An Easy Outfit for a Romantic Weekend Getaway

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Matt and I recently were able to get away (just the two of us) for a long weekend getaway. It. Was. Amazing. We haven’t been able to do that since…oh, FOREVER. The stars weirdly aligned for us all of a sudden. Matt had some time off and my mom was able to come down and watch the kids for a few days, so we did like any respectable, exhausted and sanity starved parents would do and got the hell outta dodge.


I almost went all fancy pants with my outfits – planning these detailed ensembles…with a crazy amount of accessorizing (whoa), because…well, I don’t usually get many chances to wear really dainty, non kid-friendly wear and I got excited. Ya know? I then just got lazy and decided…hmm. Do I actually want to try this hard? Nope. It’s going to be hot and I just don’t even wanna.

I grabbed a few easy, light dresses, a couple pairs of sandals and simple accessories…and they ended up being perfect for this trip, actually.

weekend getaway outfitsweekend getaway outfit cool wrap dress

large olive green toteeasy summer outfitweekend getaway outfitslarge tote and striped dress (1 of 1)sole society sunglasses

outfit details

shades: Sole Society Annalyne sunglasses – the thin frame pairs well with feminine dresses and tops. I also like the color, which goes with most anything.

necklace: Sole Society Celestial Beaded necklace – I can really appreciate a nice, dainty layered necklace, because I don’t do a lot of accessorizing. Something like this does it just right for me.

dress: Aida wrap dress – such a fun, easy Summer dress. BTW: I am wearing the size M, which was a tad big on me (I usually would go with S), but it’s all they had in stock and I really loved the look of it…so it works.

bag: Melyssa Tote (olive) – great, large bag for literally anything you would ever need. It was nice not having much in it, though, on our little get away. In fact, it was almost weird and I kept thinking I forgot some thing. ha!

sandals: Culver block heeled sandal – these sandals…are awesome. I love the chunky buckles and the block heel. It made them relatively easy to walk in, even for a couple of hours. I also brought these flat Koko sandals (on sale for $31 right now) for the one day that we walked the entire city. Yeh. I wasn’t going to do any sort of heel.

See some of my other Sole Society favorites (perfect for wearing with that dress)…

What a fantastic trip. I kept finding myself sighing with happiness while we were there. I felt so relaxed, which rarely happens. I could hear myself think and actually eat a meal, without having to handle the wild circus that is my kids at mealtime.

Also, it was so nice to come home to our three wonderful babes, feeling refreshed, reconnected and ready to be parents again.

I definitely recommend it.



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