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February 27, 2017

Birthday Style: Comfy Meets Sexy Heels

Who goes plant shopping on their birthday? This girl. I’m serious about plants, lately. See face above.

But, seriously, I’ve been wanting to check out the gorgeous Solabee Flowers for a while so for my birthday it was. And seeing as I just turned…gasp…39, I’m pretty sure I can do whatever the heck I want on my birthday. Well, as long as it’s just shopping for plants or something. #woahgettingcrazy Look at this place though! The light and the foliage and the gorgeous tile floor (see below)…who wouldn’t want to go?

I know y’all never see me in heels, but sometimes even I want to jazz it up a bit, especially on a special day. I got these fancy cheetah print heels a bit ago and wanted to put my spin on an outfit with them…

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February 23, 2017

Style Challenge: Romantic Tops Get Edgy Details

I’ve realized that in the past few years my style has changed dramatically. I used to wear dresses and lace and tights and ruffles way more often. Now, as you know, it’s jeans, boots, jackets and sweatshirts…and a raincoat, obvs.

I’m sure much of that change has to do with chasing a busy child around and another big part of it is living in a super rainy, messy climate. But I think a little bit of it has to do with a shift in my personality. I was a quiet person who didn’t speak up very much for a long time. Now I just want to wear moto jackets and tell people what I think. It’s probably part of getting older. Ha!

You know I love edgy and casual and am drawn to anything denim and black. So, for my style challenge, the TME team agreed I needed to go more romantic and feminine. My only stipulation was no statement necklaces – I mean, I had to draw the line somewhere. But, when I wound up choosing a lacy top that Scotti already has in another color I knew I was on the mark. Haha.

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February 16, 2017

Are These Shoes Mules or Flats? (And Graphic Tees Always)

Motherhood is a balance between doing what’s good and doing what keeps everyone sane. Some days you’re right on time everywhere, everything falls in place, no one has a meltdown… and some days you’re just trying to make it until bedtime without completely losing it.

And while a pair of shoes isn’t going to do school pick-up for you or anything, a slip-on style might just save you a few seconds when you’re already running late (says #worldsokayestmom). Sole Society has some lovely, quality slip on flats that I checked out…while spoiling Sienna with Valentine’s Day donuts. And I have to say, I’m in love.

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February 13, 2017

Striped Shirt, 5 Ways At The Gap (#DressingRoomSelfies)

Here I am again with another #dressingroomselfies post, y’all. It’s like I enjoy torturing myself with bad lighting and small rooms or something, but…I do. I like it. Especially sans kiddo, I love trying on a bunch of pieces and sharing my thoughts about them. I know. I’m nuts. I think most of us over here on the TME team are. But in a good way.

This time Shana suggested I try styling one item 5 different ways and we went with a striped tee this time around. It was a good approach to shopping that you might try out sometime! It gets the creative juices flowing. So without further ado, here we go…

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February 10, 2017

Simple Valentine DIYs

Hey there friends! I don’t talk crafts often here at TME, but I adore making cute, simple crafts as gifts…so, I thought I’d round up a few easy ones to share for Valentine’s Day. And, I have to be honest, I love how this turned out!

It was inspired by a couple of different images I saw online, plus a little what-can-I-do-last-minute inspiration from my own brain cells. I’m excited to send these to the grandparents!

Check out the steps below for a quick tutorial on this simple Valentine, plus some other awesome Valentine DIYs from some of my favorite blogs.

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February 7, 2017

TME Team: What We’re Actually Doing For Valentine’s Day

Ahh, the day of love. Back in the day (or maybe recently), did you ever have a super awkward Valentine’s Day with someone you just started dating? Like, way before the relationship was anywhere near love status and think “dear god, who is this holiday for?” Whew, me neither. 😉

Thank goodness those days are gone and I can now cozy up with someone comfy, someone who knows me. And, even though this is a someone who typically lets me do all the planning, ahem, for everything (see, he knows me) there is no one I’d rather be with on a day dedicated to love.

These photos above are a couple of our engagement pictures, taken when we still lived in Nashville, almost 7 years ago to the day (when fedoras were still acceptable). Pinky proposed to me on vacation on my birthday and a week or so later we were posing for this sappy awesomeness. Aww.

How does the TME team celebrate sappy Valentine’s awesomeness, you might ask? See below. We detailed what we’d actually be doing this year (think low-key, casual evenings out and Netflix & chill evenings in) and shared a few little items on our wish lists.

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February 6, 2017

Go-To Outfit: Stripes, Moto Jacket + Flat Boots

Finally. Y’all, I’ve struggled since the holidays to find a new outfit I love. It was probably all the snow days I’ve spent in leggings and Uggs, but um, ugh. The creativity was gone. But…I’m back, baby! I randomly threw this outfit together for a kid’s birthday party (in all fairness, he is a pretty stylish 5 year old) last weekend and I’m loving it. I wanted comfortable but cool and I’ve landed on a new favorite…striped tee, moto jacket, blanket scarf & flat black boots. Check it.

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February 4, 2017

Let’s Talk About Straight-Leg, Step-Hem Jeans


Hey hey…new jeans! I’m officially a jean collector now…I cannot resist a good pair of denim. It’s kinda crazy, but I’m here for you…to try all the jeans and find the best. And these are good. I still love my skinny jeans, for sure, and boyfriend jeans have their place, but these. They are so versatile! (And don’t worry, they’re not cropped flares.) They are a straight-leg, step-hem jean.

The leg is a nice departure from skinny jeans but isn’t too wide and the uneven hem is a little unexpected and interesting. The shorter cut in front shows off ankles in a flattering way but the longer back hem adds versatility and is totally leg-lengthening.

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January 31, 2017

10 Tips To Elevate Your At-Home Style


Hey friends. After all these snow days, we are definitely stir crazy over here. Today is supposed to be just a late start. Fingers crossed!!! This mama is ready to get on with my new year already!

And speaking of the new year again, my friend Posy Quarterman is teaching an online photography class called Forward Momentum where she helps photographers find focus and intention in their work for the upcoming year. She asked if I would make a few style suggestions to help them get out of the work-at-home slump that is somewhat inevitable at times.

I have worked from home as a graphic designer for over 10 years now and a blogger for the past year. It’s really easy to get into the habit of wearing leggings and Uggs all day (ahem…yes, I have been in this exact outfit for the past 3 weeks…) I noticed a few years ago though that when I get myself dressed in the morning, before I sit down at the computer, I feel better about my work and better equipped to tackle the day. Since The Mom Edit pretty much focuses the majority of our efforts here anyway, here are a few tips the TME team and I have put together (that I will also be rereading myself) to freshen up your at-home style.

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January 27, 2017

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve


Whether you do it up for Valentine’s Day or whether you just chill, PJs or a tee or a little something festive is always fun. I’m pretty picky about my clothing, of course, and especially holiday themed clothing, but the simplicity of a heart print (like this amazing slouchy tee) I can really go for. And little kids in heart-donned clothing? Staaaaaahp. I would put Sienna in all the tiny heart prints if I could.

As you can see below, I lean towards the graphic black and white with a pop of red choices, but I think there’s something here for everyone…even tasteful options for your guys. And the bonus with this stuff unlike other holidays? You can always sport a heart on your shirt, no matter the time of year. Love rules, after all.

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