Nordstrom Anni Sale: The Best of What’s Left

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cardigan | sweatshirt | hair dryer | watch | eye pencil set

Bonjour from Nantes!!  We’re settled in (for the most part) after our very long flight on Friday, and having a total blast.  It occurred to me this morning (through the fog of jetlag) that I had not yet ordered my usual stock of Hanky Pankies from the #Nsale, so I logged back on – just for a quick sec, right? – and then realized that none of us (none!!) had even looked at the beauty stuff and since one thing invariably leads to another….

Yeah.  I know.

But here it is, the final round-up for the #nsale.  I know a few of you were frustrated with how quickly items have sold out, so all the pieces on this list are – as of right now – completely in stock.  And they’re fabulous.  Some, I just missed (the cardigan and sweatshirt above for example), some we just ignored (*cough*beauty*cough*), and the others are maybe worth another look.

And if you are totally and completely sick of our #nsale coverage, I get that too.  We’ll be back to normal TOMORROW, because the #Nsale ends TONIGHT.  (And if you are reading this via email tomorrow morning and the whole thing is over…quel dommage.  I’m sorry for that, too.)

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Truth be told, I did NOT go through everything that we’ve covered thus far to see what was still in stock.  This list below is mostly a new list.  So there may be sizes left in the pieces we’ve already covered.  Readers have been reporting that items come back in/out of stock multiple times a day, so if you are really coveting something, keep checking.
That said, below are my top picks of what is currently in stock, on the last night of the #Nsale.





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