Ha ha!

  4. Thanks for the review! I’ve been eyeing them for awhile. also has some on sale for $45.

  5. I so agree with you about the issue with converse. My toes were in agony when I wore mine all day. But I love them and although I’ve tried Superga, I didn’t like the look on my foot. But then I discovered that converse Jack Purcell’s a just a bit wider in the toe. That’s where regular converse get me. You can swap out the insole for a pair of super feet and all problems are gone. Spent a day at disneyland with no pain.

  6. Allison or anyone who knows: do the Spring Courts run true-to-size or large? I’m looking around online for reviews (also hard to find!) and it seems they might run a bit big. Thanks for any info!

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