Now And Later: Three Ways To Wear Spring’s Brightly Patterned Shift Dress

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First, meet The Dress.  These brightly-colored Spring shift dresses are my new favorite thing.  Know why? Two words:

Machine. Washable.

Besides, they look like Spring…which is where my brain has been stuck lately.  Stuck on Spring.  And I’m not the only one –  as I worked on this exact article a few days ago, reader Jenna shot me an email.

I just can’t take the cold anymore and I am dying for an awesome floral print dress for spring holidays.  But I want something I can wear now with tights and is transitional for warmer weather too.  Any ideas?  Ones that can be worn with booties now and heels/sandals later?

Yup.  Jenna, you read my mind.

The dress I happen to be wearing is Vince Camuto’s ‘Artful Strokes’ Shift Dress in a 0P.  The “petite” part is important – it’s the only reason my knees are showing.  Even so, I wanted more of a mod vibe, so I went shorter.


One – Sweaters and Combat Boots







I typically go two routes:  layer a cropped sweater over the dress (as I’m doing here, although I wish the sweater was a few inches shorter for better proportions), or go long and swingy with the sweater, leaving only a few inches of hem showing.

Even better if your coat hem is longer than your skirt hem.



I didn’t bust out my fleece lined tights and I WAS SORRY.  Next time.



sweater: Eileen Fisher Organic Marled Cotton Boxy Sweater in XSP

dressVince Camuto’s ‘Artful Strokes’ Shift Dress in a 0P

boots: old…but Steve Madden’s Troopa Boots are fab

tights: old

bag: old Kate Spade…but the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Satchel is almost identical and 40% off!

hat: old (and well-loved)…a similar shape/color is Topshop’s tuck back beanie


TWO – Blazers and Booties

Date night, office, etc. – this is how I’d wear it.

(NOTE:  I have this dress hemmed pretty darn short for an office environment.  If I really wanted to try and pull it off, I’d wear it with super-thick, opaque black tights and a serious flat – like an oxford.)







dressVince Camuto’s ‘Artful Strokes’ Shift Dress in a 0P

blazer: Halogen Zip Pocket Jacket (in XSP)

tights: old, but I should’ve been wearing these super opaque black tights

boots: old, similar Jessica Simpson black bootie (almost sold out)…or I crazy-love these Ted Baker booties with the contrasting wood heel.  Simple and stunning.

hat: old (and well-loved)…a similar shape/color is Topshop’s tuck back beanie


THREE – Laters, Baby

Oh, yeah.  Sneaker it up.






dressVince Camuto’s ‘Artful Strokes’ Shift Dress in a 0P

sneaks: Superga Cotu Sneaker (blue is long gone, but the peachy-orange are adorbs) – or try these electric blue Converse. I die.

necklace: old Chan Luu…but if you like that sort of tough-girl vibe, this tasseled pendent necklace has it


Now for the best part – the shopping.  Here are a few of my favorite Spring dresses.  They all meet the following criteria:

1.  They are fabulous.

2.  They are machine washable.

3.  They all can be worn with tights & boots now…sneakers later.

(Some are even nursing friendly, and a ton come in both petite and regular sizes.  Love. That.)


Shop Spring Dresses






A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  As always, all product choices, thoughts, and opinions are my own.  (Or as Pax would say, “MINE OWN”.)  Thank you for supporting the retailers who help support The Mom Edit.  

photography credits: Mike Draugelis


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  1. christine w. on

    I love many of the prints on these, but, I dunno, I’m 41. I’m 5’8″, most of which is leg. I think I would just feel way too *exposed* in many of these. They are SHORT! I may have to seek out tall sizes to give me a bit more coverage or something (now where do I go for that?!?)

    • Me too! I’m 5’10” and many of these dresses, and many skirts I see out there, would be pretty indecent on me. I LOVE Boden for their tall dress and skirt sizes, on top of the fact that most of their lengths aren’t super short anyway. They have a few entries in the spring bright/ floral dress category right now.

  2. 最嚣张、最牛逼、最快速逆向网赚,上线帮下线赚钱,什么也不干,轻轻松松赚百万。




    乙未年(羊)正月十四 2015-3-4

  3. Great idea! love that you had the dressed hemmed gives it a fresh look! So I think I have my Easter dinner outfit! Thank you xoox
    That Chan luu necklace still haunts me 🙁
    The tassel is ok but….not Chan luu

  4. Love, love, love the length. I’m 39yo, full-time single mom of two kiddos. Keep the short dresses/skirts recommendations a’comin. This mama likes to remember she’s a woman! 😉

  5. YES! More of these kinds of posts. I love seeing how I can buy one piece and use it in different ways and I love the different options at the bottom. My only issue is with really young children around I would be nervous about my bum hanging out when I bent down, but that’s why I like that you have some longer options at the bottom.

  6. Super stylings Shana!

    I’m left wondering what you’d think of my hemlines… :S I work as a high school librarian, and I follow the dress code. As long as the hem is longer than our arms! I cover it up short hems with long cardigans and black tights. I always feel pretty safe. When in doubt I always ask my husband on our way out the door. He’s really forgiving so if he gives it a “no,” I know I’m pushing it! Check out this week’s #workoutfits on my 8th Style Story. I’d love to see what you think. Also, I had commented on not really matching with the #everydaymomedit. Should those of us working moms post too?

    Have a great week ahead. I’m going to miss you. I’m off to India on a school trip with 20 high school kids this afternoon. Sounds exciting but it’s also hard work–especially being gone from my two kiddos.

    Until then….looking forward to catching up with all your posts when I return on March 14th:D

    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

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