Weekend 3/17

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I love this pic of Laura and her little – it warms my heart.  (And I’m taking St. Patrick’s Day style tips from little Miss Sienna from now on.  Sequin headband, done.)

Also, thank you guys for your insanely kind comments about my…..ummmm……mom bod on Wednesday’s ThirdLove post.  Truth be told, there was a moment of hesitation before including a few of them.  Soft stomaches, scars from my mastectomy (admittedly, I lightened one of them), and dimpling across my chest from the reconstruction (which no one has even noticed, despite the fact that I agonized over that photo)….yeah.  I paused.  And then I got a bit annoyed with myself.  I mean….it’s how I look.  I’m a forty year old mom of two kids and breast cancer survivor who has been working her butt off at Pilates and Yoga and skiing and this is how I look.   So the fact that these pics were met with so much support?  Just….wow.  Thank you for helping us all keep it real over here.


Mostly, shoes.  We’re all about Spring shopping over here.   Laura, Gwen, Cam, and Amanda have all updated their Editor Picks boutiques with Spring finds.  I’m kinda loving their shoe picks.  Laura found these killer oxblood Brooks sneakers (SWOON), Gwen found these platform espadrilles that she swears are comfy, and Amanda found this gorgeous pair of walkable, tasseled nude heels.  I DIE.

Help me pick a dress for Cuba!  We’re taking the boys to Havana next weekend, and I’m trying to find the perfect dress.  I’ll throw the top contenders up on my IG (@shanachristine), but I have a sneaking suspicion that this one is the winner.

Adulting is hard.  That’s why I bought this sweatshirt.

25% off Tees, Shorts, Swim and Sandals at J.Crew!  Two of my favs are these pom-pom sandals, or this cuff-sleeve striped top.  You can see all of our top picks from the sale in our weekly newsletter (sign up here!) or on The Mom Edit’s IG (@themomedit).

Shop via Screenshot?  I know some of you aren’t loving the LikeToKnowIt tags on Instagram….well, now there’s an app for that.  Download the LiketoKnow.it App, create an account, and from that point on, you can shop our pics much easier.  Most of them will be pre-published in the app itself (click one of our images and the shopping details pop right up)….or take a screenshot of any image with the LikeToKnowIt symbol in lower right corner….and the app will automatically match it, and notify you when it’s pulled the shopping details together.  Pretty cool stuff.


Also, this…

Dinner is hard, Vegan, Gluten-Free Dinners are harder. I’m all over the Minimalist Baker’s 12 Recipes When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking.  Her recipes are all 10 ingredients or less, plant based, and mostly gluten free.  (Also, she’s fabulous.  I’m a huge fan.)

It’s almost enough to make me want to meal plan.  Amanda found 10 Notebooks That Will Actually Make You Want to Meal Plan so there you go.  It’s a sign.

How did I not know Trick #1? Cam found this article, Inexpensive Tricks to Make Your Home Look Amazing  and YES.  We love.

Obviously the best thing to happen this week.  I’m sure you’ve seen the now-viral BBC video of the Dad attempting to work from home.  It’s AMAZING.  His face (eyes closed in resignation), his wife crawling back in the room to shut the door, DEAR GOD.  I LOVE IT.


AND…..have you seen the video from Jono and Ben imagining how a woman would’ve handled that same scene?


ps.  Mike, I’m pretty sure you’re the dude with the sock.


Lastly, we have another TME Napchats video out….this time we’re talking Semi-Permanent Makeup (like eyelash extensions!). You can always find this video and more by the team on our YouTube account!

Happy weekend!




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  1. So excited you are going to Cuba Shana, we are planning a trip to either Puerto Rico or Cuba in a few months, would love your thoughts on the best place for kids, and the yellow dress is adorable!

  2. I admit I noticed the rippling…but I’m also post-bilateral mastectomy so these things jump out at me. There’s some of us out here. 🙂

  3. Love your post, you are beautiful! Your two blond Mops are super cute too, I always smile when I see them! The videos are too funny!

  4. Your body looks amazing. I’m 35, 1 kid, and no where near that lean. Damn, I wasn’t that lean at 25 pre-kids. Again, you look amazing on an absolute, not relative, basis.

    Speaking of bodies, my husband prefers that I wear bikinis, even though I have no business doing so. (Bless his heart for not seeing my rolls, I guess?) Anyway, any chance you’re going to add bikinis to the swim suit guide?

  5. You rock. Love the sweatshirt–have you seen Iliza Schlessinger’s bit about mermaids? The sweatshirt is like that but GOOD.

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