December 13, 2016

PJ & Loungewear Week: Long Cardis and Leggings

I. Love. The. Holidays. And you know the most perfect thing that happened on this day? It snowed!!!!! We get so many loads of rainfall each year, but snow is not a regular occurrence here in most of the Pacific Northwest, so we get pretty excited about the first snowfall. I will skip over the part where the next day it pelted us with freezing rain and focus on the magical wintery wonderland we had Thursday.

Sienna was insanely hilarious y’all, this being the first snow that she can remember. She was running around yelling “snow!” for 30 minutes straight when she went outside. She could not believe it! My heart definitely grew three sizes while watching the sheer joy on her little face.

Needless to say, I did not move out of these comfy clothes all day. My new favorite thing is a long cardigan. Pair with soft knit leggings, sherpa lined slippers and (possibly spiked) egg nog and you have a recipe for a perfect snow day right there.








This was the coziest of cozy days for us, watching Elf and decorating the house. It was such a nice reprieve from the busyness that is this time of year. All three of us stayed home, decked the halls and enjoyed some seriously gorgeous cookies from my friend Anna of Sweetheart St. John’s. Portland locals, hurry and get your orders in for her insanely delicious and absolutely beautiful treats. They make a stunning hostess gift (or gift for yourself.)



CardiganBLANKNYC Textationship Knit Hooded Cardigan – The coziest…and nicely substantial. Because of the sturdy knit, the pockets easily hold the weight of my phone instead of dragging the whole cardi down. It’s got a slightly fuzzy texture to the whole thing, but not overly so. The hood and collar make it even cozier. I cannot say enough good about this. Wearing a Small, for reference.

LeggingsFree People Soft Legging – These are nice and soft, as the name may suggest, and super long for scrunching. They have a cute tiny ruffle at the bottom, too. They are a knitted fabric, more like a sweater legging, but thinner. I really like them and wore them all day Thursday and there was no stretching out or sagging. Wearing Small, for reference.

Tank – (old Urban) But this one from Billabong is super similar.

SlippersUgg Classic Minis – These are my absolute favorite for winter. I like the shorter, more flattering height, but they’re still super warm. I actually brought these to my friend’s house the other day when I was visiting. Many houses here are no-shoes-inside, so I came prepared.


On Sienna:

PJ’sJust One You Toddler Fleece Pj’s – These are so cute on and perfectly retro with a little pleat at the shoulders. Sienna loves them.

Shop Lovely Long Cardigans and Cozy Leggings


I will definitely be rocking this setup on Christmas morning, possibly with the addition of my sparkly Santa hat. And Sienna will be in her adorable Santa PJ’s again, rocking…this look most likely.



Peace and joy, y’all. Peace and joy.


  • houseofboys
    December 16, 2016

    This is totally my jam. I love the leggings but the online reviews are bad, bad, bad. What is your experience now?

    • Laura Jansen
      December 16, 2016

      I’ve worn them a couple of times and love them. Maybe people don’t like the length for scrunching? I’m not sure. They are not wear outside leggings, but they are perfect for lounging at home. They’re cozy and reasonably priced and I love the little ruffle at the bottom. They’re very soft. I haven’t washed them yet, but so far I am a big fan!

  • Caterina
    December 27, 2016

    I am SO hoping the BLANK NYC Textationship hooded cardigan comes back in stock, ANYWHERE! I am kicking myself for not getting it 3 days ago! Checking ALL the sites on repeat. lol. Thanks for sharing, and also making me a bit sweater obsessed.

    • Laura Jansen
      December 27, 2016

      Dang! So sorry! But I did find it in medium just now here?? Not sure what size you’re searching for, but I’ll keep checking for it to come back into stock.

      • Caterina
        December 28, 2016

        Thanks! I missed it! Ugh. I am searching other sites too. I love my Nordstrom though. I don’t know if I would prefer a Medium or a Large. I am a 8, but have long arms, so I always just automatically pick LARGE because I hate when my wrists show. (weird I know). Hoping it comes back, or I can find it on another site. Thanks for checking!

      • Caterina
        December 31, 2016

        Got one! The sweater fairies looked out and i went back and there was a size L. 🙂

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