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May 3, 2017

Five Fresh Ways To Wear Tall Hunter Rainboots

Oh, these boots. Once such a thing, and now they’ve been overblogged, over-pinned, over-grammed, and I’m totally over the whole thing.


I still have mine.  Sitting there in my hallway.  And I still wear mine, whenever it rains.  As much as I love the new chelsea-style rainboots, I can’t walk into puddles without fear the way I can with these stompers.  And when you are living in the middle of a city – with kids – you’ll be going outside everyday (alll day), regardless of the weather.

So.  Since it looks like I’ll be wearing these bad boys for the rest of my days (cue dramatic music)…I thought I’d try finding a few outfit formulas to make them feel….fresh.

But I’ll settle for moderately fresh-er.

Here are four solid options (and one hail Mary, in the spirit of full disclosure):

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May 1, 2017

Spring Update: The Best Backpacks

bomber | jeans | sneaks | backpack

If you follow me on IG (@shanachristine), you’ve already seen this rainbow nonsense cruising down the street.


I suspect that it’s the closest thing this girl will ever get to an ‘it’ bag.  I find that half the time I just stuff my pockets full, and the other half I use a backpack.

You know what we say, here at TME headquarters:  Once you go backpack, you’ll never go back!

Just kidding. Nobody actually says that.

Even if it’s true.

Our love of backpacks does run really deep on the TME team (like really, really deep), so we decided to round up the best backpacks for Spring and Summer.  But before we get down to business, a few notes:

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April 30, 2017

LOFT #DressingRoomSelfies (What To Buy Right Now)

Embroidered Tee (xs) | Levis (also on Amazon)

Gang, LOFT is killing it right now.  The latest designs are so much fun and they happen to be 40% off (with code OHGOODIE).  I did a lightning round of #dressingroomselfies on Friday, and, per usual, threw a sneak peek up on IG (I’m @shanachristine – give me a follow to see what I’m working on for The Mom Edit).

Anyway, I promised our FB community that I’d try to get this post out before the sale ends, so here goes….

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April 29, 2017

Weekend 4/28

WHOO HOO, it’s the weekend!  And it’s warm, and the sun is shining and Morgan’s Pier is OPEN-like-my-bedroom-windows HOLLA, and this girl is ready for some fun.


LOFT has 40% off everything, so I wandered down and did a quick round of #dressingroomselfies.  You can see my favs on my Instagram stories (@shanachristine).  They’re all screenshot enabled, too, so if you have the new app, you can screenshot anything you like for direct links to the pieces.  There were a few requests to make this a blog post…I’ll try, it just takes longer.  Consider this a sneak peek.

J.Crew has 30% off everything.  I’m intrigued by this wrap t-shirt, and this cardigan with lemons all over.  (I KNOW. Cardigans aren’t usually my thing, but I’m picturing it with destroyed denim…)

SHOES.  I just saw these mules IRL, and they are AMAZING.  I can’t vouch for the print, but the yellow? sofreakinggood.  I’d wear them with jeans, a tee, and bright lipstick.  Done.

Necklace for Mother’s Day?  A few of you have been asking for a recommendation – my hands-down fav is Dana Rebecca’s Diamond Bar necklace.  It’s $220, comes in gold, silver or rose gold, is super delicate and tiny, with just the right amount of sparkle.  I have the rose gold and wear it almost everyday.

Speaking of necklaces….I can’t decide between this tiny, beaded Rebecca Minkoff choker and this Chan Luu 16″ beaded necklace.  Both are under $65, and come in turquoise.  Would be so pretty this summer with basically everything.

Laura just updated her Favorites Boutique and she makes a pretty good case for these workout leggings.

Also, this…..

We may be a little late to the party, but have you seen this Instagram account? Laura Izumikawa dresses her little squish up while she naps – it’s kind of the best thing ever.


Battle of the Balls.  Over at GOOP, they have two meatball recipes I’m dying to try:  one is gluten-and-dairy free, the other is vegetarian.

Oops.  Last week I talked about how much I loved reading the inspiring stories about badass women in Glamour’s April 2017 issue.  My mistake – it was actually the May issue.  Sorry ’bout that.

Well this looks like fun.  The girls at Velvet’s Edge just hosted a baby shower that involved tacos, reverse charades, 90’s rap, and juuust enough Pinterest-worthy extras to make it look gorg.  Love it.

See you tonight?  Mike and I will be having cocktails at the Logan for the Cannonball Kids fundraiser I mentioned a few weeks ago.  Come say hi!  (Tickets can be purchased here.)

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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April 26, 2017

Mother’s Day – An Easy, Foolproof Method to Win The Day


Over the years, my husband has developed a…formula, if you will, for celebrating Mother’s Day that knocks my socks off.  It’s meaningful, affordable, and starts the day off with the rosiest of glows so that it really doesn’t matter what else we do.  We tend to do this instead of traditional gifts, per se.  (If we did gifts, then hypothetically I’d want this bracelet.  Mike.)

But our usual Mother’s Day morning is simple, really.  Simple and genius, and based on breakfast in bed.  The crucial components are:

  1. Coffee (duh)
  2. Something special to eat  – this could be chocolate croissants fresh from the oven (Trader Joes’ makes some yummy ones), fancy little baked goods from the French bakery, a box of chocolates, a gorgeous quiche – the goal is to treat Mama to something that’s out of the ordinary.
  3. Art (done by the kids)
  4. Flowers
  5.  Something FANCY –  this is the big one.  A pretty tray, a cool new mug, special cloth napkins….these go a long way to making an epic Mother’s Day morning.  One year they even surprised me with a new picnic basket, filled with fresh croissants, strawberries, and a pretty new tablecloth that we promptly spread out on the bed.  Or heck – even a group of balloons would work!  The point is this:  BRING THE PARTY.

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April 20, 2017

Tuxe Bodysuits – 40% off Everything (Just For Us)

With high-rise in full swing, getting tucked is kind of a thing.  It’s taken a while (months? years?) for my eye to adjust to the silhouette – and I suspect I’m not the only low-rise-or-die 90’s child whose been giving high-rise the side eye – but….I’m in.  I still love my low rise denim (especially loose and almost falling off my hips – best done with a cropped baby tee circa 1997 haha), but I’ve been pretty happy with the more womanly silhouette of the highrise jean.

Also?  Legs look miles long.

The secret, I think, is in the tuck.  And the easiest way to get the perfect tuck is to go in the bodysuit direction.  My friend Tamar over at Tuxe Bodywear has spent years perfecting the bodysuit.  (And if you are a longtime reader, you’ve heard me mention them before – in fact, Tamar herself has taken reader feedback from you guys and incorporated it into the next iteration.) So rest assured, Tuxe bodysuits are really comfortable and well-designed.

The Mom Edit (both editors and readers) have been such long-time supporters of Tuxe, that they’re offering us an exclusive discount!  Take 40% off of everything at Tuxe with code SPRING4MOMS.  This discount only lasts until Saturday night (at midnight), however, so don’t be late to this ball.

If you’d like a suggestion (or two), here are my current favs….

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April 17, 2017

Spring Trend: Colorful Graphic Sweatshirts


I got that sunshine in my pocket, but got damn boots upon my feet….Spring, people.  But before we continue, can we agree on a couple of points?

Point 1:  My backpack strap is not twisted.  It must be a weird camera angle. MIKE.

Point 2:  [waves hands, creates smoke]  My necklaces are not tangled together, my hair is not a crazy mess, and my nose absolutely, positively is NOT red due to the “Spring” temps in Calgary.  Shooting in overcast weather is always soooo tricky, ya know?  (HA!  That’s a photographer joke.)

So we good?  Great.

Now – back to Spring trends. Specifically, the one my addled brain wants to call Rainbow Bright Goes Camping.  What would she wear around the campfire?  One of these sweatshirts.

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April 15, 2017

Weekend 4/15


Hey there!  If you’ve been following along on Instagram (@shanachristine), you’ll know that this past week we’ve been on our Spring Break trip to Banff.  You’ll also know that Pax has been the life of the party and that hubs (Mike), hit a freaking tree on the first run, majorly sprained his knee and hasn’t been able to ski all week (heck, he can barely walk).  Raines freaked out halfway down a bowl at Lake Louise which is so unlike him….and then, after we stopped skiing, I realized he had a raging fever (which I now have).


It’s been a good exercise for us all in….flexibility.  On every level.

Despite all of this total and complete nonsense (insert a word that starts with bull and rhymes with mitt), we’ve still managed to have an amazing time.  The area is so gorgeous that it practically brings me to tears (like this), and as a bonus, I get to spend time with my big brother and his family.  So life is good.  And I’ve been pretty proud watching all of my men just roll with the disappointments and make the best of it.  Travel can challenge you like that.


Get out your bear spray.  I just bought this Take a Hike Sweatshirt from a little boutique in Canmore and have been wearing it nonstop.  I went with an XS, but the S was also cute (the sleeves are nice and long!!).

Nice shoulders.  I bought Mike this ribbed cotton crewneck sweater from J.Crew, and it’s the kind that makes every guy look buff.  It’s now 25% off, so I’m thinking he needs a few more colors.

Marie Antoinette Goes To The Gym.  Have you checked out the Fenty x Puma by Rhianna collab?  It’s….unusual.  Alllll the things together makes my head spin, but I think there’s serious potential for these leggings, this oversized sweatshirt, and this ridiculous gym bag in the shape of a bow.

OH HEY BIG SALE!  Shopbop just extended it’s huge sale through the weekend!  Thank goodness.  In all of the craziness I have ordered exactly nothing.  Off I go….(you can find all of the TME team favorites from the sale here).

Also, This….

Well done, Glamour.  I read Glamour’s April 2017 issue cover-to-cover on the plane, and felt unusually inspired when finished.  It touches on rebel women who are out there making a difference, post-partum depression, and, of course, fun style.  Totally worth a read.

Nerds, get excited.  Bill Nye the Science Guy has a new show coming out on Netflix called, “Bill Nye Saves The World“.  His goal is to help us all remember that thinking critically matters, and the whole show will be done in his normal funny/quirky vein, with guests like Karlie Kloss and Zach Braff.  You can read more about it here.  It’s going to be a must-watch show for our kids, too.

Black hole, say ‘cheese’!  Scientists just finished collecting data to create a picture of the black hole that holds our galaxy together.  This feat required a network of telescopes installed all over the world (including the South Pole and French Alps), and over 1000 hard drives worth of data.  They turned on this giant network for 5 straight nights, and the viewing window just closed on April 11.  But don’t get too excited just yet – we won’t likely see the image for months.  You can read more here.

Soup all day, everyday.  I am obsessed with La Tartine Gourmand’s everyday soup.  I adore her charming writing style, too – her blog is a joy to read.  And then, voila!  A soup recipe to save weeknight dinner.

Hey Philly!

A friend of mine is hosting a cocktail party on April 29th to raise money for Cannonball Kids, an organization dedicated to ending childhood cancer via the funding of new and promising research.  I still need to book a sitter, but Mike and I are planning to go!  For more info or to buy tickets, go here.


Enjoy your weekend!



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April 14, 2017

How We’re Wearing Leggings Right Now

We just finished up another great visit from my sister Scotti, her hubs and baby Greenlea. We love when they visit almost as much as they love visiting (I may or may not bribe them to move here EVERY time they’re in #sorrynotsorry). Coming from a little place like our hometown of Marquette, MI a trip to the city is a huge deal. I mean, have I mentioned the nearest shopping mall was hours away growing up? Yep. When Scotti’s in town we make plenty of time for Sephora, city shopping and FOOD. A trip to our beloved Pub & Kitchen is usually a must but this time, we took lil’ G to Lil’ Pop Shop – one of the my new favs and now Scotti’s. Not only are these ice pops seriously delicious, they’re hand-crafted in small batches from a seasonal assortment of fresh, natural, locally-sourced ingredients. Yum.

Greenlea was alllll in. . . until she tried my chocolate brownie. Then she was graciously willing to let Mama finish her popsicle for her.  We’re kind of spirit animals like that.  (See evidence of crazy chocolate buzz below).

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April 12, 2017

Shopbop Sale (25% off everything) – Here’s Our Edit

backpack 1 | backpack 2 | backpack 3

 top 1 | top 2dress

 sandal 1 | sandal 2 | sandal 3

We wait for this sale alllllll year.  It’s the one where Shopbop offers up to 25% off nearly everything.  If you are looking to jumpstart your Spring and Summer wardrobe, this is one of our favorite ways to do it.

Use code EVENT17 to take 20% off purchases under $500, or 25% off purchases over $500.

Keep reading to see which items have gotten the entire TME crew clicking ‘add to cart’.

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