Weekend 2/25

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Well.  This weekend is the last weekend of my boys’ ski team.  We’re all bummed – especially Raines.  “At least I have surf camp coming up,” he said.  “When does that start back up again?”  Sorry, Kid.  Not for five more months.  To Raines, this might as well be forever – he literally collapsed at my feet as the realization set in.

I mean….we’ll keep skiing as long as we can, but with 70+ degrees and rain this weekend, I don’t know how much longer the slopes will be open.

Am I the only one still hoping for a big storm?

As I type this, Gwen has just waltzed in with box of doughnuts, damn her.

And oh!  Before I forget:  Huge thank you to everyone tagging their photos with #TheMomEditStyle on IG!  Watch @themomedit on Monday – we’ll be featuring some fun reader style….


J Brand brought back my favs:  Lovestory flares!!  I still have (and wear) my old pair.  (Also at Nordstrom.)

Walk or Lyft?  Thanks to these peep-toe booties, I have determined that my perfect date night heel is a block heel, 3 1/4 inches high.  Anything more, I’m in trouble.

How much would you pay for sneakers?  At our team meeting this week, we ended up debating Golden Goose sneakers.  I’ve been SWOONING over them for years, but they’re insanely pricey.  However….if sneakers are literally allll you wear, are they worth it?  Cost per wear and all things considered??  Hmmmm.   Anyone have a pair?

I love cheap thrills.  We found a $49 version of the cutest-ever sweatshirt, a dead ringer for one I bought years ago at Revolve (for over $100).  You can see the two compared on our IG account (@themomedit).  Even better?  The $49 one hides bra straps better than the original.



I used this crap on Raines.  FDA reports from 2006- 2016 show hundreds of adverse effects in babies after using Hyland’s teething tablets.  Adverse effects like…seizures, turning blue (no breathing) and, in eight tragic cases, death. It’s a good reminder that “natural” doesn’t mean “safer”.  Something my organic-loving heart often forgets.

Yay, Science.  Have you heard of 3D printing?  This one made it onto our STEM guide this year, but researchers are taking things to a whole new level.  This article in The Atlantic about the potential use of 3D printing for prosthetic limbs – especially in impoverished countries – was so encouraging.  Yay indeed.

Are you rude? This article, The Age of Rudeness is brutally honest, a little chilling, and…heartbreakingly real and sad.  Yet one of the best things I’ve read in a while.  (Thanks, Julie)

I struggled with this one….Darling Magazine ran an article titled, “Real Perspectives From The March For Life in Washington.”  As a pro-choice supporter, I started to read with a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach, waiting for the frusteration to build.  And then I read this:

The current climate surrounding the “Two Marches” feels similar to the kind of destruction and fury that war brings. Words are not well tempered these days; opinions are either “ridiculous” or “perfect,” with no space in between. We cut one another out of conversation threads and unfriend those we cannot understand because “we can’t stand to know you.”

And then, this:

Here’s the pill we don’t seem to want to swallow: There were pro-life women marching against sexism on January 22nd, and anti-Trump women marching against abortion on January 28th. So here’s to the hope that we cease to view this as “two sides of a war” because that makes the “other” the enemy.

Instead, may we begin to speak rationally, lovingly, and even hopefully around the table of open discourse and thoughtful debate, celebrating our common conviction in the power and necessity of protest in democracy.


Yes.  This.


Happy weekend….




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  1. I love all the diverse offerings in this post! I’ll be chewing on it all weekend, so thank you! Can I ask where those awesome sneakers on Raines are from? We need those in my boy’s life.

  2. Happy weekend! I’ve enjoyed all of the style challenge posts this week.

    At risk of sounding like a naysayer, I’d like to pipe up regarding the sneakers. That is far too much to pay for sneakers! I can appreciate spending that much on a pair of boots where the difference between $100 and $300 equals the difference between wearing them for 5 years or forever. But you can find a good leather pair of Nikes or Adidas or Pumas that will fulfill the same styling function and will last over 5 years on heavy rotation. The only problem is they eventually get dirty and the soles yellow up a bit. But I noticed the golden goose sneakers are DESIGNED to look old and scuffed! Eek! There is no way I could pay that much for used-looking sneakers when I can put these shiny new beauties in my closet for 80 bucks:

    However, if you do pull the trigger, please share your findings! I love the blog, thanks to all of you for keeping us inspired.

  3. Thank you for that quote. All the hatred from both “sides” is really exhausting my soul lately. It’s good to remember that most of us are good, rational people, with different life experiences that shape our views.

  4. courtney quinones on

    thanks so much for this GREAT post. this is, by far, my favorite blog on the internet! thanks for helping me feel like a person again after becoming a mom. you guys and your followers are fantastic.

    in response to your article, i think it’s MOST important that we remember that solidarity is solidarity. “other-izing” is a weapon of the enemy and we’re all victims and perpetrators. the most radical thing we can do is love and LISTEN. we don’t want to be painted with broad brush strokes so let’s not do that for others.

    this NYT article was particularly poignant. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/02/23/opinion/even-if-trump-is-the-enemy-his-voters-arent.html?referer=http%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2F

  5. The quotes you included are so profound and yet…. I want to dish about the sneakers. I pulled the trigger on a hightop pair of GG’s last year when Shopbop was offering a more you buy, more you save kind of sale and I will shout from the rooftops–I LOVE them.

    My feet are wide and I have rheumatoid arthritis that was sadly flaring really badly after the birth of my second baby and it made any shoe (even sneakers) horribly uncomfortable. These are hands down my most comfortable pair of sneakers, make that shoes, I have ever owned. Super easy on and off for travel too. I recently brought them on a trip to LA and they went from plane, to Disneyland treks, to dinner. Also, because they are meant to look worn, you don’t have to be overly precious with them. In fact, as an NYC public school teacher I wear them on post rainy days when the city streets are particularly grimy and even once on a field trip to a farm and they still look rad. If I factored my CPW they were a bargain. But we still won’t tell my husband, or my mother how much I paid.

  6. I too love the GG sneakers, but at the end of the day, they simply look like scuffed up, slightly dirty, well used sneaks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a look I love and rock, but the thought of spending $400+ to achieve it seems, to me at least, ridiculous. Sorry. That said, to each his own. Thanks for a fabulous blog!

  7. “….There were pro-life women marching against sexism on January 22nd… ” Actually, no, there weren’t. The organizers banned pro-lifers from attending.

    I’m pro-choice, by the way—firmly so. But my position did soften after I’d had kids. If I’d miscarried even as early as 7 or 8 weeks I would have been devastated. Makes it a bit harder to see pro-lifers as simply trying to co-opt my uterus, or force their religious views on me.

    On this, of all issues, it’s possible to have moral, sensible views on either side. When I found out the pro-life side was disinvited from the Women’s March, well…. That was just a total dick move. No two ways about it.

    • They were certainly there marching in the crowd. They just weren’t invited as official speakers bc they didn’t represent the intersectional feminist platform of the organizers.

      • “they didn’t represent the intersectional feminist platform” I’m sure that’s a meaningful defense to about 1% of the population. Not the rest of us. Sheesh.

  8. I love your blog!
    Just a little something about the teething tablets, there have been reports of adverse reactions associated with the teething tablets but in 7 years of research the FDA has not found evidence that the teething tablets caused the problems. It’s an important distinction.

  9. I’m going to ignore the sneakers 😉 Here’s my take-away from that article : ” it is our observation that women aren’t getting better at allowing one another complexity, robust debate, humanity. ”

    And I will oust myself as one of those “anti-trump” but “pro-life” people. I firmly believe that we are complex people, and thus can (and should!) be able to hold complex views that are more than just a slogan. I believe that I can be pro-life and still believe abortion should be legal; pro-life and still donate to planned parenthood–you don’t have to agree with me, but I hope you can allow me to be more than a one-dimensional “other”.

    (And if you were wondering, there were pro-life people at the women’s march–it was simply the partnership with pro-life groups that was dis-allowed e.g.: http://www.marieclaire.com/politics/a25265/feminist-pro-life-millennials/)

    • You can call yourself whatever you want – the only issue is whether you support restricting access to abortion (whether through laws, or defunding abortion providers, or threatening/harassing abortion doctors, or protesting in front of clinics to prevent women from entering, etc). If you don’t do any of those things and in fact support legal safe access to abortion, then you fit the definition of pro-choice, regardless of whether you yourself would ever get an abortion.

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