The Prettiest Racerback Bralette For Nursing And/Or Bigger Chests

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best racerback bralette for nursing


I received the following email from reader Annie:

Hi Shana!
I really love the look of your Free People bralettes for under summer tank tops so I tried the racerback one and the halter one. I wanted to love these so badly! Unfortunately my 34D nursing boobs made them both just a big fat no. The racerback one was a sad combination of major sag and spillage. The halter one was better but still the same issues and the band seemed loose. 

But I just discovered these DKNY racerback bralettes and they are so much better!   

They are much more supportive, not too far from an underwire AND they have little pads which hide the giant poky nursing nipples. Sadly, they are not nearly as cute and sexy as the Free People bralettes, but they are lacy enough that I don’t feel too conspicuous when they peek out from under my tanks. 

About the sizing: the reviews say it runs small so I got large (36) instead of medium (34). I think I am technically a 32 but prefer 34. It fits nicely and I think the large would be fine for up to 36D-ish. Unfortunately I think large is the biggest size, so these won’t work for everyone.  

I just had to share because I thought it might be helpful for other nursing moms out there. 

Thank you for your site! I have gotten so many great tips from you and you’ve helped me stay a bit more current than I probably otherwise would have. I also wanted to give you props for talking about nursing Pax for as long as you did (I think until you were diagnosed? He was two-ish?). Anyway, I really appreciate it. I nursed my older two boys until they were each three years old and am still nursing my 19 month old. It’s always refreshing when another mom is open and honest about it.


Annie, this kind of feedback is GOLD.  Thank you – so much – for taking the time to write in.  And Chick, these bras are totally cute!  (And affordable – $20?  NICE.)  Did you happen to see the black and the leopard…??
prettiest nursing bra
That’s good stuff right there.  These bras can also be found at Macy’s or Amazon.

Here’s to sexy-yet-functional bras whether you’re nursing a baby, a toddler, or the occasional hangover (ha!).



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    • Hi! I’m the letter writer. I just push the cup to the side. A couple times while lying down with my toddler I have pulled the whole band up and over but then the little pads get folded up and you have to unfold them (they are like the pads that would be in a bikini).

      • I just realized that might be unclear. I pull the cup down from the top and to the side. I do this with all my bras (I don’t wear nursing bras anymore), but do not recommend if your baby is a newborn as this can lead to clogged ducts and mastitis.

        • Thank you Annie! I usually just finagle regular bras into nursing ones as well- I’ve gotta check this one out!

  1. I bought this bra at a Macy’s w/o trying it on, wore it once, and then ordered it in 3 more colors. This is my favorite bra! I squealed with glee when I saw that it was featured here. I’m a 34B and I get the small. It doesn’t stretch out by day’s (or week’s) end either.

  2. Love this post, and the comment about supporting extended nursing 🙂 I too nursed my oldest until 3 ish, and my youngest is 20 months and still going strong. I also finagle regular bras as nursing bras… ! This DKNY one looks awesome.

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