Winter Sales: Laura’s Edit

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There are some killer pieces on sale right now. Some are going fast. I found some really fabulous wardrobe-staple kind of finds, like washed black skinny jeans, tall boots, amazing sweaters. We still have quite a bit of winter left, so snap these babies up for a little closet-boost. I know I need one about now, since I’ve lived in slippers and leggings for weeks!

Happy choosing…



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Meet Laura! She's a reader turned contributor and we couldn't be happier to have her as part of the team. Her fun, creative style is, as she says, "somewhere between Madewell and Joan Jett" (YES.) and she delivers some mean dressing room selfies so keep an eye out for those. Fun fact? She loves getting her haircut and we love to see what she has up her sleeve.  

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  1. Great pics! How is the sizing in Abercrombie? I wear size 6 or size small tops typically. Does AF run small in your opinion?

    • I’ve only tried a few pieces of theirs recently, but they seem to run just a bit small. I’d probably still go with a small on these sweaters above though and we’re the same size it sounds.

  2. I just bought myself that BlankNYC moto jacket and I love it! I bought a similar style from them last year in burgundy. I would agree that it runs a bit big, plus I like a more fitted/feminine look to the moto style. Totally worth the reasonable price of $60 🙂

  3. I’m intrigued by the Treasure & Bond convertible track blazer. How do you like it? How are you going to wear it?

    • Hey! I tried it on in my IG stories over on @elletrain yesterday afternoon. You can catch it if you watch soon! I loved it. It fit a bit small for me in the size I ordered, so I’m not going to keep this size, but may try the next size up! I have a wide rib cage and have this problem often. Otherwise, I love the jacket and it fits true to size everywhere else. Hope that helps!

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