Workout Gear Update: Fresh LAYERS

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I’ve been doing some running lately.  I mean….I’m always doing a little bit of running, but I recently broke through my 2 mile barrier – the one I’ve been struggling to crush since chemo, three years ago.  It started with a (slightly threatening) text from a dear friend:  “Wear running shoes to drop-off today.  DON’T ARGUE.”

So I did.  And I was met by a small posse of friends.  “We’re doing this,” they said.  “SLOWLY.”  And we did.  I’m not clear on the exact number of miles, but I heard whispers about almost four.

God, I hope so.  By the end, my legs were shaking and I was totally exhausted yet completely exhilarated in a way that only comes after a good, long, satisfying run.  Motivation lately?  HIGH.  (Girlfriends are the best.)

So when Lululemon reached out, wanting to talk about layering for workouts in colder weather, I was all YES YES and OH HELLS YES.   Lululemon, unlike many other workout brands I’ve tried, makes workout clothes that can be washed a zillion times without changing shape or getting worn out….AND….they never smell.  I’m not a big sweater, yet am always disappointed to find that most technical clothing stinks after one workout.  A smell that doesn’t always come out in the wash.  Lululemon?  No. Smell.

I also managed to find a workout uniform that I can use for running, yoga and pilates.  The key was layers  – without being super tight across my stomach.














Outfit Details

Top Layers –

baseSwiftly Tech Racerback (size 4 for reference) – this tight base layer is sweat-wicking, comes in a zillion colors (to provide a little pop under whatever else you are wearing), and not only keeps me warm when running outside in the cold, but covers my stomach when I’m doing upside down yoga poses or Pilates.  I would never wear this top by itself, however (just personal preference), so…..

mid layer: Lululemon Cardio Squad Tank ii(size 4 for reference) – this is the lightweight layer that allows me to workout in tank tops, without feeling insecure about my softer stomach.  It also looks cute with just a sports bra in warmer weather.  I have both the heathered plum (shown) and heathered desert teal.

outer layer: Lululemon Restless Pullover (size 4 for reference) –  I’m obsessed with this top.  Thumbholes, and a banded bottom so the fit is slim, without being skintight.  It’s a thicker fabric than Lululemon’s long-sleeve running tees (warmer, too), and can even be used this winter for skiing.  Yet it’s lightweight enough to be tied around your waist if you get hot while running.  The green seems to be sold out, but a gorg charcoal gray or white are both available.

Bottom –

Leggings: Lululemon Sleet Sprinter Tight (size 2 for reference) – quite possibly the most comfortable workout leggings I’ve ever worn.  And they’re made from Softshell, a fabric designed to repel rain.  I can’t get over the leg pockets – perfect for holding my phone during a run.


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Isn’t Philly a gorgeous place to run?  Urban, sure, but so inspiring – especially in early morning light.



A big, huge thank you to Lululemon for sponsoring this post!  I couldn’t be more thrilled to find pieces that have so effortlessly blended performance, practicality and style….and I also appreciate that the Lululemon stores are so welcoming to kids (often bringing out toys, books, etc.).  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are completely my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


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  1. Ah! I’ve been obsessed with the Restless pullover. It’s so great with that huge herringbone type print I feel it could double as everyday wear. Non? I’m leary to buy because of price but could be persuaded at sale time.
    I also went out on a run after a long hiatus this weekend and wore VS high rise knockout pocket pants which are very similar to those you have above and they were heavenly. Like I have never worn such cozy tights (the high rise at Lulu is too tight for my gentle belly), not sure about longevity though. I’m wearing a l/s swiftly right now and it’s much warmer as a casual shirt than I figured it would be and I plan on wearing them under the sleeveless turtleneck I just bought thanks to TME.

  2. Christy Hartman on

    This is off topic, but I noticed the hair ties on your wrists. I have such a hard time finding good hair ties. Those knotted ones are really popular. I’ve tried them and I like how they are loser and don’t leave a mark on your wrist. But I don’t like how the knot gets in the way, and it can look odd if it isn’t positioned right on your pony tail. And they stretch out too much. I’m still searching for the perfect hair tie. One that isn’t too tight on my wrist, doesn’t pull or break my hair, holds my hair tight, and looks somewhat fashionable on my wrist. Oh! And comes in blonde!! It’s so hard to find blonde ones. Am I the only one with this problem? I’d love to see a post about the perfect hair ties because as a mom it really is an essential part of my wardrobe.

    • No, you’re not! I have yet to find a hair tie that will make it all the way through a workout without getting loose. And I’ve tried lots, even those especially marketed for exercising. This is a great idea for a post!

  3. I am pretty consistent with working out and two of the four days i do is usually outside. I love the workout pants with a pocket, its so convenient for your phone or key. And layering while running can be a challenge. It might be cold when you start but you warm up as you go so finding a great long sleeve or pull over is super key. Love the herringbone pattern on yours. Now i know what i will be looking for for the holidays!

  4. Would any of the leggings (or tights, whatever they are – I get confused) be good for The Cold coming our way with winter? I walk outside if the temps are higher than 15 degrees (and not icy) and prefer fleece lined leggings. Any suggestions?

    • I second this question. I’ve looked for super-cold-weather running pants (like -10 degree weather) but a lot of reviews on thermal running pants seem pretty negative.

      • Not to hijack this from Lulu, but I’ve got a pair of Under Armour heat tech winter running leggings (they’re brushed inside, kind of fleecy) and they are wind/water resistant and VERY warm. Ran a race last winter when it was literally 17 degrees outside and though I was pretty sure I’d die from exposure, my legs stayed toasty! You can even layer them over other tights, or under pants (they’re not too bulky).

        • Yes! I have an Under Armour pair also! Very warm and toasty. The only problem I have with them is that after a while, they stink. And for some reason, I can’t get out the smell. (I use mine skiing, but I can’t imagine that skiing is sweatier than running…??) Anyway, I switched to this pair from Lulu for that reason. They’re brushed on the inside so they feel like fleece: (I wear these UNDER my ski pants, not alone. Ha ha.)

          • Target has a laundry soap especially made for workout clothes. I forgot the name, and I’ve not tried it yet but it’s supposed to get the stink out

  5. Yes, I actually bought the green before seeing this post! Maybe my style is actually increasing, ha! 😉 I got the restless pullover on made too much last year and it’s really my favorite. I’m going to wear the green under vests too, it’s so versatile. I will have to try the squad tank, love the look!

  6. Love lululemon products and agree about being able to wash the hell out of them. Would love to see recs on outter layer tops with zippers. Nothing like getting trapped with arms flailing over head, while trying to remove a layer during step aerobics class (totally still a thing).

  7. I’m so jealous you live in the city! We live in Lafayette Hill which is good neighborhood-y runs but not particularly pretty. I’m sure you’ve been out to Valley Forge; that’s my absolute favorite place to run! The trail beyond the coveted bridge is breathtaking.

  8. I was super excited to check out this post until I saw it was sponsored by Lululemon. They refuse to make clothes to fit women of my size. That is a real disappointment, because I would love to spend my hard earned cash on great work out clothing and have TME benefit.

  9. I have a pair of yoga pants from Lulu that are probably 3 years old and still in great shape. I’ve wanted to get another pair for a while, but every time I check out their site, the reviews for pants are flooded with comments about pilling. Has this been anyone else’s experience?

    • I haven’t had any problems! And like I mentioned above, my most-worn pair are the ones I also use as a base layer for skiing. So they definitely are put through their paces since my ski pants would be rubbing against them the entire time.

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