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May 23, 2017

Why High-Low Wrap Skirts Will Be Your Favorite Skirt This Summer


There’s something so immensely practical about this skirt.  Make no mistake – I am wearing a skirt and top here, not a dress – which has all kinds of additional styling possibilities – but the real reason I keep coming back to the skirt is because it. just. works.

This skirt works because it’s longer in back, yet still shows a little leg (or a lot: hello, wind).  The vibe is youthful and fun, yet I can sit on barstools and wicker chairs without fear of imprints on the back of my legs.

It’s also basically a wrap skirt, and the advantage here is that you can wrap it around your real waist for a leggy, high-rise look (SO good with cropped tops), or wrap it a little more loosely around your hips (circa 2003) and nonchalantly tuck in a tee.

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May 21, 2017

Our Interview With Sarah Lemon, Author of Done Dirt Cheap

Gang, I’m so excited about this girl.  Sarah Lemon, a longtime reader  – and the writer of one of my favorite pieces we’ve ever published – just came out with a new book, Done Dirt Cheap.

I read it – no, devoured it –  in a weekend. It’s good.  It’s good in a very girl-power way.  It’s good in a universal truth kind of way.  It’s good in a tears and laughter and – and this is my fav part – a dark sort of snorting amusement that can only come from the experience of being a girl, of being underestimated, of having to just find your own way in a world that often feels like it was made for someone else.  It reminded me of a modern, girl-centered Huckleberry Finn.

Obviously, I loved it.  But then, I’ve always loved Sarah’s writing.  Ever since she sent in her essay on personal style (three years ago!!) – the essay that brought us all to our knees, tears streaming down our faces…..I’ve had Sarah on my radar.  My husband’s, too.  Ever so often he’d ask me, “Babe?  Remember that one reader who wrote–”  Yes.  Of course I do.

Keep reading for a fun little interview with Sarah, as well as her latest essay, written just for you.

Sarah, I’m just so glad you exist in this world, Chick.  Your words are gifts.

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May 20, 2017

Weekend 5.20

Raines has decided to become a vegetarian.  I blame R&K (you know who you are), and some documentary he watched with Mike.  So lunches have become trickier, which is just what you want as the school year draws to a close: a new challenge!  Dear God.  We’re barely hanging on here.

Raines….making feeding easy since 2008. #no

(I couldn’t even #hahano that one, it’s such a hard no.  My old Denver friends will remember my pain.  THEY WILL REMEMBER.)

Anyway, let’s get to it.


A fancy dress for the not-fancy.  Remember my friend Linzi?  She just bought this dress.  It’s easy, cotton, and cool….yet looks so fancy.  I’m totally obsessing over it.  Hmmmm… I a bad friend if I buy the same one??? #nevertoooldfortwinsies?

Tan, tan, tan.  I’m realllllly feeling a tan clutch for summer – so effortlessly chic, right?  I’m considering this twisted suede one at Banana, or this quirky ‘vacation’ one at Madewell.  Thoughts?

Modcloth has 30% off swim!  Our readers have raved about this retro beauty, especially for post-partum, but for the daring, this suuuuper sexy plunge suit would work, too.   Also, pineapple print (with ruffles).  Flirty and fun.

Speaking of swim….Hautelook has Marilyn Monroe swim on sale.  I’ve never heard of this brand, but I can’t stop thinking about this striped suit or this devastatingly chic white swimsuit.  Gorgeous, no?  And on sale for $26.  Sheesh.

Picnic better.  My favorite thing for picnics in the park (or in backyards, or even on city porches)….is this table in a bag.  And now it’s on sale.

Let’s redefine nude.  There was an interesting discussion about my use of the word “nude” to describe something that was essentially my skin color.  I can totally appreciate that we need a broader definition.  So I’m thrilled that ThirdLove has just come out with a range of “naked” underwear in a ton of different….nudes.  Yay for diversity.  (And for keeping me honest, you guys.)

Also, THIS….

Mom Knows Best.  My mom has sworn by the health benefits of dark chocolate for years.  Now we all eat it for breakfast.  Apparently, Dr. Oz’s Sirtfood diet agrees.  Also?  Red wine.  Sign me up.

Are you a cool mom?  I totally resonated with Michelle Peters-Jones’ article, I’m Never Going To Be a “Cool Mom” and That’s OK.  She sounds plenty cool to me.

I’m coming for you, Quinoa.  Refinery29 explains why Trader Joe’s is so cheap, and recommends a few affordable favs.

In case you missed this on Facebook….we love I Mom So Hard.

Happy weekend!




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May 18, 2017

Lemlem X Joe Fresh Swim! (SO. GOOD.)

Gang, I’m a longtime fan of Lemlem:  the floaty scarves and dresses, the summer-ready patterns, and the fact that the brand is committed to hiring women, elevating African artisanship and creating more jobs in African nations.  The only downside is that true artisanship – compared to fast fashion – costs more.  Pieces in the Lemlem collection often range from $100 – $500.

Enter Joe Fresh, a Canadian-based fast fashion retailer.  They’ve come together on a swimwear collaboration that is GORGEOUS – fans of the brand will recognize the Lemlem influence – with proceeds going to Liya Kebede Foundation.

All the yes.




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May 13, 2017

Weekend (And Happy Mother’s Day!)

backpack | trench

Happy Mother’s Day!  Hope you guys are being spoiled rotten.  And by “spoiled rotten” I mean plenty of those fierce little hugs that squeeze as hard as those little arms possibly can, coffee in bed, and a day free from cleaning/washing dishes/emptying the dishwasher.  (That last one is my own personal hell.)

And for those of you who went out for Mother’s Day Eve, high-freaking five.  Let’s make this a thing next year.

Big, HUGE News

We’re getting a new contributor!  And to be even more of a horrible tease….we’ll announce her next week.  If you’d like to the be the first to know, follow our Instagram (@themomedit) – we’ll announce there first. (Plus we have a few sneak peeks up, if you can guess….)

Speaking of Instagram…. has just launched a new Family channel!  We’re thrilled.  It’ll be an easy place to find inspiration for bump style, nursery decor, kids stuff, and mama essentials.  (Personally, I’m hoping sneakers will be featured on the regular.)


Sorry, Kid.  House rules.  A tank top for sleep-deprived mamas.

Near, Far, Wherever you are….we will be wearing this, um, “designer” tee. (Hilarious find, Scotti!)

A few favs from IG Stories: If you’ve been watching my Instagram Stories (@shanachristine), you’ll notice that my outfits follow our crazy weather.  Specifically, these silver lame track shorts one day…to these taupe, waterproof Sorels a few days later.  (I also tried these boots, but the taupe Sorels won.)

Sale, sale, sale.  Take 25% off everything at J.Crew, 30% off everything at LOFT, and  20% off everything at Anthro with code WOWMOM.  My favs, below.


Also, This….

Hey PA – Vote on Tuesday!  Tuesday is Pennsylvania’s 2017 Primary Election. has a helpful rundown of what’s on the ballot, but if you live in the city of Philadelphia, consider voting for Rebecca Rhynhart for City Controller.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet her on several occasions, and not only is she seriously pumped to take on this thankless (and frankly, boring-sounding) job, but she has a ton of fresh ideas to save this city some major cash….compared to her opponent, who has been in office for 27 years. [snore]  If you want deets on what she has up her sleeve (or just want to know what the heck City Controllers do), she outlines most of it here.

Such a sweet song for Mother’s Day – thanks for the find, Cam!


Lastly, I just wanted to say again how thankful we are for this little community.  I was blown away by the supportive, understanding responses to the latest letter from A, and as we sat there reading through them (with tears streaming down our faces), the burden that is so very heavy felt lighter for a few moments.  To the Mamas who are caring for sick children, we are saying a special prayer for you this Mother’s Day.  For your strength to keep going, but also for your continued ability to shine the light for your child, even as darkness threatens.  I stand in awe of your courage and grace.

Happy Mother’s Day.




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May 11, 2017

How We’re Actually Spending Mother’s Day

Sooooooo….Mother’s Day.  Maybe not brunch, amiright? But when the TME team started talking – halfheartedly – about Mother’s Day, we eventually realized that we all had something specific in mind, a sure-fire way to make our Mother’s Day amazing:

A trip to Paris.

Haha.  Just kidding.  In reality, we were confronted by things like RAIN, cold weather, sleepless nights, and the usual nonsense.  But when forced to dig deep (really, really deep in some cases), we were all able to come up with a “plan” [snort] of how we will be spending Mother’s Day.  Something achievable, yet special. So if you are still looking for a few low-pressure ideas for your Mother’s day, keep on reading.

And for those of you whose partner doesn’t start Mother’s Day with, “So whaddya want to do today, Babe?”….throw the rest of us a bone, and leave detailed descriptions in the comments.  Preferably ones we can just cut-and-paste into an email entitled, URGENT:  May 14.

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May 10, 2017

Vince Shoe Flash Event on HauteLook – 3 Days Only!

Gang!!  Starting NOW, HauteLook is having a flash event featuring Vince shoes.  It lasts for only three days, but includes my verrry favorite pumps, the Vince Claire D’Orsay pump (pictured above).

HauteLook, for those of you who don’t know, unveils a new flash event every day at 11AM EST, with savings of up to 75% off.  They offer free shipping on orders over $100, and are a part of the Nordstrom family….which means you can return items that don’t work out to any local Nordstrom Rack.  (Currently, HauteLook ships to the US, Canada and Australia only.)

I’m especially pumped about the Vince shoes flash event because I’ve found that Vince footwear rarely disappoints.  Keep reading to see my favorites from this limited-time shopping event, as well as how I’d wear them…..

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May 9, 2017

The Best Backpacks Under $50

1 | 2 | 3

4 | 5 | 6

I’m a pretty die-hard backpack fan.  They’re so much more comfortable to carry than regular handbags, fit a ton of stuff, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to bags.  I use mine so frequently that a backpack is one item I’m totally willing to splurge on.  From a cost-per-wear perspective, it makes sense (for me, at least).  So if you are looking for drool-worthy backpacks that will last season after season, see our article,  The Best Backpacks for Spring and Summer.

However, we also heard from many of you that your backpack price point was under $50.  Got it.  So, in response, we started rounding up a few options.  Know what we found?  So many good ones that it warranted a post of it’s own.

Keep reading to see our fav backpacks, under $50….

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May 6, 2017

4 Reasons Why Spring Is the Best Time To Take The Kids To Banff National Park


We just spent our Spring Break in the most amazing place:  Banff National Park.  We took helicopter rides to see mountain glaciers up close, frolicked in hot springs, skiied through so much powder that my youngest was mad about it (“TOO MUCH SNOW, MOM”), rode chairlifts through the clouds only to find blue skies up top, and stayed at a mountain lodge accessible only by gondola.  If we could’ve managed to stay awake past 10PM, we may have been able to spot the Northern Lights.

It. Was. Glorious.

If Banff in the Spring isn’t yet on your family bucket list, here are a four reasons it should be….

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May 5, 2017

Just Momming Around (In A Pretty Little Dress)


Sometimes, a girl just needs a pretty dress.  I spend so much of my time in jeans and sneaks that when the weekend comes (and Mike is around to help)…..why not a dress?  It feels festive, somehow.  More…weekend.

Bonus points if I can keep the sneaks.

My favorite type of dresses are easy, everyday dre– HA!  #lies  In my heart-of-hearts, if I’m being completely honest, my FAVORITE dresses are dramatic, flowing, MET Gala-worthy things with a pattern that brings happy tears to my eyes, a slit up to there, and a label that reads: “Danger:  causes SWOONING.”

My goal, then, is to find pretty dresses that work for my actual life….while acknowledging that in my head I’m one of the glamorous women who swan down a red carpets and Attend The Opera.  (Obviously, in this reality, I’m also 6ft tall.  Obviously.)

But truth be told, I wouldn’t swap my real life for anything.  There’s nothing that makes me feel more beautiful, more at ease in my own skin, than watching my three guys watch me.  And when I make a tiiiiny bit of an effort, when I put on a little makeup, or wear a pretty dress?

It’s like I’m the most glamorous woman in the world.

Here’s to the everyday, Mama.  And to those days when you don a pretty dress amid the whining and the crying because you know you wouldn’t change a thing.

Keep reading for a few scenes from the weekend – one that had it’s share of whining and crying….but also plenty of snuggles, soft touches, and pretty dresses.  LOFT reached out asking me to take a look at a few pieces perfect for Mother’s Day, so I also rounded up my favorite, everyday dresses – the ones that would make me feel just a little bit glamorous.  (It wasn’t hard – LOFT’s dresses are gorgeous right now.)

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