The Prettiest Bras To Wear Under Tank Tops (Third Love Gets Us)

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I’ve been talking – for years now – about the best bras to wear with tank tops.  We’ve debated strapless bras (some of us love them – even for nursing, some of us don’t)….but the one tip I keep coming back to, strapless or not, is this:

Make ’em pretty.

In my opinion, there are three main components to a pretty bra:  First of all, good fit is key.  Of course.  Secondly, the straps of the bra must be interesting.  This is especially important when wearing with tank tops, because at some point, the straps are probably going to peek out.  For this reason, I tend to steer clear of nude or white (which gets dingy), or, even worse, straps that look good from the front, and then change to nude in the back.  Bras with straps in gorgeous colors – even brights – are the bras I wear alllll summer long.  Lastly, a cup in a gorgeous color, with lace or otherwise pretty fabrics are always a bonus (and are perfect with the plunging necklines I’m so fond of).

Third Love’s summer collection nails it on all fronts.

Ok, now hang on:  I know what a few of you are going to say.  The last time we covered Third Love, a few readers had complaints about their customer service.  Specifically…..the silence.  There were too many of you who didn’t hear back from ThirdLove when it came time to process returns, etc.  So when Third Love reached out again, asking me to cover their summer line I was all, “DUUUUUDE.”  And they were like, “OMG WE KNOW.  SO BAD.”

Basically, Third Love had been growing so fast that they suddenly found themselves with too few customer service reps.  A problem that they’ve assured me is now fixed.

I’m not surprised – I genuinely LOVE their products – as I mentioned above, they nail it on all fronts: fit, color, and pretty design elements made to be seen, in addition to being comfortable – so I get why their stuff is so popular.  I get it.  But as a way of checking myself, I wanted another opinion.  Or two.  So I asked my mom and my sister to weigh in.  We were planning a girls’ night anyway, my mom had been complaining that she didn’t have the right bra for her tank top (she never has the right bra, yet thinks thinks racerback bras are unnecessary, go figure), and my sister is also fond of skimpy little things so I figured that she’d appreciate a bra that isn’t afraid to show.

Champagne was involved.  Obviously.

On Shana: Bra | Jacket (similar) | Top | Jeans | Shoes | Clutch

On Tina: Bra | Top (similar) | Jeans | Shoes (similar)

On Scotti: Bra | Top (similar) | Jeans (similar)| Shoes (on sale!) | Earrings

The Verdict?

You know my opinion already – I love these bras, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the fun colors for summer.  My sister was really excited about the racerback.  She’s been looking for a good one for forever, and loves that ThirdLove’s version has more structure than a bralette (did you see me adjusting hers for a perfect fit?), yet is just as pretty as those skimpy little bralettes.

My mom’s opinion was the most surprising.  She described her ThirdLove bra as very comfortable and pretty (we’re all dying over that deep, rich purple – such a fun summer alternative to black), but her favorite part was the support.  Mom had a single mastectomy 20 years ago, and as she’s mentioned before….”they don’t age the same.”   Mom is on a constant quest to find bras with enough support such that her two very different breasts will line up properly.  ThirdLove’s was a win.

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A huge thank you to Third Love for sponsoring this post!  We’re always on the hunt for the world’s most perfect bra, and you guys are coming realllly close.  And readers, thank you for your support!  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated!


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  1. Julie French on

    Thank you for this! I’ve been so curious about their bras – between sizes currently as I’m nursing. Does Thirdlove want to throw in a discount code? Never hurts to ask!

  2. Just wanted to say how much I love how the three of you so clearly dig each other. It shows, and it’s so beautiful. And your cool mom! Wearing HEELS!!! Dang girl. Thanks for all the good vibes, you three!!!

  3. I am such a nerd. I adore this blog. I constantly want to comment how much I love everything but please please add some options for the curvy girls. But this post brought tears to my eyes. It made me miss my sister and my mom so much. What a powerful bond women share. I love how you encourage it! Go Girls!!

  4. Blythe Robbins on

    Just wanted to let you know that I recently dealt with Third Love’s customer service and they were AWESOME. I accidentally ordered the wrong bra size and they exchanged my bras SO quickly and easily. And the bras are so ridiculously comfortable. I totally agree with your recommendation!

  5. I have an unrelated question….what’s that awesome looking make up palette on the counter? MAC? Bobbi Brown?

  6. Melissa Clogston on

    Shana, thinking of buying this exact outfit for a concert in mid-July. Do you think it would be season appropriate at that time? Also, don’t see me wearing booties when it’s 100 degrees here. Can u give me some other shoe options?

  7. Okay ladies, what is your rule of thumb for how much bra showing is ok? I have a very blousy too with a lot of side, back and shoulder visibility. Lacy bralette ok as long as it’s not sheer?? I tend to be more on the conservative side when it comes to dressing! You all look great! Thanks in advance!

  8. The knowledge you share really changes me in life, I sincerely thank you for the things you have done, sure your blog will help more people. Sincerely thanks

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