It’s….FriYay! (And a $500 Nordstrom Card Giveaway)

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Hey there!!  Since my last weekend ramblings a couple of weeks ago, we have been busy MOVING.  If there is one. thing. I hate doing, it’s packing up and moving – especially with two kids.  But somehow we made it.  (And by “somehow” I mean our nanny and her friends took pity on us and packed up most of my house.  Love you, G!)

I stopped by our old house the other day, one final time to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind.  It was…completely empty.  Hunh.  As I was locking up, mentally congratulating us for acting like adults (yay!)…..a strange shadow passed overhead.

Not really.  But I knew – deep in my soul – that Mike and I aren’t that organized.  It is a universal impossibility for us to move without leaving something major behind.  You can count on that fact like you can count on magnetism.  Or gravity.  A universal constant, denoted by the greek symbols &*%^:  Mike and Shana leave shit behind.

For the mathematically minded, here’s the code:

& = F

*  = U

% = C

^ = __ (I think you can fill in the blank)


So anyway.  Our dryer?  FULL.  #everytime #likegravity

Now, onto bigger and better things!!

1.  Are we unpacked?  No.

2.  Will we unpack anytime soon?  No.

3.  WTF are we doing instead?  Heading to MI for the rest of the summer!

Well….the boys and I, anyway.  Mike has this pesky little thing called a JOB.  God, it’s so annoying.  If he was a blogger, he wouldn’t have to worry about things like vacation time or product development or projecting high dimensional spaces into lower dimensional manifolds.  I mean, if there’s one thing that really BUMS ME OUT it’s projecting high dimensional spaces in JULY.  Who does that?

Happily, I’m basically just packing my beach weekend stuff with a few extra turtleneck sweaters and a rain jacket (hello, Michigan summer). At least that’s what I’m telling myself, T-6 hours from departure time.

In The World Of Shopping

BTW – those pants from the packing list?  The striped linen ones?  On sale at LOFT for 30% off.  Use code LOVELOFT.

A friend of mine just bought this cute little Splendid dress.  She wrote, “I recently purchased this dress in black and it’s an amazing staple – easy to dress up or down, machine-washable and great price-point.”  I couldn’t agree more.  It would look amazing with sneakers (even black Nike Frees) or heels.

If you haven’t noticed, off-the-shoulder tops are huge right now.  Especially ones with dramatic, architectural details.  Like most new trends, the best stuff is over $200 (it hasn’t yet trickled down), but I’m totally obsessed with this MLM top for $150.  You can dress up / down, you could nurse…..  My size is sold out in that color, but there is a black-and-white version available.

Madewell’s Flea Market Flares (with the cool button-front) have JUST been restocked!  Yay!


The Biggest-Ever News For Moms

Converse is working with Nike to launch an updated Chuck with a MORE COMFORTABLE FOOTBED.  You can see some early pics on Refinery29, but the new shoe launches Tuesday.  HOLLA!!!


Cause We Love To Talk About Uncomfortable Stuff

Goop has a really great article about the pelvic floor.  A strong, functioning pelvic floor is the key to not peeing when you sneeze or having a flat stomach.  I’ve been working hard on strengthening my pelvic floor, but Gwynnie makes a pretty good case for unclenching it as well (with some moves to help).



I’m obsessed with this list that will tell you which character you are based on your Meyers-Briggs results.  Apparently, I’m Littlefinger and have married Samwell Tarley.


Pax:  Mom, now dat I’m a big boy I was hoping I could watch a scarwey movie.

Me:  Which one?

Pax:  Game of Frones?

Me: Nope.


The Style Hour Podcast

Meagan and I are at it again!  In the most recent episode of The Style Hour, we’re talking about fresh ways to wear white this summer, and I confess what most of my google searches have been for. <– terrible grammar.

“…and I confess of what I’ve searched google?”

“…and I confess for what I’ve been searching google?”

“…and I confess the contents of my recent google searches?”

Can someone fix this?  (Mom??)



Gang, head on over to Instagram (@shanachristine) to enter our giveaway for a $500 Nordstrom gift card.  It’s one of those loop giveaways (you must be following all of us and tag a friend at least once) but it’s a small group – only four!  The giveaway closes at midnight on Wednesday.  Good luck!



Now wish me luck on packing…UGH.






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  1. “And I confess to what I’ve been googling”? (Or do you object to the verbing of a noun 🙂

    Isn’t a trailing preposition one of those “false ” grammar rules that is based on Latin grammar (like not splitting infinitives)? Here’s the result of a quick google:

  2. which, I confess, is what most of my google searches have been for.
    Nothing wrong with ending a sentence with a preposition in English! 🙂

  3. Funny that somebody just called out your grammar since I specifically wanted to post about how much I LOVE your writing style. I’m convinced your hilarious, relatable, writing is why people come back here day after day, year after year.

    • No call out ! She was asking for grammar advice in the post. I love the way her voice comes through inher writing too. 🙂

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