Wearing Pastels and Brights (And My New Fav – under $100 – Jeans)

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I read somewhere (Refinery29?  WhoWhatWear?) that the key to wearing pastels is to mix them with brights. They swore that it would keep you from veering into Easter Egg territory.  I don't actually think the brights are necessary (I'm totally OK being an easter egg) but it's a fun twist, no?  Something a bit unexpected?





I'm finding that short hair really changes my styling game.  So many of my man-plaid shirts now make me look…mannish (go figure) where before they were just a cool counterpoint to long, feminine hair.  But this girly-plaid shirt – Easter egg colors, fitted through the shoulders, unbuttoned just enough – well.  I can do girly plaids.




Where am I going, all dressed up and fancy?  



Back Porch.  Once upon a time that used to mean some cool hipster bar, but now I mean it literally, the back porch.  The actual one at my house.  All dressed up and back porch I go.  

With this tiny hipster in residence.




sunnies: Ray-Ban Folding Wayfairers

necklace: Bauble Bar (sold out)….but thoughts on this one?  Looks like it would hold up to toddler-tugging.  I also love this delicate choker.    

shirt:  Jach's Girlfriend Western Shirt (old)…also love this similar Rails plaid shirt

denim: Blank Denim Relaxed Straight-Leg Jeans

bag:  Kate Spade (now sold out)….also love the Kate Spade Henry Satchel

shoes: old Aerosole pumps…and this Dolce Vita sandal has nothing to do with anything, but it's fabulous and on crazy-sale for $34.

On Pax:  Tribe is Alive Be Brave Tank, American Apparel Afrika leggings


Let's chat about these jeans for a sec.  They're by Blank NYC, a brand that I've been watching, but hadn't tried.  I'm such a denim snob that most brands with the under $100 price point I invariably find lacking.  But THESE?  They're soft, interesting (aka perfectly distressed and faded) and my new favs.  I was so impressed, in fact, that I also bought a pair of Blank NYC denim shorts.  Same deal:  soft, interesting (a modern high-waist and cut-up on the sides) and very sexy.  I'm seriously eyeing up these color-blocked skinnies for fall, and Blank just came out with their version of patched denim (and you know how I feel about patched denim….SWOON).

Has anyone else tried Blank Denim?  Thoughts?




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  1. Have always been pleasantly surprised by Blank Denim. I love the high waist skinnies these days. Do they make a high waist boot cut????

  2. I definitely have the same leggings as Pax. hahaha! I love the American Apparel high waist cotton leggings for maternity wear–I have the afrika in black and white AND black and red. so comfy for 2nd trimestester when your belly is expanding but you’re not quite enormous enough for full on maternity digs. <3

  3. Love everything about this outfit! You’re too pretty to look mannish in anything, but that pastel shirt does look amazing on you.
    Oh, worn-in jeans that are comfy are SO good. Putting them on is like returning home after a loooong vacation and lying down in bed.

  4. I wasn’t thrilled with Blank Denim until I saw the patched pair. Um, SOLD!
    Btw, your boys are so freakin’ cute.

  5. Wondering how much stretch these have and how comfy they are. I have an 8 month old so I spend A LOT of time down on the floor and my jeans/pants/bottoms have to be super comfy or I get crabby real quick. Anyone?

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