March 6, 2017

Spring Palette Inspo: Taupe and Washed Blues

It’s no secret I love denim. Denim tops, bottoms, dresses…I even have chambray sheets. I should probably change my middle name. Do you know the term Canadian tuxedo? It’s like my style goal every day. #obsessed.

When packing up to head to the coast for a little birthday getaway, I saw my taupe sweater and a taupe blouse next to my Lou & Grey jeans (that I adore) and some inspiration struck: Taupe and washed blue are the new navy, camel and black. They’re like the spring update to my favorite fall color palette. So I, like the blue jean lover I am, rolled with it.

The Palette

When searching for the right taupes and blues to pair for that Spring-y feel, think about beautifully faded vintage Levi’s for the blues and a cup of coffee with the perfect amount of cream in it for the taupes (*goes to fix another cup of coffee*)…

Ok, I’m back. I think this pairing works well when the colors are both soft. That doesn’t have to mean super light but they both have a beautiful washed look…like the sand and the sea. I guess my clothes were appropriately pairing themselves for our coast trip.

Outfit 1 – Spring in the Northwest

And, of course, in the Northwest, we still wear lots of layers in spring. The coast is always cool and rainy so you could honestly see me wearing this same outfit in summer, too. Sigh. But I’m a fan of layers anyway, as we all know they make an outfit more interesting.

Side note: Here I wore two shades of denim. I think that’s key when trying to pull off the Canadian tuxedo look…you need to have two at least slightly-different shades of blue and of course the taupe sweater here makes pulling it off even easier. 

Outfit Details

Sweater – (similar) Apricot Marled Hi Low Sweater or loving this one, too.

Shirt – (similar) J.Crew Gathered Chambray Shirt

Jeans – Lou & Grey Skinny Jeans  – I love these jeans. They are so soft and comfy and have the perfect wash. They run true to size in the legs, but the waist runs a little big. They stretch so you might consider sizing down.  Wearing a 27, for reference.

Boots – Ugg Bonham Chelsea Boot – These are THE best. They are sherpa lined and are quite similar to Blundstones in their durability and style. I love that I can slide them on without socks if I’m running outside. They run true to size.

Sunglasses – Warby Parker Madison in Whiskey Tortoise


Oufit 2 – Spring in Most Other Locations

If temperatures are warming where you are, a light, flowy button down is so spring appropriate and so comfy for coffee drinking, I might add. But I need shoes, you say? I’d pair this look with mules or ankle booties in a light brown or caramel color.

Outfit Details

Top – (similar) Mine is vintage, but this Jcrew Garment Dyed Fatigue shirt is soooo good. Such a pretty taupe and a lovely light weight fabric.

Jeans – Lou & Grey Skinny Jeans  – I love these jeans. They are so soft and comfy and have the perfect wash. They run true to size in the legs, but the waist runs a little big. They stretch so you might consider sizing down. Wearing a 27, for reference.


Taupe Tops & Accessories



Washed Blue Denim & Chambray



Oh my, the graphic designer in me wants to now do all my posts based on color palettes. I think that’s Spring talking, too, though. You know I’m a fan of black and gray most of the year, but spring just brings out the color lover in all of us, I think.



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  • Amanda Rogers
    March 6, 2017

    I love how well you coordinate with your surroundings 😉 Such a calm, peaceful vibe. Love it.

    • Laura
      March 6, 2017

      Thanks, mama 😉

      • Jade
        March 7, 2017

        Love your style! Where did you get and what kind of boots are you wearing in the first pic??? I absolutely love them!

  • Claire
    March 6, 2017

    Love this, Laura! And can I ask which beach this is? Seattleite here always looking for new places to explore in the PNW. 🙂

    • Laura Jansen
      March 7, 2017

      Thanks, Claire! This is Rockaway Beach. Our first time to that particular stretch. We really enjoyed it.

  • Emily Writer
    March 7, 2017

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  • houseofboys
    March 7, 2017

    I’ve recently decided that my everyday uniform will be jeans and a chambray, or blue buttondown. I wore that combo all week once to show my husband I could mix it up. I love it and should start incorporating camel accessories (and pale pink!).

  • Allison
    March 8, 2017

    I find the “Canadian tuxedo” thing mildly offensive. It’s not like it is a big deal but it is not complimentary either. Why not just say “double denim” instead?

  • Amanda
    March 10, 2017

    Hmmm, you do have a very calm kind of vibe- I like it too. Nice looks on you.

  • N
    March 16, 2017

    Hi! Would you say these jeans are more like the wash/color represented in these images, or are they closer to product images on the lou & grey website (which shows them as looking lighter)? Thanks in advance for any extra info!

    • Laura
      March 16, 2017

      Sure thing! I’d say they’re closest to the first photo in Outfit 2. They aren’t as light as they look in the Lou and Grey site. I would call them a good mid-blue vintage wash. Not a light washed denim. I hope that helps!

      • N
        March 17, 2017

        It does! Thanks so much 🙂

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