A Seriously Strong Case for Skorts (They’re A Thing Right Now)

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Skort.  Ok, so before you say NO thank you and scroll past, hear me out.  I used to LOVE denim skirts. Back in the day when everything was about the low waists, I could get just pull them down around my hips and they’d stay.  But now that everything is high-rise, I can’t wear denim skirts because this is what happens:  I start walking and with each step it creeps up and I’m one step closer to a full-on booty reveal. I’m constantly pulling it down.  Constantly.  SO . . . when I saw this skort, I got excited. Because they’re technically shorts, they stay where they’re supposed to and I get the look of a denim skirt with the comfort of shorts (and no accidental peekaboo of undies happening). It’s like the mullet of skirts: business in the front, party in the back. 


Choosing Illusion Denim Skort: Available in xxs-4x, I’m wearing a medium so it’s true to size.

Wildflower Knit Top: Wearing size small. I love the drape and it’s perfect for nursing or post partum mamas.

Magicicada Necklace: One reviewer gave it only 2 stars because the chain is a rose-gold color and the charm is gold . . . but I kinda liked the mixed metal look.

The Bolder the Better Ring: I’ve been wearing this almost daily since I got it – and it’s on sale for $10!

Now You Glisten Here Heel: These were not comfortable, unfortunately.  I’m wearing a size 8 and they were still too tight (I’m usually a size 7.5 in sandals).  You can see I changed into flat sandals in the pics so I’d recommend these sandals (that come in gold or tan).

More Fun Tops to Pair with a Denim Skort



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  1. Yes! Skorts sound so dorky, but I have been wearing a skort all the time this summer, and it’s awesome. No need to worry about exposed undies (like I would with a skirt) when I’m dealing with my preschooler or baby. This is the one I have, and I love it: https://getpreloved.com/products/sunny-skort-in-dark-khaki
    I’m even going to wear a fancier skort to my brother’s wedding this summer.

  2. I’ve been eyeing the Outdoor Voices skort for running and just hanging out. I love it but am uncertain what to pair e a sporty skort.

  3. Thank you! I had actually just ordered two skorts last week, and I haven’t had one in YEARS. But why not…they look like a skirt, just better and more practical.

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