1 Week, 7 Outfits & 30 Hours On The Road (#myeverydayedit)

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My boy Brooks had his 6th birthday this week. If I could tell you one thing about this kid it would be that he’s obsessed with sports. All sports seem to fascinate him, but there’s just something special about baseball. His fascination, a little more intense. His love, a little deeper. I kid you not, the boy can name all the teams in the MLB, the cities they’re from, can draw their logo and tell you every position on the field. He can name many current players on most teams and even the stadiums in which they play. He’s hand drawn flags with all the team logos and we helped hang them in his room  which he insisted was separated by National league and American league — get the picture?

So, what started off as a joke of “I know what to get him for his birthday…”, ended with us canceling his birthday party in exchange for an actual real-life trip to spring training to see the Rockies. We took a week off school and work and headed for Scottsdale, Arizona.

This week just so happened to also coincide with my week of our #everydayedit hashtag on Instagram. Every day this last week, I posted a picture of my outfit on my Instagram (@girlmeetsbaby). Are you sick of seeing pictures of me over there yet?

But here’s the fun part, let’s recap the week!

Day #1 (Monday)


This was on our road-trip down to Arizona. And if you haven’t seen the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, It’s amazing and worth stopping on the side of the road while the kids are napping to snap some pics. We arrived in Scottsdale just in time for Brooks’ birthday and celebrated with donuts, swimming, and a nightcap of pizza under café lights and a stroll to Sprinkles cupcakes. Bliss!


Jacket: Hinge Mixed Media Hooded Jacket

Shirt: Old H&M graphic Tee (similar)

Pants: Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans: Biker-Zip Edition

Belt: Old Gap Men’s belt (similar Free People Desert Leather Belt)

Shoes: Ugg Classic Cardy Knit Boot

Hat: old ‘The Hundreds’ Floral Snapback (similar)

Day #2 (Tuesday)


We went to a Rockies game, sat in the grass, played until I’d sweated all my makeup off, and watched my little boy make some big dreams…
Brooks — “I’m going to play down on that field when I am older mama.”

Me — “I know you are sweet boy. I know you are.”

Dad — “Please come true. Please come true.”


Shirt: Old Madewell Trapeze Crop Tank (similar)

Pants: AG Super Skinny Ankle Leggings

Belt: Free People Desert Leather Belt

Shoes: Birkenstocks ‘Arizona’

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmaster

Day #3 (Wednesday)


Shopping in Scottsdale. And by shopping, I mean replacing the shattered screen on my phone since my girl decided to throw it against the sidewalk. For some reason I never learn this equation: 2 yr old + iPhone = disaster.


Shirt: Banana Republic Silk Blouse

Pants: Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans: Biker-Zip Edition

Belt: Free People Desert Leather Belt

Shoes: Sam Edelman Eavan Gladiator Sandal

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Mirrored Matte Aviators – Gold/ Green

Day #4 (Thursday)


What started as a love for baseball had evolved into a love for swimming. We spent the day poolside as Ro took a marathon nap on me and my boys provided my entertainment swimming and laughing for hours. As the sun set we threw on clothes and cruised out for dinner and ice cream. Serious vacay euphoria.


Shirt: Diane von Furstenberg Liva Colorblock Tee ON CRAZY SALE!!

Pants: Rag and Bone Kensington Skinny Jean

Boots: DV by Dolce Vita – Sergeant (I hacked these exactly like my Ugg post. Just cutting the tongue of the boot down the seams on each side to make them a little wider at the top.;) )

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Mirrored Matte Aviators – Gold/ Green

Day #5 (Friday)


The saddest day: a long drive home from vacation. But, instead of splitting up the drive into 2 days we rocked it in 1 and the kids were complete rock stars — so proud of those little troopers! I went comfy cozy and would layer on a zip up as the day turned to night and we trekked back toward the mountains.


Top: Evermore Open Side Tank (sold out in white, but still available in the green)

Pants: Drop Crotch Trackie Pants

Shoes: Nike Air Pegasus 83

Day #6 (Saturday)


Home sweet home! The sun was shining this weekend and we spent the day goofing around on scooters and skateboards. I opted for my wish-I-was-a-rocker look.


Jacket: Levi’s Boyfriend Trucker Jacket

Tee: old Transmission Rolling Stones Tee (similar)

Pants: old Rag and Bone Ridley Moto Jean (similar)

Boots: Doc Martens 1460 W Boot

Day #7 (Sunday)


Take me to church. We’re lucky to have a church that we both A) love, and B) has a pretty casual congregation. Little more brisk this morning so I went back to my Ugg Beckets with a go-to sweater and beanie.


Top: Skull Cashmere in Elk Print (Elk Print is sold out, but the skull is still available)

Pants: Robin’s Jeans Dark Blue Legging (similar)

Shoes: Ugg Becket Buckle Boot

Beanie: J.Crew Chunky Ribbed Hat

I love this hashtag!

Just in case you aren’t already participating… You really should! It’s been fun to see what day-to-day fashion looks like on so many of you.

Here are my favorites from Instagram. You mommas look so hot and I am inspired to highjack a little something from each of you!


@hanamik Girl, you look so effortlessly cool. I am so going to try rocking my hat backwards.

@momlifeandstyle Two for the price of one outfits. Both are amazing! Love seeing the tights under the jeans on you!

@foxsummer Graphic Tee and plaid scarf. Epic combo. Seriously stealing that!

@lantonacci Amazing from head to toe. I need those shoes in my life ASAP!

Head on over to Instagram, share your own daily outfits with hashtag #myeverydayedit and see all of our daily fashion throughout the week by following @shanachristine , @scottiliz , @camilledipaola , and @girlmeetsbaby.

Peace n’ Love — OE


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  1. I love that Day #3 features a picture of a child with an iPad next to the sidewalk to contrast ironically with the sad story about a child throwing an iPhone against the sidewalk.

  2. I love your style! keep it coming!! xoxox. one of these days I will dare post a pic to #myeverydayedit.. sadly..I am just a fashion copycat though..so glad you had a nice vacation. looks like a blast!
    ps…not sick of your pics on instagram 🙂

  3. OE–You should really reconsider your stance about “big” shoes, because I think you look amazing in your sandals!!! (caveat–I’m not a clunky shoe fan, so take that with a huge grain of salt!!).

    • Kimberly, you have totally given me the push to try smaller shoes. I’ve got a post in the works trying a bunch of small shoes and making them work. And I have to confess I like it too. Thanks for the comment!!!

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