February 6, 2017

Go-To Outfit: Stripes, Moto Jacket + Flat Boots

Finally. Y’all, I’ve struggled since the holidays to find a new outfit I love. It was probably all the snow days I’ve spent in leggings and Uggs, but um, ugh. The creativity was gone. But…I’m back, baby! I randomly threw this outfit together for a kid’s birthday party (in all fairness, he is a pretty stylish 5 year old) last weekend and I’m loving it. I wanted comfortable but cool and I’ve landed on a new favorite…striped tee, moto jacket, blanket scarf & flat black boots. Check it.

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November 1, 2016

Cropped Flares: Laura’s Take (& Re-take)

Cropped flares week, y’all! I can’t believe I’m saying that. Ok, we all know this is a tough trend to try, especially for us shorties. And, you can see here, I had trouble with it, too. Come along as I wade through the cropped flares debacle and come out somewhat unscathed on the other side of it…

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September 12, 2015

Fall Boot Trend: The Sock Boot


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I haven’t been this excited about a new boot trend in years.  We’ve all just been going round-and-round with short boots for almost a decade now, and while our favorite moto/lace-up/chelsea boots aren’t going anywhere, there is A New Kid in town.

Everyone, meet The Sock Boot.


I’m so excited about this style of boot because:

1.  It’s flattering – yes, it cuts the line of your legs (if your legs are bare), but these boots also seem to balance hips better than the super short ankle boots.  Also, the lines are really sleek, rather than chunky like other ankle boots, elongating the leg.

2. And SOFT – the best sock boots have butter soft leather (or even fabric) at the top, making them seriously comfortable to wear (with or without socks).

3.  It solves the Cropped Pant In Winter Problem – slide these babies under a pair of cropped (or cuffed) straight-leg jeans and you’re all set.  (Even some of my skinnies work.)

4.  Hello, Warm Ankles – I wear mine over SmartWool Socks.  And because of the higher shaft….The world will never know.

5. Oh-So-Practical – chunky walkable heels are the name of the game.  (I personally wish more companies would stick with lower heels, but maybe that’s just me.)


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