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August 3, 2013

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Down to the Wire

Mamas.  I've been meaning to post my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks, but with summer and three babies at home.  All. The. Time.  It's been tough to get a thought out, let alone a word.  Typed, no less.  So, with three days to spare, and many of my favs mostly sold out (I mourn thee Hanky Pankys (WAIT!  Now restocked!!) and leather leggings and drool-worthy field jackets!), here goes:


You may know how I loathe the conventional diaper bag from (long) past posts, but Nordies offers a shockingly affordable, fab non-diaper bag from Deux Lux for $70 ($105 after sale).  I'm really loving the Gray Leopard with Gunmetal Hardware.

For the baby man in your life, check out these retro puma sneaks for $25 ($40 after sale).  They are light and flexible and soft, and franky, according to my hooligan boys, cah-razy-super-fast.  Perfecto for the challenges of starting preschool or kindergarten.

For little mamas, these girls floral print Joes Jeggings can't be beat for $42 ($64 after sale).

Are you drooling over all the leather but gasping at price tags given that, if you're anything like me, you're lucky to get out of the house once every other month?  Faux-it, Mothers, with this yummy leather t-shirt $45 ($68 after sale).  Pair it with skinny denim or a girly skirt and rockin' non-mom heels for full effect.

For daytime infusion of edgy leather style, throw on the Vince Camuto faux leather sleeve jacket over your everyday mom wardrobe of tees and jeans $106 ($160 after sale).

You know what they say about converts, right?  Such is my devotion as a late-comer to Downton Abbey.  Come fall, I'll be Mary, cavorting (in mourning!?  WTF.  Seriously.) all over Yorkshire in these prim, subtly detailed Sam Edelman lace up riding boots $150 ($225 after sale).

Gah!  I cannot believe summer (and the Nordies sale) is almost over.  Life is reeling ever faster along.  I suddenly want to home-school Hen instead of sending him off two-whole-blocks-away to kindergarten.  Eat it up mamas, and get while the gettin' is good.

– M.






July 15, 2013

A Summer Mom Uniform and Five Fav Things: Life in Mod


It's me, Cams. Some of you may know me by now, but if not…well, hello. Nice
to meet you! :). I blog over at Life in Mod– all about being a mama, styling
through all of the changes life brings, yada yada. It's a fun gig. ps. I am now
14 weeks pregnant with our 2nd…which is awesome

She's amazing, eh? Let me just say that first and foremost. She has been such
an amazing example of strength for me these past few months. Every time I have
spoken to her within the past couple of months she has blown me away with her
positive attitude. It's like, wow…if I was in the same situation would I
handle it with such grace, patience and …even spunk? Probably not. She's a
superwoman. S, I am so happy to have met you via the blogosphere. I consider you
a dear friend (as silly as that may sound since all of our communication has
been 99% blog related). Still. I really do. You are a blessing to so many. xx.

that all of my sap is gone, let us move on… 😉

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July 10, 2013

Brave Mama – Shana’s Surgery Was a Success!

Great news, Mamas!  Shana is out of surgery and in recovery.  She underwent a double mastectomy this morning and everything went as well as these things can.  S's doctors tested a number of lymph nodes and they believe, with 90-95 percent accuracy, that the cancer has not spread.  A full biopsy of the removed tissue is necessary, but what this means is that she will probably (hopefully!) be spared a grueling round of chemotherapy.  Please send her your thoughts, prayers and good vibes for a speedy recovery.

Over the past several weeks, it has been difficult to know what to do or say.  But as I spoke to S. yesterday afternoon, sounding more blue than I have ever heard her, I was once again (and it's happened a lot) humbled by her ability to be present, patient and positive with her babies no matter what.

Between snipets of conversation about the surgery, ANMJ and other news, I listened to Pax's high pitched howls of distress as Shana narrated his temper tantrum.  "Pax is mad," she soothed.  "You got frustrated with your train, and now you're mad because it's broken.  Let's put it back together."  As the howls subsided, I thought about how I might have handled the situation differently–less patiently, probably much less successfully, and definitely with less grace. 

We returned to our fractured conversation.  Two moms.  With tired, unreasonable little ones, digging out from under a laundry pile after long summer vacations.  One with a life changing surgery just hours away and all the time in the world to walk her toddler son through his emotions.  And me, reminded once again by Shana's example, of how blessed I am and how easy–and wrongheaded–it is to take this precious time for granted.

Thank you, Ms. S., for being the amazing woman, wonderful mom and incredible friend that you are.  You are brave and strong and beautiful, and we are all cheering for you as you put this part of your life back together. 



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September 13, 2012

It’s Almost Here! ANMJ Picks iPhone 5 Cases

Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 10.21.42 PM
I cannot believe the irony of this.  My iPhone 4 has been on the fritz all summer.  Dropped calls.  Weird, high-pitched, pulsing static.  Frozen screens.  Frequent, but unpredictable, muteness.  Difficulty multitasking and general bugging out.  Sooooo annoying.  But I knew sticking with my lemony iPhone 4 was worthwhile.  I was holding out for an iPhone 5.  I knew I could make it through September, and last week I gleefully listened to an NPR report announcing the announcement that happened today. 

The iPhone 5 was FINALLY (almost!) here!  After the official unveiling today, I got busy rounding up my picks for iPhone 5 pre-order cases, and whilst sitting on the edge or the tub, absentmindedly supervising a potty break (ok, I was fantasizing about a 4-inch display, ultra-fast wireless, and indeed, just finishing a conversation more than five minutes in length), my sweet Boy Wonder #2 dropped said nearly-fried iPhone (accidentally) into the toilet, while watching his very favorite YouTube clip, "I Have to Go Potty."  Dropped.  The phone.  Into the toilet.  My precious

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September 9, 2012

Mom Street Style | LaRae’s Fall Transition Outfit


Mamas.  Meet LaRae, our crazy-adorable Street Style Mom.  I ran into her in the City Market parking lot, just walking her cart back after unloading her groceries, looking–seriously–this fabulous. 

We were in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, which is typically cool in the mornings, in the mid-to-high-80's by 2 PM, and then drops right down again in the evenings, so the area presents the perfect fall transition challenge.  LaRae nailed it.  From her shaggy bangs and nonchalant pony right on down to her tribal fringed sandals, I l-o-v-e-d her tonal ensemble from head to toe.

LaRae is wearing a lightweight Bird by Juicy Couture anorak over a simple Gap denim sundress with Coconuts fringed (and bejeweled) flat sandals and Coach logo bag.  She finishes it all off with simple makeup, a chunky pendant, a gorgeous blown glass ring and a resin bangle.  Perfecto!

– M.





September 5, 2012

Reader Question | How to Style Frye Moto Boots – Prettily


Reader Question:


fall I fell under the spell of one of your posts and ordered myself a
(second…ahem!) pair of Frye boots – these boots, as a matter of fact. I love them.
But I didn't and don't know how to wear them. In order to justify the
percentage of my nearly non-existent clothing budget that they took, I need to
wear them every day of winter and fall for the next approximately twenty-five
years. I am plumpish and 5'4. I like to wear dresses and tights and leggings,
and find that they look good with the shorter lengths. But I need more outfits!
How do I wear them with different styles of jeans? How do I not look too
masculine/punk in them? How do I make them look like the everyday shoe I need
them to be for me?



Love you guys!


I feel you Mama.  Boots like these really stand up to the babies in all
weather, all kid-gunk situations, and they truly are classics.  But you're
right, the vibe can be kind of tough, and a bit masculine, or too punk if you
don't think out your styling before hand.

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August 30, 2012

Pardon Me, But Do YOU Chino? *

The ANMJ Mamas Take on the Land's End Chino Challenge

Do you chino?  That is, um, wear chinos?  I have some plain, flat front khaki pants.  Sometimes I put them on.  They're soft.  They're comfortable.  They allow range of motion and look more polished than jeans.  But something about them is just so blaaaaaaaaAHaaaaaAHaaaah that I promptly take them off.  I'd probably wear them as a stop-gap on crazy mornings rushing out the door to the office with three babes in tow.  If I worked in an office, but I don't, and I've been happier with my fancy pant/denim rotation, so back to the very back of my closet my chinos go.

But I do now.  Chino, that is.

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August 24, 2012

Dressing Boys Can Be Fun, Too! (Really)

Five Little Boys Back to School Outfits

Being a boy-mom is the best thing that's ever happened to me.  My boys are a constant reminder of how much fun it is to splash in puddles, get my fingers sticky and work my core in light saber battles.  But having three boys is something that never, and I do mean, not ever, occurred to me prior to my first 18-week ultrasound. 

Growing up, I'd always imagined myself having three girls.  We'd have tea.  Ballet lessons.  We'd hide electrical cords under tiny oriental rugs in impeccably decorated dollhouses.  There would be Easter dresses.  And bows.  And tights.  And patent leather shoes. 

But in reality, it took about five seconds of watching my healthy, perfectly perfect son flop around my belly in silhouette to realize that fringed moc boots, ladylike capes, and yes, even Chanel-esque tromp l'oeil tees, mattered very, very little in the scheme of my burgeoning life as a boy-mom. 

And really, how much fun is dressing a baby man?  Tiny messenger bags?  Driver caps?  Cardigans?  Check, check and check.  And these boys of mine rarely, if ever, protest against my sartorial statutes as long as I keep it comfy, so here are my back-to-school picks for little boys:

I'll keep the tiaras for myself, thankyouverymuch.  Happy back to school, Mamas!

– M.


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August 9, 2012

Ponytail Alternatives for the Hottest. Summer. Ever.

Sock trick

Mamas, I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.  It’s long, thick and dark, so come summer, it’s basically like wearing a raccoon-fur hat in 100+ degree heat, but when I cut it, I always regret it.  And, love ponytails as I do, I have a once-per-week policy on those—I’ve been in ponytail ruts before, and they do tend to give me a bit of a headache by the end of the day.  (Or is that from wrangling three boys ages four and under?) 

So.  Considering I’m always on the hunt for ponytail alternatives to get the Davey Crocket hat off my neck during the dog days, and is reporting July 2012 was the hottest month on record, EVER, surpassing even the Dust Bowl in 1936 (don't you feel better now that you know it wasn't just you?), I’ve rounded up a few delish, cool and easy styles for your perusal.   

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August 3, 2012

August Already!?


As you may have already gleaned, Mamas, summer is much savored here at ANMJ, and as such, it is with great gravity that I now report to you this horrifying news: summer has nearly reached its apex and August has commenced, marking the heart-wrenching transition to <gah!>: fall.  Fortunately, kickin' boots, fabulous layers and cozy sweaters will compensate for the lack of popsicles, short-shorts and general free time.  Pool-time will be replaced with productive-time and you may once again begin to feel a sense of renewed <yay> purpose. 

But let's face it, as fun as it is, summer leaves mamas with a whole other set of anxieties.  It stretches out before us, begging for activities in the absence of school, and smiting us with the summer runaround of pick-up-and-drop-off, from camps, play dates and activities, with little free time left in between.  It's left me panting for breath, in fact, and it is the inspiration for my favorite quote of this week, if not all time (a la my Auntie Edie):


And gasping for air is what I've been doing for the past several weeks.  We've had our house on the market (rushing out with two work-from-home parents, three babes and a dog–leaving it clean to boot, cruel joke–is not an easy task).  Add a stomach bug (vomiting and all else), loads and loads of laundry, traveling husbands, birthdays, and a bevy of other fun stuff, and I'm looking forward to fall, school, and anything else that can help structure this madness I call my life.

As such, I've realized I seriously need a blackberry gin fizz.  Like, NOW.  To quote the great Smitten Kitchen, "The fruit isn't 'infused;' it's just there. . . I think you know what needs to be done."

J.Crew's new scrum-delicious, perfectly perfect coral orangey red lipstick might help as I try to look human running out my door with a trash bag, an infant (in a) car seat, two preschoolers and a scruffy, overly barkilicious dog.

And pantyliners are my new and most ingenious (I think) addition to the diaper bag.  Sounds crazy, right?  But if you have a four-and-a-half-year-old who hasn't worn diapers in more than two years and you need to make it home in 30 minutes of traffic with a stomach bug, they really come in handy.

Big Kisses,

– M.


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