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This picture seems like an odd choice for January….but it’s pretty representative of the bizarro weather we’ve been having over here on the East Coast.  Also, the shirt is by of my very favorite designers and it’s on sale.  So there’s that.

Ironically, we’re kicking off Winter Boot week on Sunday.  About half the team is up to their eyeballs in snow (Laura, over in Portland, has been dealing with EIGHT consecutive days of NO SCHOOL OMG)….and the other half are are wearing seasonally inappropriate clothing.

We don’t do birthday parties for the kids every year (it’s just too much), but we did have Raines’ party last night.  It was a massive, Parents Vs. Kids Lazer Tag Battle, and it was so freaking fun that the adults are thinking of turning it into a yearly thing.  If you are a Philly local, we drove out to Ultrazone.  Worth it. (Even the anti-gun pacifists totally got into it.  It feels more like tag than killing.  Also, the pizza was pretty good.)


Scotti thinks cobalt blue is going to be huge for Spring – like this cute LOFT sweater.  She also updated her Editor Picks Boutique.

Two of my favorite anti-aging products are on sale:  I swear by this Vitamin C treatment in the morning, and this gentle Retinol at night.

Bloomingdales is having a huge sale.  Amanda threw top picks from the sale into her Editor Picks Boutique.  She’s got me eyeing these jeans.


Pasta-free mac and cheese?  Smitten Kitchen has a recipe for a super cheesy pasta-like bake where she swaps the pasta for cauliflower and farro.  YUM.  (If someone can make this dairy free, I’m all ears.)

Rebecca Wolf is writing a movie.  I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Remember The Style Hour Podcast?  We’re thinking of doing it again.  Any issues you’d like us to address?


Now I gotta run – we’re skiing this weekend.  In what little snow is left.

Hope you guys are snuggled up with a good cup of coffee and some dark chocolate!  #morningchocolate #itsathing





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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. For dairy-free mac and cheese, I have used pureed roasted butternut squash with tomato paste. The tomato paste adds some of the umami flavour and the squash adds the creamy texture and nice colour.

  2. First – I absolutely love the mom edit. I discovered you right before Christmas – and now read constantly. Thanks so much for your very informative and fun to read content. With three kiddos, and a really busy and demanding career – I have very little time. This site is a really lovely break in my day. :). Second, if you do a Style Hour – I would love to see “leggings as pants” addressed. Style Hour says it has a podcast on this – but the link is broken and it is 2 years old anyway. Thanks!!!

  3. So jealous of the weather it’s been pouring rain/flooding or cold here in No Cal. Either Hunter boots or Uggs weather. Thankfully it’s nice today. Do you have any recommendations for products for under your eyes?

  4. Thought of something else I’d love to hear you and Meagan discuss: clothes storage and organization. We live in a pretty modest 1960’s house with small bedrooms and closets (by today’s standards), and I stay at home, so I’ve mostly given up our closet to my husband for his work wardrobe (I even keep my shoes in the entry closet…which doubles as a pantry). I’m sure you have TONS of clothes – where do you keep it all??

  5. Please bring The Style Hour back! In your New Years resolutions post you talked about coming up with 3 perfect outfits each season. Can elaborate on that in an upcoming podcast? Maybe talking about the idea of an I’m-cool-but-effortless uniform to make getting dressed a no-brainier.

  6. I’ve never listened to style hour, or any podcast on style (I’ll give it a try) but topics I’d be interested in: How to wear socks with cropped jeans, comfortable yet stylish clothes and shoes for people who work on their feet all day (teacher), stylish yet sturdy clothes for playing and traveling with kids, mixing trends with classics, and even though I think people should wear whatever they want, dressing to flatter your body type.

  7. Ultrazone!!!! When I went to high school in Bucks County, we spent many weekend evenings there. Just wanted to say thanks for brining back some great (and not so great – I SUCKED at laser tag!) memories!

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