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February 28, 2017

What To Buy At Shopbop’s GOBIG Sale

It’s Shopbop’s GOBIG sale!  Take 15% off orders of $200 or more…20% off orders of $500 or more….and 25% off orders of $800 or more.  And, happily, there are hardly any exclusions (except for Weitzman’s Lowlands, naturally).

But there are so many good items to choose from, especially in the categories of leather jackets, swimwear, and shoes.  Of course I rounded up my favorites, as well as my top picks in bags (think: lots of backpacks), denim, tops, and dresses.   And keep checking bag – the other TME editors are busy rounding up their favorites, so we’ll be adding more over the next day or so.


NOTE From 3/3/2017:  Many of the tops featured sold out (before I could even buy them!!).  So I had another go:  look for the caption JUST ADDED to see what in-stock picks (many of which I ended up ordering…..).  Sale ends 3/5.

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February 25, 2017

Weekend 2/25


Well.  This weekend is the last weekend of my boys’ ski team.  We’re all bummed – especially Raines.  “At least I have surf camp coming up,” he said.  “When does that start back up again?”  Sorry, Kid.  Not for five more months.  To Raines, this might as well be forever – he literally collapsed at my feet as the realization set in.

I mean….we’ll keep skiing as long as we can, but with 70+ degrees and rain this weekend, I don’t know how much longer the slopes will be open.

Am I the only one still hoping for a big storm?

As I type this, Gwen has just waltzed in with box of doughnuts, damn her.

And oh!  Before I forget:  Huge thank you to everyone tagging their photos with #TheMomEditStyle on IG!  Watch @themomedit on Monday – we’ll be featuring some fun reader style….


J Brand brought back my favs:  Lovestory flares!!  I still have (and wear) my old pair.  (Also at Nordstrom.)

Walk or Lyft?  Thanks to these peep-toe booties, I have determined that my perfect date night heel is a block heel, 3 1/4 inches high.  Anything more, I’m in trouble.

How much would you pay for sneakers?  At our team meeting this week, we ended up debating Golden Goose sneakers.  I’ve been SWOONING over them for years, but they’re insanely pricey.  However….if sneakers are literally allll you wear, are they worth it?  Cost per wear and all things considered??  Hmmmm.   Anyone have a pair?

I love cheap thrills.  We found a $49 version of the cutest-ever sweatshirt, a dead ringer for one I bought years ago at Revolve (for over $100).  You can see the two compared on our IG account (@themomedit).  Even better?  The $49 one hides bra straps better than the original.



I used this crap on Raines.  FDA reports from 2006- 2016 show hundreds of adverse effects in babies after using Hyland’s teething tablets.  Adverse effects like…seizures, turning blue (no breathing) and, in eight tragic cases, death. It’s a good reminder that “natural” doesn’t mean “safer”.  Something my organic-loving heart often forgets.

Yay, Science.  Have you heard of 3D printing?  This one made it onto our STEM guide this year, but researchers are taking things to a whole new level.  This article in The Atlantic about the potential use of 3D printing for prosthetic limbs – especially in impoverished countries – was so encouraging.  Yay indeed.

Are you rude? This article, The Age of Rudeness is brutally honest, a little chilling, and…heartbreakingly real and sad.  Yet one of the best things I’ve read in a while.  (Thanks, Julie)

I struggled with this one….Darling Magazine ran an article titled, “Real Perspectives From The March For Life in Washington.”  As a pro-choice supporter, I started to read with a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach, waiting for the frusteration to build.  And then I read this:

The current climate surrounding the “Two Marches” feels similar to the kind of destruction and fury that war brings. Words are not well tempered these days; opinions are either “ridiculous” or “perfect,” with no space in between. We cut one another out of conversation threads and unfriend those we cannot understand because “we can’t stand to know you.”

And then, this:

Here’s the pill we don’t seem to want to swallow: There were pro-life women marching against sexism on January 22nd, and anti-Trump women marching against abortion on January 28th. So here’s to the hope that we cease to view this as “two sides of a war” because that makes the “other” the enemy.

Instead, may we begin to speak rationally, lovingly, and even hopefully around the table of open discourse and thoughtful debate, celebrating our common conviction in the power and necessity of protest in democracy.


Yes.  This.


Happy weekend….



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February 22, 2017

The Warmest Ski Jacket + Baselayers


Gang, I have spent years trying to find a ski jacket that will actually keep me warm on the slopes.  I’m always cold, ALWAYS.  Skiing is often a mental endurance exercise, rather than a physical one: How Long Can One Shiver Without Losing Ones Mind?

Couple my natural tendency to freeze with the short runs/slow lifts that are hallmarks of East Coast skiing, and….misery.  It can be misery.

But my boys love to ski (like….crazy love it, never stop skiing EVER love it), and, when I’m not freezing, I DO TOO.

So I finally found a base layer + mid-layer + ski jacket combination that – really and truly – keeps me warm.  This combo has been well-tested, both in Colorado and on the East Coast.  Best of all?  The jacket (and mid-layer, actually) are cute enough for apres-ski AND are currently 20% off.

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February 21, 2017

Style Challenge: Making Leggings + Tunics Edgy

The entire TME team was on Zoom, doing our usual weekly meeting.

“Ok” I said.  “It’s time to determine our style challenges.  Cam’s first.  What’s hers?  Overalls?  Doc Martins?”

There was a derisive snort from Cam, and giggles all around.  “I’m thinking….spiked collars and black leather” Laura volunteered.  Cam had once referred to her preppy outfits as “edgy” because she was wearing slip-on Vans, and we haven’t let her live it down since.

“Ok, ok, ok” Cam cut in.  “FINE.  I’ll do edgy.  I keep pinning these outfits that are so dark, and edg – NO REALLY THEY ARE!” (as the rest of us burst out laughing) “so yeah – I’ll figure out how to make it feel like me.”

Which is exactly the point of this exercise:  to get outside of our sartorial comfort zones….without going into the realm of costume.  That’s the trick.

The rest of the team was pretty easy to challenge:  Scotti, our makeup artist / glamour girl who has yet to meet a sequin she doesn’t like….MENSWEAR.  “I’m not sure I actually know what that is….” she started.  “Loafers and a button-down shirt!” supplied Amanda helpfully, while Scotti recoiled in horror.

Amanda, the girl who once (accidentally, she claims) wore slippers to the mall got the hardest style challenge, in my opinion.  She’s gotta do something glam, but in a real, comfortable way.

Laura?  Will tweak her tomboyish style for something romantic and feminine.  “BUT NO STATEMENT NECKLACES!!” she proclaimed, while we all cracked up.  “UGH!”  Gwen, who does regal and classic like nobody’s business has to try…boho.  The last two weeks she’s been resignedly looking over the Free People website….”I do love a pretty pattern” she keeps mumbling into her coffee….”but why are these shirts so….voluminous?”

Jess, our resident artist, typically dresses like a cross between Punky Brewster and Sienna Miller….has been assigned the challenge of preppy.  “Bonus points for a polo shirt!”  HA HA HA.  (Hers will come later – the poor thing was in a car accident and while SHE’S OK, THANKFULLY, her wrist is in tough shape.)

So now we’re down….to me.  “What should I do?” I asked the team.  There was a long pause.  “You’re tough, S” Cam started.  “You try out a bunch of different styles already” Laura echoed.  “It’s probably why you started this blog.”

Too true.  Once upon a time I wanted to be an actress, and the propensity to dress in costume never really left.  Only now my costumes range in styles such as “Girl Who Gardens,” complete with a flirty floral headscarf (for that one time I decided to start a container garden) or “Mom Who Picnics In The Manner Of Emma Woodhouse” to “Girl On Fire Goes Grocery Shopping” because there’s no such thing as too much Katniss (a side braid was involved).

As you might imagine, my husband has boundless patience.  I’m getting better as I age, though.  Discovering Who I Am and all that.  #adulting

So I sat there, smugly assuming that my style challenge would be something light, easy.  Then Scotti narrowed her eyes.  (She’s my sister, BTW.  Narrowed eyes never bode well for me.)

“You know what Shana hates?”  Scotti started.  All heads turned.  “She hates regular, black leggings – not faux-leather – but the everyday kind….and she especially hates them with tunic-length tops.”

There were gasps all around.  “But that’s pretty much the daily mom outfit!!” Laura cried.  Scotti smiled, evilly.  “EXACTLY” she said.

Then, like sharks smelling blood, they went in for the kill:  “You have to wear plain leggings with a tunic!!”  “Your bum must be covered!”  “LONG TOPS YES!”  “No leggings with rips or faux leather or—”  “NO OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS” Cam finished for them.  They were glowing, triumphant.

“Hold.  On.” I started.  “Why no over-the-knee boots??”

“S,” Cam said in her most patient mom-voice, as though talking to a small child, “you wear them all the time.”


And for the record….I don’t hate leggings and tunics.  Everyone I know has worn them at some point, and I’m not sitting here judging anyone for wearing an outfit that is both cute and comfy.  It’s just…..they never really feel like me.  I think because the styling often skews preppy or girly, or they’re paired with hunter rainboots or tall boots (two styles that I’m just completely over) and…yeah.  There’s nothing edgy about this pairing, and any longtime reader knows I like an outfit with a little edge.  Something…messy.

So.  My challenge, then, is how to make leggings and tunic edgy?

First, I turned to The Internets (*cough*Pinterest*cough*) for inspiration.  Here’s what I found:

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February 17, 2017

Weekend (Already?) 2/16

This pic pretty much sums up my week.  (Thanks, Cam.)

Let’s see….in the past week, TME has dealt with, collectively: snow, no school, fashion shows, skiing in the rain, ill-measured Benedryl (followed by mad googling and Dr. phone calls), ear infections, incessant kid questions spread over 8 hours of travel, infant coffee burns and hospital runs, at least one serious conversation about getting kid pee out of the couch, and one large puke (from eating too many berries in the car?)….in addition to our normal level of crazy.

That all?

NYET!  (haha and SIGH)

We also have some….


ONE:  We’ve been working on a pretty serious fashion distraction:  The TME Style Challenge.  We challenged each TME author to come up with an outfit that gets them far out of their comfort zone, just for funsies.  But here’s the catch: anyone can dress in costume, so to speak….the point of this exercise was to take something outside your norm and tweak it to get an outfit you would honestly wear.  Something that pushes your edge, but still feels like you.  This TME Style Challenge kicks off on Sunday.

TWO:  We started an new Instagram channel for The Mom Edit!  And it’s helpfully called….wait for it…..@themomedit.  I’ll still be doing my thing over at @shanachristine, but our new IG channel will include sneak peeks at all outfits before they go live on the blog, sale alerts and weekend picks, an early look at what we’re buying (we call it “testing” haha), #dressingroomselfies in real-time, and, hopefully, some really great reader style.  Which is where you come in.  Tag us with #themomeditstyle for a chance to be featured.


President’s Day Sales are going strong! Here are a few of the sales we’re gaga over….

Anthropologie – Extra 40% off sale!  Um, this is going to be trouble.  For example, this silk, one-shoulder blouse is currently on sale for $19, which means that your new date night top will only put you out $12.  Good grief.  And let’s not forget about Cam’s favorite dress.

Banana Republic – 40% off almost everything.  I’m loving the punchy colors and slouchy shape of this merino wool sweater.

Express – 40% off EVERYTHING.  I’m loving this silky, flirty top, this STUNNING little romper, and this easy-yet-sexy everyday sweater.

Kate Spade – extra 25% off sale!  Use code ‘BUBBLY’.  And….drumroll please….they have my record bag as part of the sale.  (Not exact, but verrrry similar.)

Sole Society – 60% off selected styles….I’m DYING over these navy floral booties.   I mean seriously.

West Elm – 20% off your purchase

Words of love, you guys.  Cam found a tee with so much #truth: If You Love Me Let Me Sleep.

Philly locals!!  The entire NINOBrand collection will be at Shop Sixty Five (one of my fav Phila boutiques) this weekend.  If you’ve ever been curious about the brand, but haven’t gone to the trouble of making an appointment….this weekend is playtime.


Theo Who Lived, the documentary about Theo Padnos, an American journalist kidnapped in Syria, is now available on Netflix.  It was produced by a dear friend of mine, and is both heartbreaking and, oddly enough, uplifting.

Resist.  I can’t be the only one struggling to get a voicemail to my state representatives.  Thankfully, Ultraviolet has a plan.  They’re going to drive a truckload of postcards right to Speaker Ryan’s front door.  Click here to submit a comment, and they’ll turn it into one of the postcards.

Save those plastic bags.  Senior Citizens are using them to make mats for the homeless.  (Thanks, Scotti!)

Tired?  Our Amanda found a solution for those sleepless nights:

And, since it’s the weekend, a little throwback to our roots…..

YASSSS.  Thanks for the nostalgia, Amanda.

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!



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February 17, 2017

So…..NYFW Went Down Like This


The best laid plans, you guys.  Sigh.

I don’t often do the whole NYFW thing, simply because the timing is terrible.  In the Fall, fashion week often overlaps with the first week of school, which also happens to be the ONLY week I can mascarade as a Mom Who Has All Of Her Marbles (I swear, a good first impression can buy me months of teacher goodwill), and in the winter….well, life happens.

And I’m totally glossing over the fact that getting into the shows requires good, old-fashioned, work.  And by ‘work’, I mean pre-planning.  Email after email after email have be sent – weeks in advance I mean kill me now – and I’m just not made that way.  If I have too many plans set in stone, I get…itchy.

But this year, I had a secret weapon.  Her name is Gwen, and she is horrifyingly organized.  She found the lists, and sent the emails, and made alllll the plans.  Like a total rockstar.  And then…..get this…..AND THEN…

ItSnowedAndSchoolWasCancelledAndIMissedMostOfTheShows because #momlife

I thought – for a hot second – about asking my husband to cover, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  “Babe?  I know you are saving lives and everything, but the Nikolas K show is going to be AMAZING and yeah I do know streams it live but I really think that my particular energy (from the back row) would really be important for the art, you know?  IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ART.”


But never fear!!  This intrepid mom blogger did make it to a few shows.  (The ones I could fit into my kid-free schedule.)  The rest?  Gwen covered, thankfully.

Anyway, fashion week is just plain fun – the right combination of ridiculous and beautiful – so we thought we’d share a few highlights from this year as well as What We Wore because that’s what’s important.

Gwen, who covered most of the shows, wore the same outfit each day.  Unapologetically.  Like a boss.

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February 13, 2017

Travel Notes: Skiing With Kids, Breckenridge


Gang, we had an amazing time at Breckenridge over the holidays.  This was our second time going – we took the kids for Spring Break last year, too – and while there are a ton of different ski resorts to choose from…..we really, really love Breck.

There’s something so intense about a ski vacation – not only is everything so expensive (ski passes on top of plane tickets on top of rental cars), but much of your fun depends on weather, and god forbid anyone gets sick.  Especially if you are traveling to the Colorado Rockies, where the altitude is no joke.

So Breck hits the sweet spot for us.  It has the right mix of world class skiing, comfy places to stay close to the slopes, an apres-ski scene that’s also pretty kid-friendly, a charming downtown, fun activities off-slope, and……(and this is probably the biggest one for us)…..a seriously unique ski school experience for the kids.  This ski school, to quote Raines, is ‘EPIC’.

Here are the highlights from our trip…..

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February 10, 2017

Weekend 2/10


Anyone have special plans for the pre-Valentine weekend?  We’ll be doing our usual ski thing up at Blue Mountain.  I’ll bring a bottle of Cava to make it extra special, because nothing spells ROMANCE like one tiny hotel room, hubs, and….

…two young boys screaming about screen time. #winningatromance


One of my friends, who happens to be an almost-insufferable Barney’s snob (HA!), has recently become addicted to LOFT.  She bought this sweatshirt, this other sweatshirt (swingy shape + cool tassel detail), and this fuzzy sweater (on sale). (“Lou and Gray?  Who are these guys?”  OMG.)

A few of you were asking about moto jackets for longer torsos…we recommend Express’ classic moto jacket (now on sale – thanks, Laura!), or try this one (comes in a bunch of colors), or this sweater -moto hybrid, or this pale pink one or even Madewell’s leather moto might work, since it’s longer in front than in back.  (Thanks, Amanda!)

Um.  This pretty collar necklace is on sale for under $20, and would be perfect with a simple tshirt.  By Rebecca Minkoff. HOLLA

I’m obsessed with Gwen’s Individual Wine Wipes.  She says, “I can vouch for these things – I’m always self conscious about my teeth + red wine (anyone else?) and these are the EASIEST to stash in all of my bags and wallets. Such a cool product.”  Ordering.  Now.


Also, This…

Anyone else looking for killer class-valentine ideas?  Like….the real, actually achievable, yet still worthy of points-for-creativity kind?  The unicorns of class valentines, if you will?   Liz from SayYesBlog blew my mind with 5 ideas from the dollar store.  Obviously she’s a genius.

Cam found a way to Make Valentine’s Day Special for a child in the hospital.  And it only takes a minute or two.

Laura found this guy who looks and dresses like his dog.  Instagram gold, I tell ya.

Amanda’s #kidgoals:


And if you’ve ever wondered what Disney Characters would look like in Real Life….Scotti found it.

Happy weekend!



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February 8, 2017

Closet Clean Out: Linzi


Gang, at the close of our Cropped Flares Week last November, I had hinted at a closet clean-out I had completed with my dear friend, Linzi.  You might also remember her from our recent LOFT shoot.

Linz is a mom to two crazy boys, has a penchant for comfort shoes, rocks bright colors like nobody’s business, is overly competitive at board games, (“it’s called SORRY for a reason, SUCKERS”), and loves me despite all my crazy.  She’s amazing and funny and warm and I feel beyond lucky to call her a friend.

But everyone has their sartorial quirks, and Linzi’s is a heavyyyy reliance on Danskos, as well as an unrelenting aversion to skinny jeans.  Sooo….ok.   Ok fine.  We can do this.

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February 7, 2017

Cozy Pieces + Delicate Necklaces


Gang, it’s been almost a year since I mentioned these sweatpants….remember this old article when I referred to them as ‘Outdoor Sweatpants’?  Well.  A year later, and they’re still going strong.   As in….I wear them to grab coffee, to school drop off (those mornings when pajamas double as clothes), while cooking dinner after a looong day, wrestling boys, reading books, falling asleep putting the boys to bed….and they’re coziest-ever thing to snuggle into after a long day on the slopes.

My one sweatpant misstep was actually trying to do a yoga class in them.  SWEAT.  Whoa.  Not advised.

Anyway, the reason (as you’ve probably guessed by now, especially if you follow me on IG) that I’m blathering on about them….they’ve been restocked.  In all colors and sizes, including black, which sold out in a hot second last Spring.   You can see this IG pic for the sheer bum-friendliness of the pant (which is why I dubbed them ‘outdoor sweatpants’ last Spring).

Lately I’ve been wearing my sweats with this super soft fleece top that I bought based strictly on the 94 glowing reviews.  It can be worn off-the-shoulder (one or both), or as a cowl neck.  I don’t typically go for cowl necklines, but the material is so thin and drapey, and the cowl so subtle (the top fits nicely across the shoulders, even when in cowl mode) that it’s shockingly flattering.  I love it.  (As a bonus, it’s long enough to wear with leggings.)

Lastly, a few of you were asking about my necklaces.  This simple black choker is my new fav – it seriously looks good with everything, and the two delicate chains I rarely take off are Dana Rebecca’s bar pendant in rose gold and a very thin gold infinity symbol by Zoe Chicco.  That last one isn’t available, but Shy by SE necklaces have a similar vibe (so delicate they almost disappear).  I like the lightning bolt, or maybe the one that says ‘trouble’. (Which inexplicably, was always my nickname at Lockheed.  Ha!).  Anyway, the full line is here.  So fun.

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