“Romping” Around Philadelphia (Two Different Ways To Wear a Romper This Fall) – Sponsored Post

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Locals!  Have you been to XIX?  It’s just a hotel restaurant, but I love the vibe of the bar.  (Drinks are good, too.)





And the view?  Spectacular.





Nordstrom asked me to take a look at their petite collection.  I complained to Mike that Nordstrom obviously doesn’t realize HOW TALL I AM.

“Five-two?” Mike helpfully supplied.

Well.  In my head I’m 5’7″.  And in my soul?   6 feet.  At least.





(But I will grudgingly admit that this petite romper makes me look cah-razy tall.  Notice how the waist hits in the right spot AND there’s no pooling around the ankles?  #okayfine)

Also?  I felt really, insanely, glamorous.  This might be the most comfortable holiday-party outfit EVER.




romper: Loveappella petites (oh no!  sold out!)  Loveappella’s strapless version is seriously cute (and comes in both reg or petite), but Olivia Moon’s romper is probably the closest to what I’m wearing.   I also really like Vince Camuto’s romper or Everleigh’s  (All rompers linked come in both petite and regular sizes)

heels: old, try these Ivanka Trump leopard pumps

necklace: Kendra Scott

bracelet:  Chan Luu

bag: old, try the Zoe Zip Clutch in hunter

bra (peeking out in a few shots):  Cosabella


petite-romper-loveappella-philadelphia-rittenhouse-fringe-bag-rag and bone moto jacket-2



I feel like a whole new (petite) world has opened up.  One where pants with a cropped length are actually – gasp – cropped.  And speaking of comfort (weren’t we??)  rompers are like wearing pajamas.


So here we are, romping around Philly.  In my romper-feels-like-jammies.


petite-romper-loveappella-philadelphia-rittenhouse-fringe-bag-rag and bone moto jacket



Also!  A styling trick to rescue an outfit skirting the edges of boredom:  layer a patterned shirt-worn-as-jacket.

The moto jacket would look fine over the romper, albeit a tad…uninspired.  When I layer in a striped shirt…voila!!  The two colors are pulled together (dark, light) and the pattern adds some visual interest.


petite-romper-loveappella-rag and bone moto jacket - ankle boots-2



Also?  FRINGE.  Fringe solves everything.


petite-romper-loveappella-rag and bone moto jacket - ankle boots-3


petite-romper-loveappella-philadelphia-rittenhouse-fringe-bag-rag and bone moto jacket-4


romper: Loveappella petites (oh no!  sold out!)  Loveappella’s strapless version is seriously cute (and comes in both reg or petite), but Olivia Moon’s romper is probably the closest to what I’m wearing.   I also really like Vince Camuto’s romper or Everleigh’s  (All rompers linked come in both petite and regular sizes)

jacket: old, but this Eileen Fisher moto jacket is similar…or even this cozy sweatshirt moto jacket in taupe

shirt: old, but if I were to get a new one, a serious contender is Halogen’s brown and cream plaid in silk/cotton.  It’s perfect.

boots: old, but this Kelsi Dagger Jupiter bootie is very similar

bag: old, but Steve Madden makes a seriously cool (and affordable!!) fringe bag


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Feel like shopping the shoot?  Here are a few rompers that caught my eye (both petite and regular), as well as some patterned shirts, cool moto jackets, and drool-worthy fringe bags.




In any case, rompers were a seriously fun way to break myself into Nordstrom’s petite collection, and now I’m obsessed.  The thought of not having to alter every pair of pants I buy is seriously compelling.  (And these work trousers?  I tried them on…they’re on par with my old standbys from Theory.)  Sooooo….yeah.  You’ll be seeing more petites from this gal.

Incidentally, Pax informed me today that I could have the BIG piece of apple because I am, and I quote, “a GIANT”.  Yup.  That’s me.  GIANT MUMMY.




ps.  Nordstrom, thank you for both sponsoring this post and bringing me over to the petite dark side.  I am what I am, I guess.  As always, all product choices, thoughts, opinions, and delusions on height are my own.


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  1. I *love* rompers but cannot make myself move past the fact that you have to take them almost completely off to go to the bathroom. I have three young children who are pretty active *ahem*. I am envisioning public nudity by way of an open bathroom door courtesy of a 23 month old. Any chance that any of these have butt flaps? 😉

  2. You are GORGEOUS always, romper or not. That being said, that romper looks FANTASTIC on you. Good lord you look amazing in it!

    I, on the other hand, flat chested, wider hipped, and tall- not so much. At least I get to see them on you! And I loved the other pieces that you featured!

  3. I don’t know what you plan to do with your hair long term now that there are lots of options, but I have to say I’ve been LOVING it lately. Mine is currently longish but I’ve worn a pixie off and on through the years, so I’m a little partial to it. Seriously, it suits you so well.

  4. Gah, now THAT would be an easy way to get dressed in the morning: Jumper, necklace, shoes, done. Speaking of shoes–you think a jumper would look lame in flats? Because I’m still in baby-wearing stage, big-time, and I just can’t take a heel. (Your leopard heels are fabulous, btw.)

  5. OMG, I just bought a romper — the Olivia Moon one. And I had to buy the stripe button down from Loft to wear over it. And several other things. You ENABLER you!

  6. Would Love it if you could have someone model some fall fashions or your favs for those of us who are in bigger sizes

  7. The balcony pics are amazing! I still hate the going-to-the-bathroom factor when wearing rompers but you certainly make a strong case for them! 🙂

  8. I left a comment on FB about you looking great but what about the tall girls who get wedgies….You really look so great that I started to hunt and hunt and then I found jumpsuit for the tall girls (in case anyone out there comes to read this!) at Alloy, a wide leg, batwing, 3/4 sleeve jersey cotton knit in black with, and here is the magic, a 37″ inseam available. 37″!!!! I ordered. My husband says I look cartoonishly tall in it but he likes it and I love it! Thanks for forcing the inspiration on me! And it was only $44. Winning all around!

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