December 1, 2016

Upgrade Your Momiform: Introducing the Long Jacket


I’m always looking for ways to give my day-to-day outfits a boost. I used to get all craaaaaazy with it and actually wear cute pencil skirts with little sweaters and even *gasp* heels. I know. That must have been before kids, Cams. YEP. Exactly.Before kids, outfits were a bit more…less basic. Or at least, I could deal with being more uncomfortable for longer periods of time. (I didn’t have small people hanging on me, usually) I CANNOT DEAL WITH THAT ANYMORE. ha.

Now, it’s all how casual is too casual? heh.

That said, I really do still like to play around with the basic momiform and give it a boost – a little edge…in a SIMPLE, yet cool way. I’ve recently been noticing the long jacket. I know, I’m a tall B, butbutbut I do think there’s enough of a range of lengths and styles that they can be worn by anyone.

So. Here’s how I wore it…

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December 16, 2015

Styling Your Very Basic Momiform for the Holidays


I’m 33 weeks pregnant today. I can’t do life after 12pm. Seriously, at noon…I shut down (physically, emotionally, spiritually). I don’t remember feeling this exhausted last time, but…anyways. On that note…

I came up with a pretty solid formula for taking a basic momiform from every day to allthingsmerryandbright.  I don’t have the energy or patience right now to think hard on a regular basis (or ever), but I still want to look like a cute pregnant lady that has some of her shyat together.

Give me all the SIMPLE, basically.  Accessorizing is not typically my thing – wearing any statement piece of jewelry is like whoah. That’s a lot. ha. But the holidays require something a bit different from the norm – something special, that stands-out…maybe even sparkles…or at least shines. Basically, at least one accessory that really WOWs.

I can manage to do one, so I clicked around online and came across a pair of statement earrings that I didn’t hate the idea of wearing. YAASS. First step towards festive complete.

She calls THAT festive?  I’ll show her festive.  -Anthony  


Anthony’s soooo over the pictures. haha. Meme material right there.

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October 12, 2015

5 Ways to Step Up Your Fall Momiform Game

I’m always looking for the easy way out when it comes to getting dressed…especially at 7am for school drop-off (I mean, ugh). I’m not one to get up super early or go to bed late so that I can carefully construct my outfit for the following day. Nope. Not I. I ask myself…can I get away with putting forth little-to-no effort today? (haha) No, but really. I am a lazy dresser and love the heck out of easy ways of accessorizing and styling an outfit to make it look like I tried really, really hard.

I’ve learned it all comes down to that one stand-out “thing” that can be thrown on with a tee and jeans (or whatever your personal momiform happens to be right now).  Think pow accessory, a pair of statement shoes…or even just how you wear something. You have to think for maybe 10 seconds. Tops.

Now, I may have zoned-in on how you can get away with doing almost nothing, but look absolutely freekin’ cool and put together this Fall. Ready for this?

Listen up (or read up, I guess). I’ve got some goodens for ya.

The 5 Ways to Steppin’ it Up

#1 Blanket Scarf

A large scarf makes a statement. Not to mention, it’s a simple outfit “fix”. So. A boring t-shirt, jeans and booties? Wrap one of these babies around ya and you are done. It’s pretty cool how many different ways one of them can be styled, too.



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March 30, 2015

The Easiest Way To Upgrade Your Momiform: The Button-Down Tied Around The Waist



Let’s chat mom fashion… No but seriously, like “mom” fashion. The fashion people picture when you say that out loud. Most days you’ll find me cheering you on to avoid looking the way people would assume a mom looks. You know, not look all “dead mommy”. Mommy Zombie. Mommified? You get it. Most days we just need to take that extra step to change out of the basic tee and sneakers. Feel beautiful. Have one more cup of coffee and add a little bit more concealer under our eyes to just “fake it ’til we make it”.

But then there are the days that we mommas go from faking it to barely holding on. Where sleep from the night before can be counted using 3 fingers. Be it from growth spurts, to new teeth, to monsters under the bed, or [insert drama here]! It’s rough out there. On the other hand, there’s the great days. Where the spring sun is shining with a gentle breeze. And the playground, long walks, and carefree outside-time all keep you moving until the sun has long since set. While polar opposites, these days call for a little more comfort. They demand that basic tee and sneakers. And I like to survive the former and embrace the latter in realistic style. A small amount of effort goes a long way with fashion. One added element can take a total “mom” outfit and make it cool.


My Take:


From the beginning of posting on here I’ve tried to make it clear that I will rarely be kick-starting any fashion trends. This 90’s look of the shirt around your waist has been back for quite some time. But, it is spring and layering is practically essential. Here in Colorado we get like 40º shifts in temp in a single day. Hence, I embrace any look that combos with versatility. However, it can be tricky. It all comes down to how you wear it and what colors you do it in. Oh, and don’t forget that outfit you’re pairing it with.

My favorite ways I’ve seen this look are typically monochromatic and let the shirt around the waist be the pop of color or interest. Going “all black” looks great with chambray shirts. Denim jeans paired with a simple white or black tee looks great with plaid, white, or even denim on denim. You want to look effortlessly cool. Like you stole that shirt from your date the night before. You know, just grabbed it on your way out the door and slung it around your hips.

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March 19, 2013

Mom Street Style: Susannah Glammed Up Her Momiform


Readers, meet Susannah.  She wrote:

Hi Shana – Just wanted to say thank you for the Glam Up Your Momiform post.  I am due to move from Sydney Australia to Hong Kong in about 4 days with my husband and two children… and so almost all of my clothes are on a big boat in the middle of the ocean.  But a last minute surprise farewell at a moderately hip japanese restaurant necessitated that I find something to wear (that wasn't a t-shirt and shorts).  I had read your blog that morning and managed to find jeans, shirt, necklace and pumps.  It wasn't colourful and festive like your outfit – but it did the trick!  

Thanks so much – your blog is really incredibly helpful for those of us who have ZERO interest in clothes shopping but like looking somewhat up-to-date.  I have told countless friends and they have all gleaned something from reading your articles: better jeans, how to wear ankle boots and nursing friendly fashion.


Whoa, girl.  You look seriously amazing.  And the nuetral pallette really, really works.  I'm starting a round of the slow clap right now.  Mamas, feel free to join in:  clap…..clap….CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP

Susannah, thank you so much for taking the time to snap a pic and sending it on.  I love seeing how our styling tips get translated…and serve as a fresh dose of inspiration for all of us.



December 6, 2012

Holiday Style: Glam Up Your Momiform (AKA Your Daily Mom Uniform)

Mamas, this is so similar to Sex Up A Day Dress.  Basically, just grab a bunch of glitzy-glam accessories, and pile 'em on!  Add high heels and a clutch, of course.  

The thing about this styling tip that I really, really like is this:  It forces you out of an accessory rut.

Since I really found my own personal style during the minimalist 90's…I tend to be accessory adverse.  If I adorn, it's usually with one statement piece.  Add a belt too?  Crazytown.  I tend to live by that old advice, "look in the mirror and remove one accessory".  It's Coco Chanel, for crying out loud.  How can that be bad?

  The thing is…whenever you start any fashion rule with "always"…you're eventually going to get yourself in trouble.  At some point, somewhere, your own rule will hold you back.  At best, it'll hold you back from experimentation, at worst…15 years later you'll realize that no one else wears hair scrunchies anymore.  Know what I mean?

So experiment.  Especially during the holiday season.  The holidays are filled with so much stuff:  lights, tinsel, glitter, shiny objects, bows, ribbons, BAM BAM POW….you really can't overdo it.  You'll just look…festive.  

So here's how I used a little BAM BAM POW to transform my typical daily momiform into something ready to party…


(wearing Playground:J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Black Watch $68, Levi's 535 skinnies on sale for $35, old boots but found similar on sale for $119)

(wearing Party: shirt above, Stylemint Lola black skinnies $60, Aerosoles Tapestry Pumps in red suede on sale for $49, vintage bag - similar at Target $15, headband is ancient but am loving this one for $38, old Chan Luu necklace but think this would be MUCH better)

A few notes:

  • See my statement necklace?  It's hard to see, isn't it?  Like I mentioned the other day, I really need a new one.  The ideal situation is when there's enough contrast between your shirt and your necklace to really make the jewels pop. Dark-on-dark lacks oomph.  
  • I love how clean a button-down + necklace looks when buttoned all the way up to the top.  HOWEVER…it's important to show some skin.  So roll up the sleeves.
  • Because this outfit is so casual, you can get away with a fancy updo, and still not look stuffy.  (If that's your thing.  I am hair-styling challenged, so I wore mine down.)  It would be fun to see a fancy french twist with a sparkly comb sticking out.  


I also asked Cam how she'd take her daily momiform out on the town.  She came back with "how about a graphic tee?"



 (wearing Day: A+ro sweater or similar on sale, Forever 21 tee or similar $15, Jbrand jeggings $118, Steve Madden Troopa boots $99, Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag $155)

(wearing Night:  Forever 21 tee or similar $15, Jbrand jeggings$118, Forever 21 blazer – S loves this one, Express clutch or similar $25, earrings DIY, bracelets Old Navy, Target wedges $30) 


There's lots to love about Cam's outfit…here's what jumps out:

  • A blazer adds instant sophistication.  Even with a graphic tee, she looks ready to go Out (with a capitol "O").
  • Because she's so covered up, I love that she shows a little wrist and ankle.  In fact, her skinnies are so perfectly hemmed (sheistall*cough*amodel*cough)…that I want to run right out to the tailor.
  • Again, check out the glitz:  big-girl earrings, shiny bag, glam cuff
  • See her shoes? They are colorful, without "matching".  The lesson?  Don't over-think it. 


And MAN…that girl can rock a sexy look.  I need to take notes.  After Wednesday's sex-kitten-gone-wrong pose, I attempted to redeem myself.  "Mike, does this look sexy?" I asked:


"Sure, Babe" he responds, shrugging his shoulders.  And then seeing the look on my face he quickly corrects, "I mean YEAH!  Sexy!  Yeah!"

Sigh.  Clearly, I need to practice Cam's glare.  So. Awesome.



ps.  See the rest of our 2012 Holiday Style Guide for Lazy Mamas here.



March 21, 2011

Spring Momiform Inspiration: Two Takes on the Trench

5332002446_76ac3d171f_b  I know I've harped on this before, but a great jacket can make an outfit. While I've been partial to my hunter green anorak of late, let's not forget about the iconic trench.

There are two points to keep in mind when rockin' the trench.  The first is to not over-think it, and the second?  To realize that the belt should never be belted at the waist via the buckle.  Instead:

1.  Tie the belt around your waist, ignoring the fact that it has a belt buckle (example below)


2.  Tie the belt behind you so you can wear the trench open, but the silhouette stays sleek.

And the not-over-thinking thing?  All that means is that you should throw your trench on over anything and everything.  Don't worry about matching.  It goes. with. everything.  Even destroyed boyfriend jeans and hubby beater tanks.  (Heck, especially destroyed boyfriend jeans and hubby beater tanks.)

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March 14, 2011

Spring Momiform: Printed Shorts & Boots

P1308563 As if it weren't obvious enough from my article yesterday on nude shoes, I'm in full-on Spring mode.  However, the weather is not necessarily cooperating.  Despite the constant Denver sunshine, temps continue to hover around "too cold for bare legs".  Which is pretty much my barometer of real Spring.

One of my favorite styling tricks for gray days is to bust out my patterned shorts.  Patterned shorts are almost dressy in a Palm Beach chic kind of way…so they help to elevate comfy mom clothes.

Throw them on over tights or leggings, add rain boots (or really, any boot would do), and something warm and comfy on top.  It's an outfit that requires little thought, but looks a bit more interesting than the usual. 

(wearing: Flexees shaper cami, Splendid v-neck tee, Juicy Couture tie-front cardigan to distract from the pooch, J. Crew shorts, textured tights from Nordstroms, Hunter rainboots and a Lands' End jacket)

Or do like J.Crew and throw these shorts on with a sweatshirt (I'd add a scarf and boots)….

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March 7, 2011

Momiform Style Translation: Nautical Stripes and Military Boots (And an Option For Pregnant Gals)

Streetstyle5128 Sooo…I love pretty much everything about Vanessa Jackman's photo of Anne-Sophie at London's Fashion Week. 

I love the little striped dress paired with slightly sheer/sexy tights and combat boots, and I even love the cracked-out hair and pop of red. 

While the military-inspired-boots-and-floaty-dress combo is fairly standard, this combo of military with preppy stripes is equally brilliant, but much more unexpected!

With a few tweaks, this outfit would be a great mom-i-form for cool Spring days (Hey pregnant gals!  Striped dresses like this are everywhere…even in maternity sizing)

Let's translate this style into a few mom-friendly iterations:

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January 6, 2011

Momiform Style Inspiration: Leggings and Lace-Up Boots

Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 10.21.08 PM Reader Emily left this comment on our article, The Short Boot Dilemma:

Can we get a picture of short lace-ups with leggings? I own both and can't see them working together…

Since then, I've been looking for a cool outfit picture that not only shows the short lace-up boots paired with leggings…but one that is also mom-friendly.  I think I finally found it.

The look pictured at left is courtesy of Need Supply, who styled this outfit to show off the gorgeous Anorak Jacket.

Mom-friendly? Oh let me count the ways:

1.  Layering a short dress over leggings helps with bum-coverage in a way that long tops often do not.

2. Leggings are super comfortable, washable, cheap, and fit everyone.

3.  Hello, flat boots!

4. Little dresses like these are a dime-a-dozen these days.  And so effortless.

5.  This outfit can easily be layered for warmth.

So…how to re-create?

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