These Are The Most Comfortable Sandals….EVER

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I wore this outfit to school pick-up the other day.  Before the East Coast was hit with the big storm, obviously.  Actually, it may have been the exact day-before-the-storm but #nobodycares #movingon.


My friend Linzi came sauntering up, eyes sparkling.  “Shana….?” she started in a sing-song voice, “are you wearing comfort shoes????”

Um.  Maybe?  #that’sAYes

So here’s the thing:  I’ve been meaning to give Eileen Fisher sandals a try for a couple of years now.  The reviews are off-the-charts glowing, and the styling is sporty, which is a direction that feels really on-point right now.  And when paired with some edgier pieces (Rag and Bone, naturally, and OMG wait until you see this gorg little bag….) anyway, the resulting outfit was totally my jam.

And those darn reviews are right about these sandals.  We’re talking the most buttery-soft leather that has ever graced my body, and a squishy, supportive sole.  They are, without any exaggeration at all, more comfortable than sneakers.  Bold words, I know.  Yet TRUE.

Outfit Details

tee: Rag and Bone Camden Longsleeve Tee, size S for reference – I love these tees.  I love how the fit is boxy, but they cling to the shoulders perfectly.  Great drape.

jeans: Rag and Bone Dre Jeans, my favs (size 24 for reference – I also chopped off that cool hem on the bottom.  #shortgirlproblems)

sandals: Eileen Fisher Sport Sandal – I bought these in ‘wheat’.  But I might be having a slight case of buyer’s remorse over the color.  The black is also pretty badass.  I can see how reviewers end up with more than one color.

baseball hat: Rag and Bone Wool & Cotton Striped Baseball hat

bag: Rag and Bone Micro Pilot Satchel (this color combo is EVERYTHING)

choker: Vanessa Mooney Tibi Choker


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Photo credit: Redfield Photography 

A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product selections are completely my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. A couple of months ago, I purchased a brand new pair of these exact sandals at a Savers thrift store in my area. I told myself last week, “if you see these sandals in a blog post (I looked at your sandal post from earlier in the week, as well as a few others), then keep them, if not, take them back to the thrift!” They’re so comfy, but I didn’t know if I could pull them off. This is crazy! So, thanks for the style assistance! xoxo

  2. Nevermind the shoes. The hair. Can we talk about the hair? It is sooooo good. Will you share what you’re putting in it/doing to it these days?

  3. Christy Hartman on

    TME reads my mind yet again. I was literally looking for comfortable sandals when this post popped up. This shoe is a little clunky for my tastes but I’m going to try it because almost all sandals give me blisters. I bought the perforated leather ones because it’s HOT where I live. I had a hard time finding this sandal on models so it was good to see it in so many shots here. Thanks!

  4. So I was considering the wheat color. Why are you rethinking that color choice? t looks fairly light in the pictures. I thought about the barley as well. I’m needing a light color sandal as I already have a good black sandal.

  5. Agree with Maggie that your hair is flawless! I know this was a Nordie post but have you tried Lululemon’s Baller Hats? They’re amazing! I can’t admit how many I have. 😆

  6. I also am interested in knowing why you are second guessing the color choice. Other than black, what color do you recommend? Do you like one of the other tan colors better? They are all so great it’s hard to decide.

  7. I bought these in black a week ago in preparation for a summer trip to Europe! Would love to see your ideas for a capsule travel wardrobe including these shoes!

  8. Do you think these would be good for a day of walking through a theme park? I have not been able to bring myself to purchase a comfy and supportive pair of sandals for my family’s yearly Disneyworld trips. Instead I suffer for fashion.

  9. Cute stuff, but so far outta this mommy’s budget. 150$ for a tshirt?!?
    Would love to see some more budget friendly choices!

  10. Eileen Fisher sandals are part of Lord & Taylor’s F&F sale- just ordered some for $111! (And if you go through EBates first, you get an additional 8% rebate).

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