My Fav Way To Wear Flares With Flats This Summer

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I love my flares.  It’s hard to argue with mile-long legs, ya know?  And so, seduced by the concept of height (“go higher!!” my subconscious always whispers), I tend to wear my flares with heels.

Granted, they’re usually comfort heels (these Sorel boots are my go-tos in winter, these in Spring), but I realized that I’d rock flares much more often if I could find a pair to hem for flats.

And by “hem” what I actually mean is “hack off with scissors”.

Spoiler alert:  I found ’em.

The pair I chose have a high-rise, and a slightly distressed vibe.  The distressing isn’t as important as the higher rise, but it does seem to balance out the look (it’s more boho-summer, if nothing else).

To finish off the look I needed something that would take advantage of the higher rise….and a peplum top was just right.  Peplum tops are something that can look strange with a low-rise pant, but were made for high-rise flares.

So the outfit combo becomes:

 High-Rise Flares + Flats + Peplum Tops



Outfit Details

top: Abercrombie babydoll cami – now on sale!

jeans: Current/Elliot sold out in my color but available here in a slightly darker wash. Also loving this similar style.

shoes: Sam Edelman Gabrielle sandal 

bag: Rebecca Minkoff medium Julian backpack 

bracelets: Chan Luu pearl and leather BraceletChan Luu wrap bracelet

necklace: wearing what is apparently a bracelet as a choker


Shop High-Rise Flares

Obviously, the on-trend cropped flare would work with this outfit formula, but for maximum leg-lengthening I still like the classic, full-length flare.  There’s something about that slight 90’s vibe that feels fresh again.


Shop Peplum Tops


Yay, Summer.




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  1. I have the Hudson Flares and looooove them. I hacked them off (5’4″) and wear them constantly. So soft and flattering!

    • I have them too and never thought about hacking them off because I love the flare (shortening them reduces the flare and am a super flare girl), but hiking them up every few steps is annoying. Do you know they have a 35 inch inseam?!? Who is that fricking tall? I thought my legs were long at 33!

  2. Any top suggestions that work with a regular bra? (besides the “tiny waist” one)? would love a cute suggestion with thicker straps or a short sleeve. Thanks!

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