Mother’s Day Weekend – Yay!!

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There are moments that flash by in a second or two.  Nothing dramatic or out of the ordinary, yet my eyes fill with tears and my heart cracks open.  There I sit, bleeding light and love, as those two red boots get into the shower.


If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine) you’ve seen this photo before (as well as the caption which I obviously was SO proud of I had to reuse here). But it’s one of the best pictures I’ve taken all year, so I had to share.  Especially on Mother’s Day weekend.

Which is here!!!  I’m so excited.  I love a day where my two boys climb around me like puppies telling me how beautiful I am (seriously!  they’re so charming!!) and how much they love me while Mike brings me coffee in bed.  Mike would refer to this as “everyday” but in this case it involves carbs and presents so that’s a pretty critical difference right there.  Just so there’s no confusion.  MIKE.

I haven’t done one of these Friday post things in a while and you guys…I MISS THEM.  I suspect you miss them less than I do (there is only so much blathering one can take in a week) but I’ll try my best to keep them interesting.  And, um, short.  #nopromises

Announcements and Updates

First up!!  Our SWIM GUIDE will be launching next week!  I’m pumped.  We have a pretty epic selection of one-piece suits (two piece and cover ups will follow) as well as some…[drumroll]…#dressingroomselfies swimsuit-style.  I mean seriously THAT IS LOVE you guys (which you should be able to tell from my deer-in-headlights, how did I get here, wtf is this job, expression).

Also, wine.


The face of a girl who is READY TO “MODEL” THOSE SWIMSUITS YES



(wearing:  J.crew’s halter wrap suit in sea mist)

In preparation, I’ve updated one of our most popular articles, The Skinny on Post-Partum Swimwear:  10 Tips To Hide The Pooch.  This article was originally written in 2011, after Pax was born (SOB!).  It’s the one where my post-partum pooch and I take different swimsuit styles for a test drive.

I’ve also updated an old Mom Street Style of post-partum Esther in her Lands’ End suit to include similar styles currently available, as well as my top picks from Lands’ End’s current line.


Meagan from The Happiest Home has launched The Style Hour podcast featuring, well, me.  Each and every other week.   If you haven’t listened before, it’s fun.  Meagan cracks me up, and she always manages to extract some ridiculous style proclamation from yours truly that I’ve yet to keep (‘NO MOCK TURTLENECKS EVER’ and then I bought this one).  SIGH.  She just released a new episode where we chat about summer dress trends which led to rompers which led to Meagan posting THE most epic, 1990’s, gawd-awful, Blossom-like romper picture of herself (with a NEON GREEN BASEBALL HAT) that is not to be missed.  In the previous episode we had a major discussion about mom butts and swimsuits and I think Meagan may have even removed her pants at some point.  (Thankfully, it’s just AUDIO.)  So…yeah.  That’s pretty much The Style Hour in a nutshell.  (Also, if there’s anything you’d like us to talk about, we’d love to hear!)



Reader Recommendations

Laura has been living in Gap’s Chambray Joggers….which is funny, because I read her comment while wearing (last year’s version) of LOFT’s Lou & Gray chambray joggers.  I sense a movement afoot.

Reader Sarah wrote in about her new handmade, reasonably priced, Fawn Design Diaper Bag.  These sleek faux-leather backpacks have a laminated interior and a seriously unique, cool design.  (I’ll bet they’d make amazing camera bags too.)

Carrie found Kortni Jeane bathing suits on Instagram and fell in love.  Mix-and-match high-waisted bottoms, peplum tops, and cute one pieces.  They recently restocked and I’m obsessed.

Fun Links

Did you ever “peg” your jeans?  Apparently, it’s back.  James Jeans came out with a nifty tutorial.  My 10-year-old self is in ecstasy.

I finally found a dress similar to my old, white, Milly eyelet number (worn here over flare jeans, and here with birks).  It’s Free People’s Wallflower Tent Dress.

I’ve been looking for a flattering pair of boyfriend jeans for FOREVER and instead I found these seriously cool cuffed and cropped jeans (the cuff is sewn down).  Anthro calls them “AG Stevie Straight Slim Cuffed Jeans” but all I hear is “my new favorite boyfriend jeans”.

If anyone needs a last minute Mother’s Day gift, I’ve been obsessed with Ditto’s website.  Ditto sells glasses and sunglasses and takes the virtual try-on to a new level:  3-D.  Seriously.  You can move your (virtual) head and see how they look from the side.  They also just started a GLASSES or SUNGLASSES SWAP  program for $19/month. This….is….trouble…..

Speaking of trouble – the poor Monarch butterflies need help!  NWF has launched a new Butterfly Hero Campaign.  Take part by submitting a photo of your kiddo making the international sign language sign of the butterfly on their website. By taking the pledge, everyone who enters will be mailed a free Butterfly Garden Starter Kit (while supplies last).


What are you up to this weekend?  We’re hoping to hit the fair at a local school tonight (Raines is obsessed with rides), and then maybe head to the beach on Sunday.  The hot weather has finally hit Philly, so it feels – and smells – like summer.

Here’s to open windows, morning cuddles, and celebrating all that we do.  Happy Mother’s Day!






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  1. Oh, the shore! (Experiencing some momentary homesickness). Post photos on IG, *especially* if you’re off to Cape May!

  2. Yes I do love these posts….well actually all of them :)… So I guess the “fashion dispute(debate) you had was over the madewell boyfriend short. Right? I think they do work better on tall girls…

  3. I love seeing your Friday posts…especially since it gives me ideas of things to do around philly…our family has gone many of your outings:)…I can’t wait for your swim guide..I need major help to prepare for our beach vaca…I know you are busy but if you guys can squeeze in a target(or tar-jae) trip I would love it..I get some overwhelmed with racks of clothes so I don’t even bother..keep up the great work, mommas…

  4. I missed these posts too! Part of what made me get hooked on your blog in the first place was your sharing of things other than fashion too (an all fashion only fashion blog can be a bit boring! Love the mom insights and stuff too)

  5. Love the Friday posts! And I *need* the swim guide — can’t wait! Would love to see some poolside makeup thoughts incorporated too (tinted SPF moisturizer, lip balms etc). Happy weekend, mommas!!

  6. mrsnashville on

    Excellent timing on the swimwear post! At this very moment, all my suits are laid out on my bed, and to delay actually having to try them on, I decided to read some blogs. 🙂 My “baby” is 16 months and I’m 11 weeks in with #2 (you know, the “she-must-have-eaten-a-burrito” stage that is soooo flattering in a two-piece). I’m excited to read your upcoming guide!

    Also, any idea if The Style Hour will be available on Stitcher? I prefer streaming over downloading, and when I searched the app, I didn’t see The Style Hour. Either way, I’m looking forward to listening!

  7. PSA: Lands End swimwear is on sale right now – up to 30% off. I would have never thought to look at LE for a swimsuit (I’ve only ever ordered school uniforms and kids outerwear from them). I gave it a try after the updated post and I am excited to wear my hot new tankini at the beach next week. I also ordered a pair of board shorts for my husband and he’s pleased as well. Thanks! Love your blog!!

  8. Ok! Can I request a post with outfits for those chambray joggers? I got some & wear with a slouchy tank, but, what else??

  9. MomOfThree on

    Great post love the linky Fridays!

    But on a serious note, please reconsider posting pics of your kids’ bodies and private moments. The internet is a vast wide place where pictures last a lifetime. You never know how your child may feel about that shot looking back when he’s older.

    Kids learn from their parents. We don’t want to set the precedent that it’s ok to snap private bare bodies moments because before you know it, your kids will have their own cell phones and may think it’s ok to snap whomever they want in whatever moment.

    That, and there’s also a lot of weirdos out there….

  10. When you do the swimsuit guide, any chance you could include some picks of swim shorts? My problem has never been my mid-section, it’s my lower half. Argh! After two kids, what little chest I had at one time (and let’s face it, even at best it was VERY little) has now fallen into my rear end. I’m well past the point of wanting to wear anything high-cut and even with normal cuts I feel like half of my rear is still sticking out. This year I’m thinking swim shorts and more of an athletic vibe. I’ve seen some cute styles from Athleta but just wonder what else is out there. If you come across anything great, I would love to see! 🙂

  11. I love the reader recommendations and fun links–basically anything you recommend is taken very seriously.

    I had a great weekend! On Friday night we went to the PFO Ball–whoa! There was some serious cash raised at this auction. (That part was nauseating….) BUT! I got to wear my own design!! Dressing up is always fun. Also, we went and had a STAYCATION

    • Ok, I was not done. I think my nails (with the gel polish) have gotten to long! Anyway, we had a staycation in Macau at this hotel with a wave pool. Very fun! Plus a big Portuguese lunch for Mama’s Day!

      I hope you had a great one. Via Instagram it looked as such. Happy Mother’s Day to all The Mom Edit Ladies!


      Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  12. REALLY looking forward to the post-partum swimsuit article b/c I need to buy one SOON. One request for the article! Please include swimwear for large chests, I’m sure I’m not the only reader that is small in stature but thanks to pregnacy/nursing can’t wear swimwear in “normal” sizes, for reference I’m a 5’2″, 115 lbs and a 32DD…I need pooch hiding and chest holding power in a swimsuit and hope you find something because I haven’t yet!

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