July 13, 2015

Chambray Joggers All. Day. Long.



So.  I bought these chambray joggers last year, during one of LOFT’s many clearance sales (I think I paid a grand total of $15).  I’ve been wearing them like sweatpants (aka my favorite pants), but unlike sweatpants there’s no ambiguity – did she mean to wear those out?? – nor do you have to be all that cool or intentional with the rest of your outfit.  They’re just like real pants….wait!  They ARE real pants.  But comfy and easy and–

Easy like Sunday mo-orn-ning

Which is precisely when I wear them. (As Raines would say, “MOM.  DON’T SING.”)

Chambray Joggers As Sweatpants



These pants are long on my short self, and I’ve yet to meet a pair of joggers that were able to be successfully tailored (at least not for the few bucks I’m willing to pay) but I have a trick for the shorties out there….flip that waistband.



Outfit Details

top: old, but I just tried this simple shell on at LOFT – it’s really pretty and flattering (the pic doesn’t do it justice).  Or…this blush silk cami is more like the top I’m wearing.

pants: LOFT, sold out, but these have the same fit in a much lighter wash, or these have a similar wash with a different waistband

shoes: Reef Ginger Flipflops

bra: Free People, now sold out, but this Free People cotton floral bra is similar, and would look cute peeking out….


Chambray Joggers As Real Pants






Outfit Details

top: Hanro  (gang, this cami is 15 years old – NO JOKE.  It’s been washed and dried hundreds of times.  Amazing.)

pants: LOFT, sold out, but these have the same fit in a much lighter wash, or these have a similar wash with a different waistband

shoesSaltwater Sandals

bagRebecca Minkoff Fringe Backpack

necklace: old, but this one from Dorothy Perkins is similar

sunglasses: old, but I’m lusting after these bright red Ray-Bans.  The orange lenses are to-die-for, and the whole this is surprisingly feminine


Chambray Joggers As Beach Pants





Outfit Details

top:  Banana Republic Textured Cross-back Pullover (on sale!)  I’m wearing the petite small.

pants: LOFT, sold out, but these have the same fit in a much lighter wash, or these have a similar wash with a different waistband

sunglassesElizabeth and James Crawford sunnies


Because I’m always mildly annoyed when a blogger writes an article about some item of clothing and then is like, “Sorry! This piece of fabulouness is ALLL SOLD OUT SAD FACE” I attempted to round-up some other options…but there’s not an exact match.  And In My Defense, Your Honor….a bunch of you already own chambray joggers and asked for this article.  For the rest of you???  I also found some linen-like jogger/beach pants that might work…dare I say it?…EVEN BETTER. *cough*LOFT striped linen pants*cough

You be the judge.

Soft Joggers That Can Be Sweatpants, Beach Pants or Real Pants

NOTE:  I covered the wider-leg beach pants last summer, if you are interested. (It’s crazy how short my hair was!)


If any of you guys are rocking pants like this, I’d love to see it up on Instagram (I’m @shanachristine) – tag ’em with #myeverydayedit.  Or!  Better yet!  Send in a pic for Reader Style.



ps.  We’re super behind on our #myeverdayedit posts, but it’s SUMMER YOU GUYS.  We’ll get ours up eventually.  🙂

  • Sarah M
    July 13, 2015

    Love this post! I was super skeptical if I could pull these pants off–but now they are basically my everyday uniform! Target has some really comfy ones too! Only $24.99!

  • laurachristine06
    July 13, 2015

    I have the Lou & Grey chambray joggers from this year and I luuurve them. I also have the L&G’s linen joggers. I’m in the early second trimester–expanding waistline but still not a very defined bump. The elastic waistband runs pretty big, but they’re perfect for me right now!

  • nwlocavore
    July 13, 2015

    Validation! I recently bought a pair on wicked sale from Anthropologie. When I wore them for the first time (heading to airport for day of travel), my 6 year old son said, “what are these weird pants that look like jeans, but are soft? you shouldn’t wear these. people will laugh at you.” Well, who’s laughing now little boy! 🙂


    Note on sizing with these .. I’m normally a 4 and got the XS. They are perfectly slouchy without being baggy. They do stretch a bit because of the Tencel-type fabric.

    • Shana
      July 14, 2015

      WHO’S LAUGHING NOW LITTLE BOY??? (best. comment. ever.) LOL

  • CJ
    July 14, 2015

    Not gonna lie, I’m still a little skeptical. I think you can pull off anything but not sure about this….

    • CJ
      July 14, 2015

      Sorry, I should be more clear. You are definitely pulling these off! I’m just not sure about it as a trend.

  • Jen
    July 15, 2015

    six bucks shy of two hundo at Loft online. Darn you woman. Darn you.

  • Sarah
    July 17, 2015

    Bought some at Loft Outlet off the clearance rack today bc of this post. They are a bit shiny but I love them!!! These run huge though – I am a large petite and was able to comfortably fit into a small (regular). So excited!!!

  • natalie15
    December 9, 2015

    How do you recommend styling joggers for the fall/winter?

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