My Favorite Sandals for 2017

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I’ve had my eyes set on sandals for a while now, especially with the weird, early Spring weather that arrived about a month ago. Needless to say, I’ve had my search on for THE pair of all pairs, to get me through the warmer months coming up. (BTW: it snowed this past Saturday and now it’s freezing cold. ha…ha. SC, you’re so funny. So f-ing funny)

Reminder: I already have my lace-up pair from Sole Society, which have been awesome, with the low block heel and their versatility.


So, in my search it came down to finding an additional pair that would be different enough from the one I already have, but also be just as cool and versatile.

Now, when I shop for a pair of everyday sandals I don’t just la-dee-daaaa shop for sandals. I seriously shop for a serious pair. I want them to be solid – sturdy (able to withstand an entire season, if not multiple), able to be worn with the majority of what I have in my closet and they have to have that something about them that makes them cool. I demand a lot from my footwear. I really do. ha ha.

I think I’ve finally whittled it down to three pairs though. I think…maybe…

Usually I’m able to definitively and confidently choose one sandal, but…well, ugh. This is hard!

I have three that are all decidedly different enough from one another other, therefore… it’s really hard to X-nay even one. EEEK. I want them all.






I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough.




Shop Sandals for Spring/Summer 2017

As I was combing through sandal after sandal this past month, I came across some really. serious. sandals.

I put them all into a boutique for you all to shop from.

I consider every single one of these wearable for everyday. Yes, some of them have heels, but ladies…the majority are on the low side. Plus, hey…we can bring the heel to the casual outfit party more often. In fact, I think we should.

My friend recently texted me, “I have this new season resolution to be more like an Italian woman and wear heels casually”. YES. Let’s be more carefree and easy about our heel wearing this coming season. I’m all about it. Whose with me?

It can be a low heel…even like an inch. lol. Just do it.




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    • Yvonne, I love these! I want to order a pair, curious how they run, I’m normally a 9.5. And which color did you get? I like them all.

  1. gentle souls “break my heart” gladiators are all kinds of comfortable and super flattering flat glad. I have the sofft Mirabelle sandal you have pictured and is super comfortable and even cuter on/in person than the photo depicts.

  2. Love this! Am I missing something or are those studded camel Steve Maddens in the first few pics not linked? Can’t find them anywhere and love them! Thanks!

  3. For summer ease, I also want my sandals to slip on easily — no complicated closures. Too much to ask? Or does one these fit the bill…?

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