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June 22, 2017

Epic Summer Sandal Round-up

my gray sandals (size up)

Who doesn’t love a giant shoe round-up? I surely do. Options are what it’s all about and summer shoes are just seriously fun after our toes have been pent up in (rain) boots all winter.

All of us at TME have pitched in to the collection to make sure you know each of our favorite pairs for summer. Many of these are seriously loved by us as well as you lovely TME readers. Some are on-trend for 2017 and some are tried and tested standbys year to year.

Get those toes painted, sit back with a cold beverage and let’s talk sandals.

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June 21, 2017

Swimsuit Problem-solving: The Soft Tummy

I was talking to Sienna the other day about how amazing our bodies are…how “can you believe I was out to here when you were growing in my belly? (I know, not completely accurate description for S but we’ll get there soon enough) And then after you were born, my body eventually went back to how it is now?” It is amazing.

I try to focus on that fact when trying on swimsuits. But when your abs still can’t seem to find themselves after 4 years and after much working out, it’s tough to really dwell on that amazingness. I have a soft tummy now. I have some love handles. I have always had a booty. I am not a swimsuit model. I’m slowly becoming ok with all that.

So, today we’re taking (another) a little journey through my swimsuit dressing room selfies. Come along and let’s see where we end up, shall we?

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June 20, 2017

A Sports Bra That Flatters And Is Comfy Enough to Sleep In

camo Y back bra

Today, I am here to talk about uniboob… how much of a disservice it is to us and how it has been for too long. It’s so not flattering to our figures and we should celebrate those figures even while working out, of course.  A local Oregon company is doing an amazing job at fighting uniboob with super cute, comfortable, flattering sports bras (they are comfy enough for all-day wear!) I got one at Barre3 not long ago and wound up loving it so much that I wanted to try another style. Essentially, I’m hooked. Check it out.

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June 16, 2017

Nursing-Friendly Summer Dresses

Dear nursing mamas…if you search ‘nursing-friendly dresses’ online…wow. Very difficult to find cute and interesting options. I polled the TME team and got some great suggestions as to what style dresses worked for us for nursing and did a little round-up.

Dresses are by far the coolest thing to wear in the heat! These styles should get you through everyday, date nights and summer events.

Above, left to right: colorblock | stripe | dotfloral

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June 13, 2017

Fun in the Sun: Outdoor Play Picks for the Design-minded


Picky design-mom back again with summertime picks that won’t upset your lovely backyard with ugly plastic red, blue and yellow. I don’t mind red, blue and yellow but does every kid’s toy have to be plastic and only in those colors? I think not.

Thank goodness other people think the same and have created some truly lovely pieces for play, dining and splashing that pass my cuteness test. For example, this rainbow sprinkler. I couldn’t love a sprinkler more. I mean. Follow along to see more summer adorableness for your kiddos that won’t make you cringe.

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June 7, 2017

Three Generations and A Pair of Mom Shorts

Motherhood is a beautiful rollercoaster, no?

Up and downs, yes. Bumpy portions, yes. Thrills, yes. Beautiful views, yes. Fearful moments, yes. And mostly, it’s being unable to see what’s just over the hill from you. That, my friends, is both exciting and terrifying. Such is life, I guess.

Sienna just turned four a couple of weeks ago and I know everyone says this but I cannot believe how quickly her first four years have gone. It’s definitely been a beautiful rollercoaster for four years, adjusting our lives to having a new life as a part of it. I can’t imagine it any other way and at the same time I still can’t believe we made another human.

For Sienna’s big day, my mom came to visit. I promised I wouldn’t make her join us in shorts, but I took the shorts styling challenge myself. And she showed up with the most adorable outfit, as usual. We were color-coordinated without even planning it. A mom and her mom and some mom shorts here for you…and a big little girl turning 4.

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June 1, 2017

The Search For the Perfect Denim Jacket

left | center | right

Denim jackets have been a go-to for me since, like, 1984? I haven’t covered mine with buttons these days, but you better believe I lit it up back in the ’80’s.

What do I wear with my denim jacket? Everything. I prefer a blue wash since I wear mostly black or gray jeans. (If you like your blue jeans blue, a lighter denim jacket works great.)

Jean jackets just work because they’re a great weight for most of the year and they add a casual (but structured) touch. They’re perfect with sun dresses, jeans and a tee, jumpsuits, joggers, etc. Being a denim fan in general, it makes sense that this would be my favorite jacket, but I do get particular about what I’m looking for. So I ordered a bunch to try out in person (softness counts!!), and here’s what I found:

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May 22, 2017

Lighten Up: Styling Your Black Clothing for Spring

jacket (similar) | tee | jeans | sneakers (similar)

You probably know by now I adore black and gray. Besides the occasional striped shirt, most of my closet consists of dark clothing, especially in winter. Spring here is a little nuts weather-wise, but mostly it’s still quite cool and rainy, all the way through June-uary (the name says it all.)

But, while I will always love my black pieces so, all the spring flowers do actually inspire me to lighten up a bit this time of year. Clothing. I mean clothing-wise. This type-A has trouble ever lightening up beyond my outfit. (Sorry, family.)

So, I came up with a few ideas, using some new and old favorite pieces, to style an all black outfit for spring, and it’s definitely my newest go-to look. As my dad loves to say “I love it when a plan comes together!” Me, too, dad. Me, too! Check it out…

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