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June 12, 2017

My Fav Way To Wear Flares With Flats This Summer

I love my flares.  It’s hard to argue with mile-long legs, ya know?  And so, seduced by the concept of height (“go higher!!” my subconscious always whispers), I tend to wear my flares with heels.

Granted, they’re usually comfort heels (these Sorel boots are my go-tos in winter, these in Spring), but I realized that I’d rock flares much more often if I could find a pair to hem for flats.

And by “hem” what I actually mean is “hack off with scissors”.

Spoiler alert:  I found ’em.

The pair I chose have a high-rise, and a slightly distressed vibe.  The distressing isn’t as important as the higher rise, but it does seem to balance out the look (it’s more boho-summer, if nothing else).

To finish off the look I needed something that would take advantage of the higher rise….and a peplum top was just right.  Peplum tops are something that can look strange with a low-rise pant, but were made for high-rise flares.

So the outfit combo becomes:

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June 9, 2017

Bikini Guide: The Best High-Neck Bikinis

photo credit: Kingdom and State Serape Tankini Top

So….Laura turned us on to the high-neck bikini top this past March, during her trip to Florida. She made a pretty strong point that I’ll summarize like this:

 high-neck tops = beach-momming without fear

I was also impressed with the number of readers weighing in on how they rely on this silhouette to support larger busts, to keep grabby little hands at bay, and – gasp – actually swim in their bikini.

Don’t you love when a trend ends up being uber-practical as well?

This summer, there are a ton of high-neck tops from which to choose.  The shape is just so on-point, and one can find basics in every color, prints ranging from romantic florals to punchy tropical prints to classic stripes, and (my personal fav), high-neck tops with strategic cut-outs to give the illusion of more skin.

Keep reading to see our favorite high-neck bikinis….

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June 9, 2017

The Best Way To Wear Cropped Flares Now (hint: yellow mules)

I’m obsessed with the outfit that the stylists over at Net-a-Porter came up with recently.  They paired a pair of cropped flares with yellow mules, a patchwork bag, stripes, and a bomber jacket.  Of course, I can’t afford their version (or walk anywhere in those heels).  So using the spirit of what they intended, I created my own version.  Two, to be exact.  One is more of a date-night look, and one is perfect for everyday.

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June 5, 2017

Hey, World Traveler! You’re Gonna Want This Top That Turns Into a Maxi Dress….

I once went to Paris – for three weeks – with only a carry-on suitcase.  I love packing.  My love stems in part from the excitement of the trip itself, but also because packing is the ultimate puzzle: suduko and jigsaw rolled into one. YESSS.

(Unpacking, however, UGH.  Don’t get me started.)

So I was pretty excited when my friend Bella, of NINOBrand, showed me this dress. I mean this top.  This top that – wait for it – turns into a dress.  And it’s not one of those tunic-length things where on short people it’s a dress, but on tall girls it’s a top – NO.  It turns into a legitimate dress, a maxi-length dress by way of some seriously inspired pattern engineering on Bella’s part.

That girl? She’s a genius.  (If you missed our profile on Bella last year, it’s worth a read.  And there are a ton of pics of her amazing line to get a feel for what she’s about.)

Additionally, this dress is also one of those dresses that feel super casual but look amazingly glam.  AND is machine-washable.  See what I mean?  GENIUS.

Keep reading to see The Miraculous Transformation From Top To Dress, info on where you can find Bella’s dress, and……

…a super secret surprise that Bella and I have been cooking up.

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June 5, 2017

Khaki Short Styling Without The Frump

I haven’t been this excited about khaki shorts since 1997.  I will not apologize:  ’90s 4eva, man.

I might, however, be alone in my enthusiasm. When the TME team and I were discussing possible upcoming style challenges, I mentioned khaki shorts and it was like…..crickets.  The only thing that seemed to draw more stunned, horrified faces was the term, ‘white leggings’ so there’s our comparison.

Khaki shorts:  Better than white leggings!!!!

But in all seriousness…I think khaki shorts are feeling fresh again.  Personally, I prefer mine on the shorter side (says the girl who’s a fan of ‘denim underwear’ #nosurprise), but I wanted to come up with a few options for styling any sort of khaki short.  Even… shorts.

If you haven’t yet seen the Mom Shorts video, you gotta watch it.  Like….right now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

That video seriously makes my day.  My fav part is when the moms stroll by in their mom shorts, and the Dads are all giving them hey baby eyes.  ALLLLL the yes.

So.  Keep reading to see the two ways I’m styling khaki shorts right now.  Mine are shorter than the ones in the video, but I wanted to come up with outfit formulas that are wearable, offsets the preppy vibe, and something that could also translate to a longer khaki short.  And stay tuned – the rest of the TME team will be trying their hand at styling khaki shorts this week, too.

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June 5, 2017

Katie’s Post-Partum Swimsuit is STUNNING

We received an email from reader Katie.  She wrote, “Totally shocked I’m doing this, but here goes nothing….” and then proceeded to blow my mind with the most genius (and sexy!!) post-partum swimsuit ever.

Katie is wearing Gottex’s Monte Carlo High-Neck One-piece and…WOW.  Apparently she’s getting loads of compliments at the pool from both moms and non-moms alike, and frankly, if a mom walked into the pool wearing this and toting a fourth month old….I’d give her a standing ovation then buy her a drink.

Here’s what Katie had to say about this suit:


4 months post-partum (slightly floppy belly and all) and nursing. I’m currently about a size 8 on bottom (usually a 6) and gigantic/32I on top.  I have 3 boys – ages almost 4, barely 2, and 4 months. I needed something that I felt (can I say hot?) hot in, but could still literally wrangle little kids in.  I have a 12 in this suit mostly for room in the top, but even without a real bra structure I feel sufficiently supported. 

The reviews say that the material was scratchy and while I can’t say they’re absolutely wrong (the mesh part is a bit scratchy) it isn’t actually bothersome to me a bit.  Best feature you’d never know! There is a set of hook and eyes under the bust so even if a crazy toddler totally unzips the front you won’t be completely spilling out the front.

I took these pics between gymnastics for my oldest and music practice for me – fashion forever!  (Realized far too late that there’s a nursing pad on the floor in the background.)
All kinds of love for your blog and you! 


Right backatcha, Katie.  (And I cracked up at her “fashion forever!” statement.  Trust me – trying to get good pics while wrangling children is a struggle we TOTALLY get.  Fashion Forever!!)

Click through to see more pics of Katie’s suit….

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June 2, 2017

Weekend 6.02


Have a playful weekend, you guys.


LikeToKnow.IT Haters, this is for you: Hit up the “In Our Closets” tab to take a peek at what we’re currently wearing.  Especially helpful if you’ve noticed something on IG or FB, and are a looking for a direct link.  Here’s mine, for example.  

Word on the playground?  Madewell’s latest is on fire. I’m eyeing this adorable pink dress (SWOON), this striped top, and their military jacket in…..rose.

Always late?  Me too.  We need this clock. (hint:  it won’t help)

Stop haunting my dreams, Halston Heritage.  Specifically this jumpsuit.  So effortlessly cool, I die.

Thoughts on Glossier?  I was about to put in a big order to try out Glossier (I had promised you guys wayyyyy back), but then I found Jordon’s spot-on review.  Off to buy the Phase 2 set (concealer, lipstick and boy brow) right now.  ps.  Jordan’s blog, Ramshackle Glam, is one of my favs.



Also, This….

Finding a good book just got easier.  I’m totally and completely obsessed with Amazon charts, where they list the top 20 most sold and most read books of the week.  YES.

Did avocado toast just get better?  The Zoe Report claims you can swap out bread for slices of toasted sweet potato…I WANT TO BELIEVE.

To that baby in Vico.  I’m obsessed with the Letters to a Stranger section of the Off Assignment travel blog.  Especially this one.

Let’s go see Swan Lake.  I often bond with many of our longtime readers, and Tysie is one of those.  I just happened to catch the New York Times article on her sister – who was just recently promoted to soloist at ABT.  A huge congrats – and such an interesting read about an insanely demanding job.

Because you can’t ignore Science forever.  Trump may have officially pulled us out of the Paris Agreement, but a group of American leaders – including 30 mayors, three governors, 80+ university presidents and more than 100 businesses – have vowed to meet the greenhouse gas emission targets.  If you want to really get pumped up for action, watch James Balog’s hauntingly beautiful (and heartbreaking) documentary that shows – using time-lapse videos – how quickly some of the world’s glaciers are melting.

Enjoy your weekend!


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May 31, 2017

The Prettiest Bras To Wear Under Tank Tops (Third Love Gets Us)


I’ve been talking – for years now – about the best bras to wear with tank tops.  We’ve debated strapless bras (some of us love them – even for nursing, some of us don’t)….but the one tip I keep coming back to, strapless or not, is this:

Make ’em pretty.

In my opinion, there are three main components to a pretty bra:  First of all, good fit is key.  Of course.  Secondly, the straps of the bra must be interesting.  This is especially important when wearing with tank tops, because at some point, the straps are probably going to peek out.  For this reason, I tend to steer clear of nude or white (which gets dingy), or, even worse, straps that look good from the front, and then change to nude in the back.  Bras with straps in gorgeous colors – even brights – are the bras I wear alllll summer long.  Lastly, a cup in a gorgeous color, with lace or otherwise pretty fabrics are always a bonus (and are perfect with the plunging necklines I’m so fond of).

Third Love’s summer collection nails it on all fronts.

Ok, now hang on:  I know what a few of you are going to say.  The last time we covered Third Love, a few readers had complaints about their customer service.  Specifically…..the silence.  There were too many of you who didn’t hear back from ThirdLove when it came time to process returns, etc.  So when Third Love reached out again, asking me to cover their summer line I was all, “DUUUUUDE.”  And they were like, “OMG WE KNOW.  SO BAD.”

Basically, Third Love had been growing so fast that they suddenly found themselves with too few customer service reps.  A problem that they’ve assured me is now fixed.

I’m not surprised – I genuinely LOVE their products – as I mentioned above, they nail it on all fronts: fit, color, and pretty design elements made to be seen, in addition to being comfortable – so I get why their stuff is so popular.  I get it.  But as a way of checking myself, I wanted another opinion.  Or two.  So I asked my mom and my sister to weigh in.  We were planning a girls’ night anyway, my mom had been complaining that she didn’t have the right bra for her tank top (she never has the right bra, yet thinks thinks racerback bras are unnecessary, go figure), and my sister is also fond of skimpy little things so I figured that she’d appreciate a bra that isn’t afraid to show.

Champagne was involved.  Obviously.

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May 30, 2017

Found: A Tote Bag That’s Edgy (Yet Perfect For The Beach)

I’m not usually a tote bag girl – totes typically skew too preppy for me.  So when my friend Jackie waltzed in to school pick-up with this frayed denim tote tossed over her arm, my head snapped around.

Yup – you read that right:  it’s denim (and therefore washable).  And?  It’s huge.  Big enough for momming, certainly, but might even be big enough for a day at the beach.

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May 26, 2017

The Best of the Memorial Day Sales!

The sales are overwhelming, amiright?  Especially, I find, for Memorial Day. After a loooong winter, the last thing I want to do to kickoff A Epic Summer of FUN is spend most of my weekend shopping – either at the mall (full-body-shudder), or behind my computer (let’s be real, that’s much more likely).  But part of what we’re hoping to do, here at TME, is to make your sartorial life a liiiiitle bit easier.

Let’s call this the Memorial Day Weekend Speed Shopping Drill.  (They don’t call us Shopping Enablers for nothing.)

The TME team has spent the last few days culling through the best of the Memorial Day sales so you don’t have to.  Start with Nordstrom’s – it’s one of the best.  So good, in fact, that we did a whole post on it.  So if you haven’t checked it out, it’s worth a read.

The rest?  Well.  Keep reading to see the team’s favorites.

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