Fun Graphic Tees to Make You Smile

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I don’t know about you but graphic tees are such a go-to for me. They just add some interest and personality to a basic outfit. Being a huge MJ fan, I could not resist this Beet It tee. Love! I rounded up a few more tees that made me smile (and a few that made me say huh?) but all in the effort of fun. Check them out below…

Fun Graphic Tees

Stay tuned for my current favorite way to wear a graphic tee. Follow me on Instagram @elletrain for a preview! Happy week, friends.




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Meet Laura! She's a reader turned contributor and we couldn't be happier to have her as part of the team. Her fun, creative style is, as she says, "somewhere between Madewell and Joan Jett" (YES.) and she delivers some mean dressing room selfies so keep an eye out for those. Fun fact? She loves getting her haircut and we love to see what she has up her sleeve.  

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  4. These are all really fun sayings, and I really like the one that says mermaid vibes. My girlfriend has a weird obsession with mermaids and she would love this. With the holidays coming up these would be great gift ideas.

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