January 19, 2015

How to Make Your Blush Last Allllll Day


Want your blush to last all day?  Me too.  I’ve found the perfect formula for rosy cheeks that will stay put through all of the snuggling and baby drool.  Benefit’s Lip & Cheek Tints make it easy to get color that actually lasts.  They’re easy to apply, come in really pretty colors and make matching your lips and cheeks a no-brainer.

What you need:




You can use Benefit’s Lip & Cheek Tints on their own or layer them under powder blush for long-lasting, gorgeous color.  Since so many of my friends have asked how to use them (they kind of look like a bottle of nail polish – brush and everything) I thought they’d be perfect for my first video tutorial.

Lollitint” is a gorgeous purple-hued color.  To make it last, I pair it with Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in “Dollface” and Laura Gellar’s “Love Me Dew” Moisturizing Lip Crayon in “Purple Currant.”  Tarte’s blush is my absolute favorite powder blush because the color pay off is incredible, they’re long-lasting and come in a number of really beautiful shades.  Laura Gellar’s lip crayons manage to achieve that elusive combination of color AND moisture and have come in so handy in this cold weather.  (Schools were closed due to 40 below wind chills last week.  It’s cold.)

Cha Cha Tint” is a beautiful coral. When I want a little more color and longevity I add Tarte’s blush in “Fearless” and Laura Gellar’s Lip Crayon in “Watermelon Cooler.”

Benefit also has the original “Benetint” (rose color) and “Posietint” (pretty pink) that I like as well.  I wear all four colors and find that they all work with a variety of skin tones.  





Wearing Cha Cha Tint



Wearing Lollitint

I’m currently working on a highlight & contour tutorial, but the highlighter I used in the video is Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal . . . it . . . is . . .  Ah-mazing.

We added a makeup section to the Mom Edit Shops!  All of our favorite products can be found in our Makeup Essentials Boutique.



*I so hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial . . . working on more to come! 

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November 29, 2014

Easy Wavy Hair Tutorial: How to Make Your Hairstyle Last for Days


I used to take FOREVER to get ready.  I would take my time applying my makeup, curling my hair . . . actually enjoying the process.  I was once voted the girl who took the “Longest to Get Ready” in a house full of sorority girls.  Yeah.  Times have changed.  I’m lucky if I’m able to shower on a daily basis.  My getting ready process has been whittled down to just the necessities and I’m working on perfecting time-saving tricks that help me prolong my style and make it easier to get out of the house with Baby Girl.  One of my favorite “tricks” is using Hot Tools Ceramic Deep Waver to extend my hair style for as long as possible between shampoos.  Not only does this make it easier to do my hair every day, but it also helps my dry, damaged (bleached) hair to regain some of its health.  I first heard of this trick through my sister-in-law, Amber, who works at the Beauty Bar Boutique in Wilmington, N.C. If you’re ever in the area, check it out . . .  she does AMAZING things with hair!  Here’s how I make my style last:



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November 13, 2014

Putting Our Fav Lip Stains To the Kiss Test….And A Big Holiday Makeup Giveaway (No Really, It’s HUGE)



Gang, I’ve been working on this article for almost a year (which explains the wig).  And it seems apropos, I suppose, since one year ago today I had my last chemo treatment.  On the phone this morning, Scotti pointed out that I should celebrate.  She’s right, don’t you think?  A little champagne may be in order this weekend.

But first, let’s talk about bold lips and our flawless face giveaway.  (I’m really, REALLY excited about this one.)

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November 12, 2014

How to Fake Amazing Brows

How to Fake Amazing Brows


(photo credit: Vafa-Coffman Photography)

I was surprised to find that many of you had commented about my eyebrows after my first makeup post.  “Brow envy” was even a phrase that was used!  The ironic part of this is that I have insanely sparse eyebrows . . . like, barely any hair.  If I could go back in time to talk to a younger version of myself, I would tell her to STOP.  PLUCKING.  YOUR.  EYEBROWS.  They won’t grow back.  Really.  My middle school self was going crazy with the tweezers (for some reason super plucked brows appealed to me?) and my adult self would pay for it later.  SO, the fact that ANYONE is liking my eyebrows is AWESOME.  Because of my lack of “real” brows, I’ve had years (YEARS) to perfect faking them.  I have gone through COUNTLESS products . . . I’ve practically tried them all.  Brows are THE most important part of your face, but are often overlooked.  See how this woman looks totally different depending on the way her brows look?


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November 6, 2014

Perfect Makeup: 5 Easy Steps For A Flawless Face



It all started with one blue eyeliner.  My mom and sister never wore makeup when I was growing up but I came across an old blue eyeliner that my mom had somewhere deep in her bathroom cabinet.  I played with that eyeliner and was fascinated from that point on with makeup and the way it could transform and change the way people looked.  As a makeup artist, I’m passionate about makeup and I’m always excited to share what I’ve learned over the years through my obsession with it.  I’m no fashion expert, but MAKEUP – makeup is my thing. In my first post, I wanted to start with the basics:  How to get perfect (looking) skin.  This technique is easy enough to do every day (or at the very least when you’re going out and want to look good)!  These are the products and techniques that we use in all of our pics on the blog.

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July 22, 2014

The Easiest-Ever, Seriously Foolproof Pedicure Idea (For Last Minute Sandal-Wearing)

I apologize in advance for all of the close-up pictures of feet.

Also, if you are looking for manicure tips, you’re going to be sadly disappointed.  (Yes, I see the glam mums on Instagram with the coordinated nail polish and I have no idea either.)

So, duly warned, let’s continue.




I know you are probably (certainly) underwhelmed, and if there is any sort of perking up at this photo it’s likely because of the fab sandals (which, BTW, are made in Greece of the softest leather).  Yes.  I feel you.  But here’s the thing:  I can’t seem to squeeze in a real pedicure.

IknowIknowIknowIknow.  Lecture all you want, stand atop the mountain and scream about Mama Me Time and how we’re all Worth a Little Pampering and I won’t argue.  But it doesn’t solve my pressing problem:  Sandals on, pedi gone.

One would think, if pedicure time was such an issue (#firstworldproblems) that over the years I would actually have developed a steady hand.  From all of that “practice”.  To those I say:


My pedicure skills are embarrassing.  Like, Raines-once-gave-me-a-pedicure-that-was-better-than-my-own-pathetic-attempts-and-he-was-four-at-the-time bad.

I blame my mother.  She’s no better (in both the making-time and steady-hand departments),  but she’s developed a genius nailpolish technique to make up for both lack of prioritization and skill.  It involves painting your toenails with wild abandon (seriously, paint everything – nail, skin, whatever.  Just cover those toes good.) and then, once they’re dry…take a shower.  It turns out that nailpolish will slide right off your skin in the shower (with only a bit of scrubbing required).  Seriously – try it.  You’ll be amazed.

So.  My problem, however, is that Mom’s technique requires a shower.  And I only seem to remember my naked toenail problem as I’m stepping through the doorway – fully prepped and primped –  and then CRAP.  I look down. And there they are.  My naked little piggies on their way to market.

So the other night as we were about to leave, in desperation I grabbed a random bottle of nailpolish from my basket of many (seriously why so many?).  I was determined – DETERMINED – not to eff it up.  I was going to paint the piggies with a steady, STEADY hand.  I was slow breathing, I was giving myself a Jack Handy-esque pep talk, I unscrewed the cap, cleaned off the brush a bit – OK too much you need some polish on the brush, S!! And then carefully….caaarreefuuuulllyyy….applied it all over my big toe.  GAH!

But here’s the thing:  It was glitter polish.

Do you have any glitter polish?  Not metallic nail polish, but glitter.  The clear polish with glitter floating around?   Yes. That.  And I do realize it is typically worn by 8 year old girls.  BUT!  BUTBUTBUT!  The clear polish part makes it rather foolproof.  So you can just kind of glop it all over and then scrape off the bits you don’t need.  Like, right there on the spot, no waiting for it to dry and then shower, and no nail polish remover required.  (I mean it’s better if you try to stay in the lines, but if you go over, no big deal.)

And because the glitter is so reflective, even if you only have time for a single coat, it’s fine.  It’s not great (as evidenced in my photo above) but I’ll give it the big ‘ol GOOD ENOUGH.  Especially if you are peering down at feet from up high.  (Ahem.  Let’s skip the short jokes.)

I was so enamored with this speedy little glitter trick, that I dug through the nail polish basket and UNEARTHED – yup – MORE GLITTER.



This blue glitter nail polish was bought at Target that one day when both boys had been driving me crazy “Can we get legos?  Can we get pokeman? Can we get soop-hero?  MOM WHAT CAN WE GET?” that by the time we were making a beeline back to the checkout and passed the Essie display and even Raines was like, “Mom, if we can’t get anything FUN can we at least get that sparkly blue nail polish???” I was all SMALL PRICE TO PAY FOR TWO MINUTES OF COOPERATION BOYS, FINE.

And then we got Starbucks and painted our nails and Pax fell asleep in the car.

And now?   I have another glitter polish for last-minute pedicure emergencies.  So there you go.

I hope you enjoyed this recent installment of BEAUTY:  MEH. GOOD ENOUGH.









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June 24, 2014

My Trick For Taming Short, Curly Hair on Humid Days at the Beach


 (wearing: Free People leopard wideband, Tarte Power Pigment in flush, J.Crew star teesimilar sweatshirt both 30% off with code HISUMMER)

I've been working with these short, post-chemo curls as best I can.  But the one area that – ALMOST – completely beat me down was the beach (or pool).  Basically, any place where you combine wind, insane humidity, and the potential for a dunking was a total and complete disaster.  Remember when my hair was this short?  Yeah – in hindsight, that hair rocked.  This?  This length is just long enough to be trouble. 

Don't believe me?  Let's take a pop quiz.  In the picture below, choose the answer that best describes how this hair will look when dry (feel free to use the helpful hints below):



A.  Oh pish-pish.  Short hair is so easy that it'll dry perfectly straight and piecey, like Mia Farrow's.  I'm pretty sure she rolled out of bed that way.  Helpful Hint:  NOT EVEN FREAKING CLOSE

B.  Remember when Felicity cut her hair short?  It'll look like that – cute little curls, all perfectly defined, BOING-BOING.  Helpful Hint:  NOPE-NOPE

C.  A cross between an old-lady bouffant and bad man-hair.  Helpful Hint:  Marge Simpson and Donald Trump had a baby….


The answer is C, people.  C!  

Well.  A last-minute trip to Free People cured my beach-hair woes.  Admittedly, a last-minute trip to Free People can cure just about anything, but I am especially thrilled with these little headband/turban things.  Unlike a scarf (which I did try), these things stay put really well, even in windy beach conditions.


(wearing: Free People leopard wideband, J.Crew Neon Bikini 30% off with code HISUMMER, Bobi Tank, Rayban sunnies) 

Not bad, right?  I took the advice of my fellow instagrammers who had suggest that I simply embrace the crazy hair.  So instead of trying to shellack it down with gel, I used a salt spray and curl defining cream to just mess it all up on top.

Of course, my hair started winging about everywhere.  But trust me when I say that this hair is much better with headband than without.


(wearing: Free People tye-dye wideband in berryJ.Crew star tee, J.Crew sailor stripe lace-up brief, both 30% off with code HISUMMER, Rayban sunnies) 


I went back to shellacking it with gel, then artfully messing it with salt spray and Not Your Mother's Short Order Fiber Glaze Cream.  Whatever that means.  I don't even know anymore. 



 (wearing: Free People tye-dye wideband in berry, Sincerely Jules popsickle tee, Blank denim relaxed straight leg jeans….on Pax: nothing we bought recently…I cut-off a pair of old cords…but these Old Navy shorts are seriously adorbs – especially with this striped tee)


So…yeah.  That's my new trick.

One final note:  Shannon (my stylist at Salon Ziza) used a pretty strong keratin treatment on the sides of my hair to help control some of the curl.  It REALLY helped.  Just an FYI for anyone who might be in a similar situation.  

Any other ideas?  (Hats, I know.  But so tricky with short hair, so hot on the beach.)



June 17, 2014

My Fav Faux-Tanners and Sunscreen



Each year around this time I dutifully check the EWG's Skin Deep database and start the mind-numbing task of choosing sunscreen.  Weighing environmental safety vs effectiveness vs cosmetic appearance, I – with trepidation - order my top three.  They arrive, and from that point on my boys and I spend way too many days looking like greasy snowmen.  On a good year, the whitish cast is only observable for the first few hours.  The really good sunscreens, however,  provide a thick white layer that will last through several showers.  Sunscreen For Life!

At some point, we will meet friends at the beach.  Friends who don't obsessively search product ingredient lists for triclosan and retinyl palmitate or who can recite the list of the EWG's top ten safe sunscreens in their sleep.  These friends will come armed with the poison known as spray-sunscreen-in-a-can (not even paraben-free!!) and I will watch – ashamed by my jealousy – as they spray down their kids in 10 seconds flat.

"Raines and Pax?  Time for more sunscreen!" I call.  Raines, resigned to his fate, dutifully trods over and sticks out his arm.  It's covered in white streaks.  I squeeze out a blob of the safest-ever sunscreen and start rubbing.  Sand is stuck all over his body, combining with the sunscreen to form a particularly sticky type of sandpaper.  I resort to gentle pats.  Raines shoots me a death glare, his eyes very blue in his shiny white face.  Pax just runs screaming.  Can't blame him, really.

But at some point, I give up. I don't even care anymore.  I borrow my friend's poison-in-a-can or, if I'm being completely honest here, I just stop applying sunscreen altogether (my kids, like their father, don't burn anyway).  Somewhere in my warped brain I'm trying to weigh the risks of invisible chemicals vs the risks of sunburn.  Vitamin D is good for you, right?  I KNOW.  It's just…too much.  I am defeated by overabundance of information and fear.  So I come home burned to a crisp, my children annoyingly (thankfully?) tan.  I have tan children.  I AM THAT MOTHER.

I'm done.  I'm done with this whole mess.  This year I just want sunscreens that work, sunscreens that smell good and feel good.  Sunscreens that are a joy to apply, dammit!  Remember how exciting it was in high school to bust out the coconut-scented coppertone oil?  EXACTLY.  I want that.  But in, a, um…paraben-free version that actually works. ( My earth-mother bar has lowered, but it is still there.) 

For self-tanner, my requirements are simple:  no streaks, no orange, no parabens, NO SMELL.  Like, really, truly, none of that telltale self-tanner stink.  Don't try to hide it under stronger smell, just get rid of it altogether.  

And you know what?  I was shocked to discover that  products like this actually exist.  For the first time in a long, LONG time, I am L-O-V-I-N-G my sunscreen and self-tan products.  



1. Clarins Radience-Plus Golden Glow Booster, $30

This stuff is genius:  you simply add a few drops of this face self-tanner to whatever moisturizer you currently use.  Wake up the next morning with a little glow.  I typically use it a few days in a row to build up to the color I want, then take a few days off.  Or whatever.  It's pretty foolproof.

2. Supergoop Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40

Sheer and blendable, no strange smells, not greasy, no whitish cast at all.  I love this stuff.  I now wear it under my makeup everyday.

3. Vita Liberata Phenominal 2-3 Week Tanning Mousse in Dark, $54

This one blew me away.  The color is perfection (no streaking, no orange), it dries in seconds (literally seconds), and there is no smell.  I mean OK:  hours later, once the color starts to really develop, there is an ever-so-faint smell of self-tanner, but it's NOTHING compared to other brands.  And this stuff is organic! Happy Hippy Earth Mothers rejoice! However, ignore the claims that this self-tanner lasts 2-3 weeks.  If you are shaving and exfoliating this tan lasts roughly 5 days like all others.  The good news is that when it fades, it fades really naturally.  And you must – MUST – apply with a mit.  (See #5.)  One bottle of self-tanner typically lasts me all summer (my look is more OK, tan enough, rather than sun goddess).

4. Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Powder SPF 45, $30

I know powdered sunscreens get the EWG all worked up.  But here's the thing: I put sunscreen on in the morning.  Then I carefully apply concealer, blush, no-shine face powder, mascara, lippy….and so hell will freeze over before I smear goopy white sunscreen over all of that.  Talk about a hot mess.  So if I'm outside all day with the boys, I will end up sunburned and eventually turn into a wrinkled old lady.  Granted, wrinkles are inevitable, but until I succumb (NEVER SAY DIE), I'm touching up throughout the day with this stuff.  And ps.  I love this stuff for buffing onto my kid's scalp through little baby hair….or dusting their nose as they sprint past.

5. Vita Liberata Tanning Mit, $6.50

Because the self-tanning mousse dries so fast, attempting to use your hands will leave your tan streaky, and your palms dark orange.  This mit will change your self-tanning game regardless of which self-tanning mousse you buy. 

Here's what you do:  Shower and exfoliate (aka shave your legs).  Then when your skin is dry, put on your tanning mit.  Pump out a single pump of tanning mousse directly onto the mitt.  Then, crunch up the mitt by making a fist a few times to distribute the product a bit.  Quickly use the mit to rub the tan on – really go ahead and scrub, for evenly distributed tan.  I used one pump of product on lower legs and feet, one pump on thighs, one for each arm, two for my back, and one for chest and stomach.  I was done in roughly 3 minutes. 

6.  Supergoop Sun-Defying Oil Broad Spectrum SPF 50, $26

So…..that coconut-scented tanning oil of yesteryear?  This is exactly like that but SPF 50, not 5.  It's also lighter in both formulation and scent (which is vaguely citrus), and I actually LOVE putting this on.  It's a joy!  Really!  Even the boys don't mind it.  And while I know the recent sunscreen buzz has been all "NO SPRAY, SPRAY IS DEATH"….this is actually just…oil.  So I spray it on my hands, then rub it onto my kids.  (This is my current rationalization, anyway.)


Enjoy the beach!!



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April 16, 2014

Putting Lip Stains to the Baby-Kissing Test: Sephora and Lime Crime

Any long-time reader knows how much I luuuuv a bright lip.  But when hanging out with two very kissable kiddos, I have to find a lipstick that won't smear all over their faces (or mine).  

Hello, lip stains.  

I have a few favorites (remember this old article?) but I'm always – ALWAYS –  on the hunt for new ones.  So I thought I'd start sharing my little lip stain discoveries, the good and the bad. 


The Product:  Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion Lip Ink in Red Essence, $14






The Good:  The product goes on fairly sheer; color builds with additional coats.  After a short drying period (a minute or two), even multiple coats will have a matte, non-sticky finish that won't kiss off.  Because of the buildable color, this is a good product for anyone new to the bright lipstick game.  Also formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates.  It's only slightly drying (which is impressive for lip stains), and is the kind of thing I can throw on and then forget about.  In terms of longevity (compared to other lip stains), this one falls somewhere in the middle. 

The Bad:  I don't love the smell (ever since pregnancy I have super-human smell) or the slightly chemical taste.  And while the finish is decidedly non-sticky…there is a lingering….tackiness that remains and makes my lips feel weird.  Lastly, it tends to wear off in the middle first, leaving a lip-liner-like stain that drives me nuts.  

Would I buy it again?  

While I think it's a perfect starter lip stain, because of the taste and lingering tackiness, I probably won't buy colors that I can easily find elsewhere (like the Red Essence  I'm wearing in the pics).   However, Sephora does a great job of formulating trendy colors that are sometimes hard to find elsewhere.  For example, Magenta Ink has a subtle purple undertone that is really on-trend.  (I also have Tangerine Ink which is a dark, orangy-pink coral.)  


The Product:  Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry, $20




Well, now that I've blotted my lip stain on Raines' cheek, let's try that again on the other one.




The Good:  Super-intense liquid color with an easy-to-apply wand.  You can even get that nice defined edge (without using lip liner).  This stuff is for serious color-lovers, however.  It dries – quickly –  to a completely matte finish, and won't kiss off (once you blot it – see above).  Additionally, once it has dried, my lips feel pretty normal – I forget I'm wearing anything.  (Until I look in a mirror and then BAM – all I see is lips.)  This is one of the longest-lasting lipstains I've ever tried, and surprisingly non-drying.  I once wore Lime Crime into the shower…and re-emerged with PERFECT LIPSTICK.  

The Bad:  You have to be prepared to blot it well and let it dry, otherwise it gets all over your teeth, clothes, etc.  For this reason, I rarely take it out of the house.  Lime Crime tends to be something that I put on in the morning and then touch-up with gloss later on. (I am horribly klutzy with lipstick and attempting to use something as pigmented as Lime Crime in a public bathroom far exceeds my abilities.) Also?  I once wore Lime Crime into the shower…and re-emerged with PERFECT LIPSTICK.

Would I buy this again?  

Oh heck yeah. I haven't found a lipstick with the intensity of Lime Crime, much less a lip stain.  Truly a unique product.  In addition to Suedeberry (a bright coral), it also comes in Pink Velvet (an intensely bright pink) or Red Velvet (sadly, now sold out everywhere).


More to come!  (I'll be highlighting Tarte's next week….let me know if you've run into any other fabulous options….)



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March 4, 2014

Hair Update: 3 Months Post-Chemo (Or That Time I Went From Bald To Pixie)



So.  It's been three months since my last chemo treatment.  I'm feeling completely back to normal.  I still get tired (like, really tired) by the afternoon, but I can no longer remember if that's a chemo-recovery thing or a mom thing.  Probably a bit of both.  And I am making peace with my short hair.  I even…like it?  Mostly?




It's just a lot to get used to, you know?  I never realized how much of my personal style was wrapped up in big, messy hair until it was gone.  So many of my go-to outfits now look…strange.  But I'm learning.  And when I look back at what my hair (or lack thereof) looked like just a few short months ago?




No wonder I always wore a wig.  You forget, you know?  You forget how bad it was.  Ugh – especially when I lost my eyelashes and most of my brows (middle pic).  That one just kills me. 

Shortly after the third pic (above) was taken, I made an appointment to see Shannon at Salon Ziza.  I was feeling slightly ridiculous – what could Shannon possibly do with so little hair?  (If you recall, Shannon and Salon Ziza have been my saving grace through all of this chemo mess.)  But I was desperate – I hated my hair, it felt mannish, not sassy, and it was looking like a helmet on my head.  If nothing else, I just wanted her to tell me that it was, IDON'TKNOW, growing back fast or something (lie, if you need to, lie!).

As it turns out, Shannon had a ton of ideas. Here's what she ended up doing:

1.  Warmed up the color overall.  The ashy brown (aka my natural color) wasn't doing anything for my skin tone.  Just by adding color, not only would it reflect more light, but the color would actually plump up the strands of hair, making it look thicker overall.  

2.  Once my color was done, she painted on a few highlights with a brush – just where the sun would naturally hit.  Tonal variations (even in short, dark hair) help to keep the 'helmet head' look at bay.

3.  Used a ton of product to "push" my hair forward.  You know those cute little Mia Farrow-like points in a pixie?  The ones that – and I'm reaching here – I'll refer to as "bangs"?  Yeah.  You have to make those.  With boatloads of product. 




I've actually started carrying around one of those little hockey-pucks of molding cream in my bag so I can refresh my 'do.  The more I wear it like this, the more it cooperates, but we'll see.  I've heard horror stories of insanely curly hair post-chemo….soooo…yeah.  (Shannon assures me that we can relax it, if necessary.)

The other thing that really, really helps?  Not washing my hair.  I rinse it out in the shower, but it's been about a week since I used actual shampoo, and it looks so much better.  Food for thought, I guess. 

Anyway, here are the products I swear by for both growing out and styling a pixie.  I'm shocked by how well these have worked.  It's more than I dared to hope for.



1. Biotin, 5000 mcg per day

This is the standard recommendation post-chemo.  (It helps to strengthen your nails, too.)  I suspect this is the biggest reason I'm seeing such massive growth.  (Hair typically grows only 1/4 inch per month….I've had almost double that.)  You can get fancier biotin, but I've just been using the Target brand.

2. Rogaine (AKA "Hair Regrowth Treatment)

Yup.  I'm rubbing Target-brand Rogain on my head.  Nothing about that sentence sounds like something I ever thought I'd say.  Sigh.  But this little tidbit is endorsed by breastcancer.org, so there you go.  Apparently, it helps to 'spur' the regrowth after your last chemo treatment. I used it twice a day at first, and now I'm down to once a day.  

3. Rene Furterer Vegetal Sculpting Gel

Nice hold, not too crunchy.  Helps to keep the hair pushed forward.  Shannon told me to think of 'shampooing' my hair with the gel (aka rub it all over) after I got out of the shower.  Slightly wet hair will help dilute it somewhat.  

4. Style Sexy Hair Control Maniac

I've been trying a bunch of hair wax products, and I think this is my favorite.  I apply it several times throughout the day, pushing the hair forward and sculpting my "bangs" into points.  American Crew's Fiber has great hold (and is Mike's fav), but I have to add something shinier on top (I like a little shine).  

5.  Latisse

My eyelashes (now) look amazing.  I still have a few holes in my eyebrows, but they are coming along nicely.  They didn't actually fall out until January, so this regrowth happened in just a little over a month.  All thanks to Latisse (I've been using it on my eyebrows, too).  Lovelovelove this product. 


So that's what I've been up to lately.  A little Rogaine, a little Latisse…you know.  The usual.  (snort)

Know what's funny?  Mike's been after me – for months – to ditch the wig.  He's always been a fan of the head scarf, and now the super-short pixie.  Which is weird – I always thought my long hair was so sexy, you know?  

He says health and comfort are pretty sexy, too.  



This guy.  Love. Him.






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