Tulle Midi Skirt + Hi Tops

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The princess/all-things-girl in me from my childhood has been wanting to try a pink tulle skirt, ever since they became a thing. The only issue I’ve had with them is that they don’t seem very realistic. Either you have to wear heels or be wearing it for some dressy event, but sorry nope. I rarely do either, so that doesn’t work for my life…and that’s why I hadn’t spent money on one, despite the fact that I love having a good girly moment some times.

Well, ya’ll. When I saw this particular Topshop Midi Tulle Skirt, I decided it was time to just do the damn thing. It made the decision easy, too, because it’s not too froofy and it’s a bit more on the edgier side, which bodes well for my relatively casual, every day momiform.

Also, I could see how I might possibly be able to get away with wearing sneakers with it, so…ummm. YES. alltheyes. If you can wear sneakers with it, you don’t hesitate. haha.
















Yep, totally my jam. It’s just the right amount of girly and edgy. (okay, no snickering, all of you other Mom Edit contributors. THIS IS EDGE TO ME.)

FYI: The only thing I plan on doing the next time I wear this, is to switch out the top for a black bodysuit. That would be 100x better. The shirt I had on is very cute, but with the skirt it kept bunching up. A bodysuit would remain nice and fitted and I wouldn’t have to worry about tucking it in constantly.

outfit details

top: J.Crew Scoopback Ballet Tee – great, basic top…and honestly, I’d wear it more with just cropped jeans and flats. I’d consider this high neck bodysuit or Tuxe’s Keynote bodysuit.

skirt: Topshop Tulle Midi Skirt – great skirt…especially if you prefer a more toned-down tulle situation. See more of my picks below…(I threw in a few non-tulle options, for those of you that prefer not to go that route)


shoes: Van’s Hi Tops – I was surprised by how much I like these, since I don’t like hi top Converse on me…but these are cool! I’m wearing my favorite New Balance with it next time. I’d also wear the sneaks below


bag: Sole Society, old. The Layton satchel is beautiful. Mad’s bag (or my bag that she insisted on carrying 😉 is their Codiie.

earrings: ASOS…similar pair.




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Photos taken by Christina Hussey Photography.


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  1. Christy Hartman on

    I like the juxtaposition of girly and edgy but the last picture, where the shoes are cropped out, that’s the best one. Sorry!!! It’s just that the black high tops are a bit too much in my opinion. Maybe a sleeker sneaker would make it better for me? Definitely let us know how the New Balance look. And I think you are spot on about the body suit, but I do love the ballet cut of that tshirt with the skirt, very ballerina, you just need your hair in a bun and skinny Russian lady yelling at you. 🙂

  2. Beautiful, Cam! I love the last pictures with you and your daughter: the lighting is lovely and you look so happy! I like the simplicity of just the skirt and your black shirt and it definitely feels like something I could pull off when styled that way. 🙂

  3. I’ve been wearing various sneakers with dresses/skirts for years and I love the girly, everyday ballerina vibe with this outfit. The midi length plus high tops make it so great for style and chasing kids, imo. Love!

  4. Oh, Cam. I love your posts and usually enjoy your outfits, but I think this one fell far from the mark.

    I like the skirt, and the top, and the hi-tops, but the shoes don’t work with the rest of the outfit. I get what you were going for, but the structured bag and Vans make it look very try-hard. I have tried on outfits and looked in the mirror and realized what I was going for and what I actually looked like were very far apart. I think that’s probably what should have happened here, but you have the pressure of writing a blog post about an outfit that you really wanted to make happen!

    I think it would have been better to show us various attempts with photos and to say, “I tried it with these shoes, and these shoes, and this bag and that bag, and I’m having trouble figuring out what works.” I can’t even imagine the pressure to be “cool” all the time.

    • Thanks, Ami! I actually really liked this outfit. I did try it with my New Balance, as well…and liked it with those, too. What I like about fashion is that you can make it what you want and work with what feels good on you. I have always thought of style as very much so a personal form of expression. It’s an art really! I tend to randomly throw things into an outfit that wouldn’t usually go together and I like that…ON ME. 😉 I’ve been doing it since childhood, so while I tend to be more preppy, on occasion…I get a little funky with it. Maybe it’s the Brit/European in me.

      I appreciate your constructive criticism, though, of course. Like you said, we are writing style posts on a blog and I always understand that what I post about may not be loved by all and many times gets an eye roll. haha…and I don’t mind one bit.

      Cheers, girl.

  5. A couple years ago I would have considered this look as a weird and strange look. However, it trendy and brandy nowadays! The midi length plus high tops make it so great for style and chasing kids, imo. Love!

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