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In-Line Double Stroller Review: Baby Jogger City Select vs. Phil&Teds Vibe

Since reluctantly giving up my Micralite Toro early last year for a Phil&Teds Vibe ($809 with extra seat) in anticipation of our Little Lou, I’ve acquired three additional strollers to meet my various strolling needs. These include an umbrella stroller, a higher-end umbrella stroller with recline and a Maclaren Twin Techno.
The question is, though, why, after paying an arm and a leg for a Phil&Teds Vibe + doubles kit, the in-line stroller that’s touted as an all-around solution, did I purchase three other strollers where previously just one Micralite Toro did the job? A good question indeed. One my dear husband has oft asked, until he too fell for my latest and greatest stroller acquisition, the new Baby Jogger City Select ($660 with extra seat). AKA the best stroller of all time, the answer to all but high speed strolling needs.

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