Shopbop’s Surprise Three Day Sale is Up to 40% Off! (And it’s SO Good)

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I swear Shopbop is the biggest shopping enabler.

Just when I’d decided I’d do the adult thing this month and save money, Shopbop lures me in with their AMAZING three day surprise sale. I tried to resist, I really did but I  couldn’t help but peaking at what was on offer and, of course, EVERYTHING I’ve been obsessing over at Shopbop is on sale. Seriously, everything, including my ‘I Feel Like A Million Bucks’ Citizen jeans that I can  never shut up about plus tons of my favorite sandals, tops and jeans are up to 40% off at Shopbop for the next three days. From one shopping enabler to another, you’re welcome.

Read on to shop the sale….

Shopbop Til’ You Drop

Happy May everyone! May your purchases be fabulous and your shopping bill be low!




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  1. Shopbop can die in a fire with their hideous practice of lying about when your return got to them and then issuing a “store credit” instead of a refund. I’d rather pay full price.

  2. Ugh,the dreaded store credit, I SO feel you, They don’t mess around with their return policy, their guidelines are pretty strict. Returns are free for the first 15 days and after 30 days they won’t refund, they just give store credit. And yeah, you can forget about getting a refund for any ‘final sale’ items. I learned this the hard way too. Nordstroms’ return policy has spoiled me. No one can compare to them. I’ve had to make my peace with Shopbop though because their selection is the best. So I keep coming back. All of us at TME are constantly ordering and returning and I have to make myself return stuff right away or I’ll never do it.

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