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June 28, 2017

Keep It Cool and Stylish with Chambray

Free People romper (sold out) but this one is really similar, just a lighter color.

Before starting let’s just ignore my son’s face, can we? He didn’t want to be in the picture. Being 3 is hard. So hard!

Now, let’s get into chambray!! Do you agree that everything looks better in denim? My hand is way up! Is there anything better than a fabric that looks like denim but is really soft and breathable? I think there is NOT. How about you?

I’m going to do a quick explanation on what chambray is, only because during all my search I came across a lot of “chambray” things that were given that name because of the color. But chambray is not a color, it’s a fabric that happens to be very similar to denim in color. While the weave is very different (twill weave vs plain weave) the yarn combination used is the same: A colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft, which is what gives chambray the same appearance to denim.

The difference in the weave makes for the dream fabric for summer. Chambray usually has a higher thread count which equals soft, and the plain weave makes it more light and breathable. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t lightweight denim or heavyweight chambray but I still think chambray is more breathable – Sorry I got all deep in theory, but I think it’s always good to know.

So, I went on a deep search for chambray everything. Tops, shorts, skirts, rompers, jumpsuits and dresses. I even found great chambray pieces totally appropriate for the office if you think a denim-look piece is not. Here we go:

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June 22, 2017

High-Rise Denim Shorts (that cover your bum)

Do you know why I ended up styling an old pair of khaki shorts instead of trying on a new pair for the mom shorts series? Keep reading…

On my first weekly TME call Shana enthusiastically said “We are doing mom shorts!!!!” I smiled and stared silently at the screen “MMM, okay! I said. The truth and funny thing here is that I wasn’t sure what “mom shorts” meant. I know what mom jeans are. I live in them! but shorts? I don’t even wear shorts that much. So after the call I did what I always do when I’m not sure about something. I went to GOOGLE!

Guess what comes up when you type “mom shorts”: A ton of beautiful, tall young women with blue denim high-waisted super short shorts. Most showing their slim and toned abdomen!! Well, last time I checked my abdomen was anything but toned and I don’t really remember the last time I showed it! So to you Google: you have no idea what mom shorts are.

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June 21, 2017

Converse Comparison: 4 Styles from the Beloved Brand

“I thought Converse were just Converse” said my sister-in-law when I told her I was trying on different styles of Chucks. I don’t blame her. I was in the same situation before my white classic Chucks started getting old and I wanted a new pair. I only knew there were low and high tops or probably (most likely) I never paid attention to the others.

That’s why when searched ‘Converse’ I was surprised and even overwhelmed with the different options available. I quickly asked some fellow moms on Instagram if they had any experience with other type of Chuck Taylors. Most replied they didn’t know about more styles but would like to know more, while others mentioned styles they loved. That’s how this post was born.

Chucks are that type of shoe that never goes out of style and that a great deal of people in all age groups love. So, it’s definitely worth going a little deeper on what’s out there for us. Here’s a comparison of 4 styles:

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June 18, 2017

Styling Black Leggings for Summer

Moms and leggings can go together like salt and pepper, right?

Some wear them more than others but we can’t deny a pair of leggings is a necessity in a mom’s wardrobe.

I’m not really a leggings person. Cool joggers, YES! But leggings? HMMM. Years ago, if I was wearing leggings it meant that I was cleaning or running a super quick errand before showering, maybe working out? Fast forward a few years, add two kids into the picture and what am I wearing today? Leggings.

I won’t lie and tell you that I wear them all the time. The truth is that I probably have two or three pairs and still wear them for the things mentioned above. However, life with two kids is getting a little (lot) crazier, add to that,  a husband, a house, creating blog content and my poor brain can’t handle getting dressed.

That’s why I’ve recently started to surrender to wearing them more. When I started, right after Ben’s birth, it was easy due to the cold temperatures. A nice bomber or leather jacket and leggings would take on another meaning. But with the temperatures rising a jacket is not possible anymore, so I’ve been trying to find a stylish way to wear them in summer – a way that I actually want to go out of the house in. At least on the cooler days.

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June 14, 2017

Making Khaki Shorts Fancy

So, according to my sisters (3 of them) and friends, no matter what I wear I always look kind of fancy. Maybe, just maybe they are right (I do have this tendency to make even sweatpants look fancier).

Years ago doing that was easy. I lived in heels which make almost anything look dressed up. I was a young, newly married woman walking the streets of NYC! But now?

I would probably break my ankles if I tried to carry a baby while chasing a toddler in heels (I do it SOMETIMES).

However, I’m not giving up! Oh no, I’m not. I may not be able to wear heels, but I will keep looking for ways to look a little fancy…even if it takes the little brain power motherhood has left me with.

So.  Noticing that a great deal of moms love their chinos and cargo shorts because dah, comfort, I decided to take this old pair of khaki cargo shorts I had in the back of my closet and try to make them look less frumpy and more fancy…and I found a way.

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June 2, 2017

Summer Tops Under $50

I’m going to tell you a secret! I’m not a big fan of summer. Why? Because when the heat hits there’s less options to play around to create an stylish outfit…and I can’t wear my biker jackets which is basically my best trick to pull together any look. So, when layering is not possible, what can we do? Find great, gorgeous and versatile tops that we can throw with some shorts and look AMAZING!!!

Anthropologie is having a big event of tops under $50. The main characteristic of these tops is that they are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down. That’s all I look for a 90% of the time. Sooooo, it’s time to stock up – we’ve got you covered.

You’ll find my 6 picks below. My decision was based on style, reviews and materials used. I always like to know the fabric used (fashion designer problems).

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May 30, 2017

Three Gorgeous Tops (That Are Unexpectedly Perfect For Nursing!)

Muuu Muuu… that means hola in my cow language. Do you feel like a cow sometimes?

I have a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding. Putting aside the saggy breasts, the middle of the night milk-puddle in my bed, nursing strikes, a kid who wanted to be glued to my breast for years and another kid who screams at my breast. I love nursing! I seriously do. I think so, cause I’ve been doing it for the past three and a half years so, you know? THERE’S GOTTA BE SOMETHING TO IT.

OH, I know! When my baby locks his eyes with mine and nurses peacefully almost drifting out to sleep. I won’t tell you how often that happens or else I’ll start crying.

Do you know what else is hard about breastfeeding? How tricky and sometimes boring getting dressed becomes.

When I was a first time mom, I think I stopped myself from wearing many things I wanted. I don’t really remember wearing a lot of tops with high necklines. I stuck to the most nursing friendly pieces I found. You know v-necks, wrap tops and some button ups.

The truth is that apart from a few on trend pieces, I like to buy things that I’m going to wear for quite some time. I think I’m not the only one, am I? I refused maternity clothing in both my pregnancies with the exception of two pairs of maternity jeans for my last pregnancy. Nothing else to do with my huge yoga ball. Same for nursing, with the exception of a few nursing bras, I just try to make it work in many other ways with what I have or want to get.

However, this time around I’m a little more open to other options without sacrificing comfort and I’ve found three unexpected tops that are great for nursing during the warmer months. They truly help me feel stylish when I’m feeling like a cow.

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May 16, 2017

Introducing Our Newest Contributor…..Julieta!!

Wow! The day finally came and I’m still pinching myself because I can’t believe I’m going to be a part of this great team. Shana was a big inspiration when I started my blog and I was always using the #myeverydayedit hashtag to see if I could get a feature. But this? I’m still in disbelief. And we met in person! We sat, talked and laughed while enjoying some chips and guac.

So…hola! I’m Julieta. I’m almost 29 years old, a wife to an amazing man, a mom to a threenager, a three-month-old and a baby I never got to hold.  I was born and raised in Colombia, but love and fashion brought me to NY. During a semester I came to study English my now husband made the move and didn’t let me go back to my country without a ring on my hand. He was lucky because I always had in mind to finish college and come to NY to continue my fashion studies at FIT. I quickly returned to Colombia to finish my last semester. Once done, I got married, packed what I could of my life and moved to the United States at the young age of 21. I know I was crazy! oh and he’s Colombian too!

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