December 16, 2015

Styling Your Very Basic Momiform for the Holidays


I’m 33 weeks pregnant today. I can’t do life after 12pm. Seriously, at noon…I shut down (physically, emotionally, spiritually). I don’t remember feeling this exhausted last time, but…anyways. On that note…

I came up with a pretty solid formula for taking a basic momiform from every day to allthingsmerryandbright.  I don’t have the energy or patience right now to think hard on a regular basis (or ever), but I still want to look like a cute pregnant lady that has some of her shyat together.

Give me all the SIMPLE, basically.  Accessorizing is not typically my thing – wearing any statement piece of jewelry is like whoah. That’s a lot. ha. But the holidays require something a bit different from the norm – something special, that stands-out…maybe even sparkles…or at least shines. Basically, at least one accessory that really WOWs.

I can manage to do one, so I clicked around online and came across a pair of statement earrings that I didn’t hate the idea of wearing. YAASS. First step towards festive complete.

She calls THAT festive?  I’ll show her festive.  -Anthony  


Anthony’s soooo over the pictures. haha. Meme material right there.




I considered stopping after “Put On Festive Earrings” and calling it a job well done…but then the plaid and metallic called to me. Cams, ppsssssst. Try just a little bit harder and this outfit will be all kinds of Christmas. You can doooooo it. 

Oh, all right. Fine. On went the scarf and loafers…and a seriously fun fringe cross body (because...fringe. It adds something you wouldn’t expect – a little boho to this pretty preppy combo).

…& yep. There it is. My everyday outfit for the holiday season.





I’d totally do this outfit with my older, brown loafers or even my leopard print pointy flats. I know that not everyone has an affinity for funky, metallic loafers…so. Throw on what you already have and start there.

The important thing to not leave out: a serious pair of statement earrings. They are my new go-to for an everyday outfit to rock during the holiday season. If you have never trusted me on anything, trust me when it comes to this. It changes everything – the look, feel and even your mood about the outfit. Basically, you become filled with cheer and start saying, “SANTAAAAAAA!”, “I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite” and other such cheery things.

Yep. I still die watching Elf.


top: TopShop Button Front Maternity Shirt – really like having a basic white button-down that I can wear during pregnancy. This one is awesome and cooler than some others I’ve come across

jeans: Paige Maternity Boyfriend Jeans – these have been a staple for me this pregnancy. I’m wearing them now, actually. I throw them on with tees, sweaters, sweat shirts…flats, Converse or even pumps.

earrings: Sole Society Art Deco Earrings –  these are really the perfect earrings for the Christmas season (and NYE!). I’ve worn them dressed down (like the above) and more dressy for a party. I love them.

scarf: my particular one is sold out, I guess…but there are so many on Etsy like this one. You don’t have to go with the almighty blanket scarf…any plaid scarf or wrap will do.

shoes: Louise at Cie ‘Joey’ Tassel Loafer – I mean. These are cool…and metallic shoes are a thing right now. I can see myself wearing them in the Spring, too…with pastels and floral prints. Heck yeh.

bag: BP. Fringe Crossbody bag – really fun bag. Again, something I’ve carried with a casual outfit and a more dressy type deal.

& then I put on an Anorak…

Oooooooo. Getting all kinds of adventurous and creative.




jacket: Levi’s Lightweight Hooded Jacket – I got this thinking I’d rarely wear it, but…wrong. I have worn this jacket more than any other.

Shop for the Earrings, Plaid & Metallic

(or that sparkle sparkle)


I have a bit more energy left (some where inside of my pregnant self) and I’ve been scrounging it all up to put together another holiday style post before Christmas –  a more holiday party-worthy maternity outfit. I really love it when someone nails a maternity party outfit…and I want to deliver that to you all. I really, really do. So…be on the look-out for my pregnant booty to pop up again all festive and full of party energy!




photos: Brandon Brown Photography

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  • Belinda
    December 16, 2015

    You look adorable … Perfect outfit updates pregnant or not xoxo best wishes with new baby…

  • Vera
    December 16, 2015


  • colleenkiron
    December 16, 2015

    Love! I’m 37 weeks and I’ve basically been wearing black black and black – not so festive. But side note – do you have the same Free People Tree Swing top that Shana and Scotti have? I bought it a few weeks ago and it is literally the perfect maternity top. I don’t really even understand how you wear it not pregnant, the XS fits me at 37 weeks! But heads up to anyone pregnant – GO GET IT!


    • lilchickshan
      December 17, 2015

      I 2nd that… Seriously. Got the whole outfit (flares/top/had boots) and I wear it for date night/Thanksgiving/etc. Such a win. 30 weeks myself and it still looks good! Just wish I could actually get someone to take my photo for the #myeverydayedit of it…

      • Camille DiPaola
        December 21, 2015

        That’s awesome to hear – love that the look worked on someone else, too!!!

    • Camille DiPaola
      December 21, 2015

      I DO. Isn’t it amazing? I was floored with how well it fit with a bump. LOVE IT. Yeh, what she said. Pregnant mamas, get this top –>

  • Meg
    December 17, 2015

    I love this! What lipstick are you wearing here? It looks fantastic.

    • Camille DiPaola
      December 21, 2015

      It’s one of the Revlon Colorburst lip colors – can’t find now, of course. I think it’s either Standout or Striking though…cheers. 🙂

  • Megan Leatherwood
    December 17, 2015

    Festive with a capital “F”! I love it! You look amaze! Also- great formula for the holiday Momiform!

  • Margie
    December 17, 2015

    Fantastic with a capital ‘F’!

  • abbieleigh
    December 17, 2015

    LOVE. Your hair and make-up look fantastic too. Perfection.

    Tutorial on how to tie a big blanket scarf? You clearly nailed it?

    • abbieleigh
      December 17, 2015

      Meant to end that sentence with a period, not a question mark. 🙂

      • Camille DiPaola
        December 21, 2015

        😉 well, I saw the idea on Pinterest…someone had wrapped it more like a shawl. They actually did something even a bit cooler – tying it together with a twist…something like that. I just threw it on and wrapped one end around my shoulder.

  • erin @ thh
    December 17, 2015

    I love those shoes. The whole scarf/earrings/shoes combo really are festive all together. This is my kind of seasonal dressing.

    Pregnancy #3 was the absolute worst for me. I felt like I never really got any energy back until he was born. No special second-trimester-reprieve or anything. This time around has been easier–sort of.

    • Camille DiPaola
      December 21, 2015

      Yessss. 3rd tri is hard. blah. I also have a lot of pressure…down there, which makes me feel like the boy is going to fall out of me at any moment, so couple that with lack of energy and back pain…and YAY! I can’t complain that much though. The pregnancy has been a healthy one. Cheers, Erin.

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