December 7, 2015

Everlane Has Clothes For Kids!



Get excited.  Everlane, my fav online source for spot-on, affordable basics (both men and women) has just added a mini collection, with sizes from 2T-5T.  If you don’t know Everlane, they have a pretty progressive business model.  They describe it with the phrase, “radical transparency.”  Basically, Everlane works hard to establish relationships with the factories producing their clothing, including many in-person visits.  As their website states, “this hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure a factory’s integrity.”

I really like their progressive approach to kids’ clothes, too.  Their line is completely, 100%, unisex.







(on me:  Everlane’s heavyweight striped tee, size small c/o)

Kudos to a company who not only sent my little guy this gorgeous, soft hoodie….but they him one in pink.  HIGH. FIVE.

Next time, Everlane, Pax would like one in “stripe rainbow“.  Just, you know, in case you’re taking custom orders from 5 year olds. (And Raines wants to know when you’ll extend the line with bigger sizes!)

A note on fit:  In addition to Pax’s love of pink….he also insists that his shirts cannot be too long, nor can the sleeves reach all the way to his wrists.  So….Pax still wears a 3T (SIGH), which is why the fit looks a bit small.  Everlane also sent over a 5T which fits perfectly (in my opinion), but Pax wouldn’t cooperate.  Like, AT ALL.  To quote Raines, “I guess you get what you get”.

In addition to these fabulous cashmere sweaters (which wash up beautifully), Everlane also has seriously cute sweatshirts, plain tees, and….STRIPES.  Yes.  Here are my favs:



Everlane, thanks again for the goodies.  We’re always so thrilled to work with companies working hard to do the right thing.



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  • Katherine e
    December 8, 2015

    I love it! Two of my three boys loved pink when they were younger. I think my 6 year old might secretly still like pink – I’ll show him this to check. LOVE that you are a smart STEM (is that acronym right?!) mama who also loves clothes with a cool boy who happens to like pink. So refreshing and reassuring! (When I took my youngest to preschool once age 3 when he had dressed himself in pink the teacher said to me, ‘What are doing to them?!’)

    • Kim
      December 8, 2015

      My oldest son went through a princess phase from ages 2-4. He wore a blue sequined skirt, that I made for him myself, over his jeans to his preschool graduation.

  • Liddy
    December 8, 2015

    Everlane and boys who like pink are two of my favorite things! My little guy can get frustrated at how many people “don’t know” that boys can like pink and even (gasp!) dresses – though he’s happy to patiently explain. It warms my heart to see this, thanks.

  • Kate
    December 8, 2015

    “Affordable”? I would never spend $78.00 on a sweater for my kids. My head is spinning right now.

    • Megan
      December 9, 2015

      Agreed. Way too expensive for kids.

  • Liddy
    December 10, 2015

    I wanted to leave one more positive comment for this post. It is up to every family to decide their budget and what is deemed affordable. For my family, I am willing to pay more for fewer things that are manufactured with more “integrity” to quote Everlane. This is what’s in line with what is important to me, which may be totally different from another mom or family. Totally fine! I was glad to see a post from a different kind of manufacturer – please keep up the variety!

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