January 14, 2017



This picture seems like an odd choice for January….but it’s pretty representative of the bizarro weather we’ve been having over here on the East Coast.  Also, the shirt is by of my very favorite designers and it’s on sale.  So there’s that.

Ironically, we’re kicking off Winter Boot week on Sunday.  About half the team is up to their eyeballs in snow (Laura, over in Portland, has been dealing with EIGHT consecutive days of NO SCHOOL OMG)….and the other half are are wearing seasonally inappropriate clothing.

We don’t do birthday parties for the kids every year (it’s just too much), but we did have Raines’ party last night.  It was a massive, Parents Vs. Kids Lazer Tag Battle, and it was so freaking fun that the adults are thinking of turning it into a yearly thing.  If you are a Philly local, we drove out to Ultrazone.  Worth it. (Even the anti-gun pacifists totally got into it.  It feels more like tag than killing.  Also, the pizza was pretty good.)


Scotti thinks cobalt blue is going to be huge for Spring – like this cute LOFT sweater.  She also updated her Editor Picks Boutique.

Two of my favorite anti-aging products are on sale:  I swear by this Vitamin C treatment in the morning, and this gentle Retinol at night.

Bloomingdales is having a huge sale.  Amanda threw top picks from the sale into her Editor Picks Boutique.  She’s got me eyeing these jeans.


Pasta-free mac and cheese?  Smitten Kitchen has a recipe for a super cheesy pasta-like bake where she swaps the pasta for cauliflower and farro.  YUM.  (If someone can make this dairy free, I’m all ears.)

Rebecca Wolf is writing a movie.  I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Remember The Style Hour Podcast?  We’re thinking of doing it again.  Any issues you’d like us to address?


Now I gotta run – we’re skiing this weekend.  In what little snow is left.

Hope you guys are snuggled up with a good cup of coffee and some dark chocolate!  #morningchocolate #itsathing




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January 4, 2017

The Best of TME 2016


It’s been quite a year.  Data nerd that I am, I thought it might be fun to take a quick look back at 2016 and see what our most popular content was, as determined by pure numbers.  But I was also inspired by Anne from The Modern Mrs. Darcy – she did both the ’10 Most Popular Posts of 2016′  and her 11 Favorite Posts of 2016.

I totally get that.  Many of the articles I’m the most proud of are not necessarily the most popular in terms of sheer numbers, they’re just the most meaningful to me.  For example, The Comfort of Breasts, an article I wrote for Sapien Magazine last year is easily the writing highlight of my year.  It took some tears, some rewrites, and was one of the best emotional releases I’ve had surrounding my cancer to date.

So.  I asked each member of The Mom Edit team to choose their favorite article from the last year – the one that they had the most fun writing, the one they were the most proud of, and highlighted both our favorites…and each author’s top post.

Before we get started, our top post, over and above everything else was my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – What to Buy (#DressingRoomSelfies Edition).  You guys read this one, shared this one, and pinned this one like crazy.  Thank you thank you thank you.  It’s so appreciated (and I’ll be sure to do it again next year).

But old sale posts makes for a rather booring yearly roundup, so I removed these from the list.

The last note?  My old article, Ten Tips For Flying Alone With Kids is still holding strong, almost five years later.

Continue Reading…

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December 24, 2016

The Happiest Of Holidays To You and Yours….


“MIKE,” I said urgently into the phone, “Can you come home RIGHT NOW?”

“What? Babe? Yes!  What happened?  Is everything OK?  Are you OK?  I’m coming home now…”

[sounds of feet shuffling, a bump]

Oh.  Riiiight.  When you are married to a breast cancer survivor, the drama ramps up quick.

“Ummm…” I began, sheepishly.  “There’s only ONE tree left at the corner market and it’s too big for me to haul and WE DON’T HAVE A TREE YET, MIKE” (I am gathering steam now) “and it’s almost Christmas and nothing is baked and the kids want to decorate something and WE DON’T HAVE A TREE!!”

There is a long pause.  I hear some deep cleansing breaths through the phone.  “Babe” he starts.  “Baby.  Work is nuts right now.  I can’t just up and leave…” his voice trails off.

Stony silence on my end.

Mike heaves a great sigh.  “Ok” he says.  “Let me see what I can do.”

In the end, he left work roughly 43 minutes early on a Friday (#whoscounting) and showed up on our doorstep, tree in hand.   SWOON.  My hero.

I don’t often pull the Pouty-Pouty-Princess Routine, but the situation was dire.  (Not, mind you, cancer dire, just holiday-stress dire.  I was, to quote a dear friend, “appropriately upset”.)

So Mike came home and we decorated a tree (by “we” I mean “the boys” and by “decorated” I mean “threw on stuff”).  The tree looks EXACTLY as one would imagine a tree might when decorated by two boys under the age of 9.  I’ll post a pic on IG – it’s hysterical.  (And bottom heavy.)

And then my mother, who is always attune to me in some weird way, mailed a Box of Happiness:  three types of homemade Christmas cookies, Chex-mix (she has the best recipe), candy from Donkers, and….the piece de resistance: Nanaimo bars (for you Canadians out there).  So of course I sobbed.  Had myself a good cry, surrounded by wrappers and cookies, and a few broken ornaments.  And then I read the seriously wise comments on last weekend’s post and cried a little more.

The holiday season can be hard on so many levels.  For me, it represents another year come and gone.  I see my two little guys changing before my eyes, I see my parents showing their age, I see Mike and I evolving (slooowly) into real adults and carrying the proverbial torch that my dad once wielded with so much energy and strength….and it’s almost as if I can feel the earth spinning.  As if the passing of time is a physical thing, slipping through my fingers.

If only I could grab it and hold on.

So instead I grab my boys.  My lights.  I squish what’s left of Pax’s chunky thighs, and kiss their freckled noses.  I wrap my arms around Raines’ lanky frame, realizing that his shoulders are getting broader and that sometimes, he wraps his arms around me.

I have no answers at the moment.  No theories or new understandings or meaningful insights.  So I read and re-read the wise comments on last week’s weekend post from mums more experienced than I:

My only wisdom to share this holiday season, and it’s so applicable: PRESENT, NOT PERFECT. The best gift we can give to out families is not a stressed-out mama but a calm, happy one. She might not have homemade cookies to feed her kidlets and a perfectly decorated house, but she’s pleasant and loving and knows what her priorities are.   -Laura


For us, we have focused on the relationships. The world will always be there to push and pressure and remind our children that to be successful they (and you) need to be doing more, having more, experiencing more. But the thing the world isn’t so good at is helping our children learn how to have good relationships. What matters isn’t the gifts or the parties or the decorations but what you taught them along the way.  -Renae


I think you have to be more intentional about things as they get older, and really make decisions about what’s most important to your family. I ask my kids what their most important Christmas traditions are so I can make sure we get to them. -riseuppup


We moms have an endless ability to acclimate & adapt! What seems crazy-busy at first just becomes the new normal of parenting that age/stage of children–& we handle it. Just like we always do.  -Shan


The final thing for a perfect Christmas is love. Really the kids just remember that you were together and you did stuff and laughed. -MJ

It’s like that Walt Whitman quote I love so much:  “We were together.  I forget the rest.”

This.  This will be my mantra for 2017.

Mike and I have managed to pull off a small Christmas miracle (assuming we don’t screw it up in the next 24 hours):  in lieu of gifts, we’re taking the boys to Colorado.  We leave the day after Christmas.

And the best part?  It’s a SURPRISE.

I realize this might be the last year I can blog about surprises like this, but gang:  I’m so freaking excited I had to tell SOMEONE.  Over drinks a few weeks ago, Mike and I came up with a Percy Jackson inspired prophecy that the boys will open up on Christmas morning.  From there, they’ll have to decipher and search for a set of clues that will help them understand the prophecy.  We’re using those Russian nesting dolls as the “oracle”.

Want to hear the prophecy?  [clears throat]

Two mountain born must answer the call

In the early morning hours, the world will fall

Away from the ground to the city in the sky

Where through the pow you carve…or cry.

OMG SO FUN, RIGHT???  I’m seriously over-the-moon.  And thank goodness for Pinterest – there’s a ton of fun scavenger hunt ideas for kids.

So that’s what’s happening over here!  I’ll probably be posting mostly to Instagram over the next week or so (find me @shanachristine), but the rest of the TME team has a few more posts planned for the remainder of 2016.  Cam has one more styling fail to share with you (but the fix is perfect for NYE), we’re already keeping an eye on post-holiday sales (which have started, geez), and I have a few NYE outfit ideas involving….turtlenecks. Because unlike our quickly-growing children, some things are constant.

The last weekly newsletter of the year will be coming out tomorrow…and with it, what the TME team is *planning* (hoping?) to read over the holiday break.  You can subscribe to our newsletter here.

Readers, we feel so very lucky that you have taken time out of your busy schedules this past year to read this blog, to comment, to share, and to make this little corner of the internet an inspiring, hopeful place.  On behalf of the entire TME team, we wish you a holiday filled with peace, laughter and love.  May you and yours be all together…and forget the rest.

All our love,





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December 17, 2016

Holidaze Weekend



Gang, Christmas is one week away and not only have I not finished my shopping…our house isn’t decorated.   At all.  Mike managed to grab one of the last few trees from the corner store.  The poor thing is now propped in a corner of the living room, the lower half decorated with lights that Pax put up.  But we haven’t had a hot second to get out our Christmas books (much less read them), no cookie baking, tree decorating, Santa visits or caroling (hahahaha – that one only happens in my dreams).  Instead we’ve been in a whirlwind of school (and research papers?? REALLY THIRD GRADE TEACHERS, REALLY?), hip-hop dance performances, ski team and….huh.  I don’t even know what else.  But I sense time flying by and it makes me want to grab my quickly growing boys and hide.

Any advice, experienced moms?  Is this how it is, now that both boys are in school?  (Lie, please.  I’m so not ready for the truth.)

Anyway, considering my looming to-do list (1. Create Christmas Joy Now, 2. Repeat,  3.  And Oh Yeah, Laundry)….this weekend post was looking awfully sparse.  Happily, the rest of the TME gang had enough fun links for all of us.  Friends.  They’re seriously everything.


Need a gift for a book nerd? Cam came across this article,  Clever Artist Transforms Your Favorite Books Into Adorable Pieces of Jewelry and had us all swooning.  Which book would you pick?  Peter Pan is one of my favorites – so cleverly written, but the quote from Pride & Prejudice made me tear up a little.

Abercrombie is now restocked and is 50% off.  We can’t believe what Abercrombie has done to themselves.  We LOVE it.  If you haven’t seen the updates, both Scotti and Cam have covered it.

LOFT also has 50% off EVERYTHING.  I especially love this oversized, ice-blue sweater, this seriously chic puffer coat (I mean wow), and the velvet swing dress (now back in stock!!)  Of course, I’ve been wearing the heck out of my faux-fur scarf, so if you haven’t yet grabbed one, now is the time.

Throwing a NYE party?  Jess found some awesome photo props at Crowd Signs.  So fun – and it’s owned by her friend Dani.


Laura has been reading  The Cozy Life.  It’s about “the Danish concept of hygge. LOVING it…since I pretty much wish I were Scandinavian. It’s about discovering joy through simple things, like curling up in comfy slippers with a hot drink and good book, your favorite candle burning. It’s a good reminder for this time of year and a short little read since we’re all so busy.”

Do your kids still believe in Santa?  I’m worried that this might be R’s last year.  Thankfully, Laura found this article, How to Tell Kids About Santa that made me tear up.  It’s about transitioning your kids out of believing in Santa by teaching them to be anonymous gift-givers.  So perfect.

We have hot cocoa on the brain.  Laura, who is obviously our holiday overachiever (so jealous!!), made her own marshmallows using this recipe:  Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix + Cinnamon Maple Marshmallows.  Dear god, girl.  If only you lived next door.



Cam, on the other hand is going for Fluffy Pink Unicorn Hot Chocolate.  IJustCan’tEven.

Jess has The Hungry Gentleman on the brain.  His IG feed is good.  In many, many ways. (wink wink)

Leave it to the data nerd to find this Most Popular Baby Names by State 1910 – 2015 infographic.  Thanks, Mike!

Still need decorations?  Amanda is going to make these Star Wars Snowflakes.  My boys would freak.  And?  There’s a video.



Happy weekend, you guys.  I gotta go get my Christmas on.




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December 10, 2016

Happy Weekend.



Hey, there!  My sister (Scotti) is visiting for the week, with baby Greenlea and hubs in tow.  We’re having a blast (and my makeup is obviously on point, one of the benefits of having a makeup artist for a sister, haha).  We have an Ugly Christmas Sweater party to attend on Sunday, so last night we had friends over and made terrible sweaters with glue guns and $40 worth of crap from the Dollar Store.  Booze was obviously involved, and It. Was. Glorious.  I’ll throw my um…”masterpiece” up on Instagram soon (@shanachristine).


My favorite parka sold out at Nordstrom, but thanks to a few readers, it’s also been found at Zappos, here, on sale for $145 with free shipping (all sizes and colors in stock)….and Bluefly, here for $129 (all sizes but small available).  Thanks, Guys!  (For reference, I wear an XS, and it IS warm.  I originally thought it would not be super warm, but I’ve been wearing it all week and it’s perfect.)

The Isabella Oliver Maternity Sale  is still going on.  Cam and I both swore by this brand throughout our pregnancies.  You can see Cam’s picks here.

J.Crew is having an insane sale.  If you do nothing else, go buy these PJs before they sell out.  (We’re kicking off Loungewear week on Sunday, so you’ll see me in them.)  I might put together a quick sale round-up…there’s seriously good stuff (like this plaid night-out top).

Laura has updated her Editor Picks boutique…including this J.Crew coat in a gorgeous rust color (now 40% off).

Having trouble with Liketoknow.it on Instagram?  You can see my full stream here.  Once you login (it’ll prompt you to create an account if you haven’t already), you’ll see all of my liketoknow.it-enabled posts, with clickable links.  It’ll look like this:



Here are the streams for Scotti, Cam, Laura, Jess, and Amanda, too.

Also, THIS….

Amanda found Childs Play Charity, where you donate directly to children’s hospitals across the country with either cash donations, or by choosing something from the hospital’s Amazon wish list.  Amanda says, “I just sent gifts to one in our city & where my hubs grew up for his “white envelope” Xmas present.”  Love this.

Cam says,  “Do any of you watch This is Us?!  This was me after the season finale … O.M.G. THAT SHOW.”


Hey, where’s the daily newsletter??? We’re having a few technical difficulties, but it should start up this week.  (The weekly one is fine.)  You can sign up here.

I was so moved by my friend Lane’s recent post on how things change as children grow.  Cue alllll the memories, you guys.


Jess just moved into a new house.  We’re obsessed with her fireplace makeover.  Here’s a before-and-after:  (you can see more on her Snapchat, @jesssbobesss)



Lastly, this might be the very best reason to have eight children….

Happy Holidays!!


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December 2, 2016

Hey, Weekend. (December Already?)


This morning was a mess.  Raines was so upset because his homework wasn’t finished, we were running so late I forgot to pack lunches (and school lunches are pretty bad – even my boys hate them),  and then Pax bit it hard (skinning both knees) on the walk to school, which required several precious minutes of sitting on the sidewalk, wiping noses, drying tears, and murmuring comforting words as the realization set in that there was NO POSSIBLE WAY we were getting to school on time.

At one point I looked up – as I was towing a crying boy in each hand – and saw a mom pushing a stroller, walking right towards us.  For a moment, our eyes met, and then she smiled.  It was a smile of camaraderie, a smile of understanding, of compassion….a smile of sisterhood.  She almost said something – there was a pause – and then we were past.  But in that instant, no words were necessary.  Fortified, I soldiered on.  Not screaming at my boys, not yelling at them to ‘hurry up!!”,  just calmly walking my crazy train the last few blocks to school.

Thanks, Mama.  I needed that.


WHOA!  Little Bits electronic kits (my fav STEM toy) are 35% off at Amazon!

If the words Carven, Cinq a Sept, and Derek Lam make your heart beat fast….check out Intermix’s sale:  an extra 40% off already reduced prices.  Including my favorite Rag and Bone Dre’sthis Derek Lam top for $100 and this See by Chloe bag for under $200. But choose carefully:  the sale products are all final sale.  For more of my favs from the sale, see my Editor’s Shop.  I just updated it with an Intermix sale section.

Speaking of editor picks, Jess and Gwen have also recently updated their Editor boutiques.

The latest in “teething technology” (har har har but no seriously) – The Teething Egg.  Cam’s all over it.

He’ll probably kill you.  But Pony Up Daddy takes horsie to a whole new level.  Tell hubs to blame Laura for this gem.

Rock the cookie exchange.  Obviously, Scotti needs these Ugly Christmas Sweater cookie kits.  Goes perfectly with  her GoT Christmas Sweater.  (Thanks, Cam!)

Also, this….

We’re offering a sneak peek of our STEM guide, downloadable to readers who subscribe to our posts and weekly newsletter here.  Our first newsletter drops TONIGHT (can we talk about it like an album?) and we hope you love it.

Leave it to our millennial to find these ah-mazing Holiday Jello Shots.  GWEN.

Trying to dial it down this holiday season?  Cam found The 4 Gift Rule  and has us all obsessed, and the White Envelope Project  moved me to tears.  A truly beautiful tradition.  (Thanks, Amanda!)


What are you guys doing this weekend?  Jackie hits theaters Dec 2 (today), which I’d love to see….but it looks like instead I’ll be taking the boys to see Dr. Strange.  It strikes me as a wee bit violent, but this is where the three of them roll their eyes at me. I’m so outnumbered over here.  🙂  Later this weekend we’re hoping to head over to Rothman Rink (which I covered last year – here) – and it sounds like it’s even better.  So excited.

Lastly…Jess is taking over the TME Snapchat this weekend!! We’re super excited because she’s moving into a new house, and is going to be hitting some antique stores in Grand Rapids, hoping for a little DIY inspiration.  She’s good like that.  Congrats, Jess!

Happy weekend, everyone…..



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November 19, 2016

Happy (Almost Thanksgiving) Weekend….



How did your week go?   Ours was a blur of laundry, trying to recover from Pax’s bout with pinkeye last weekend…only to find out that Raines now has pinkeye.  SIGH.  We cancelled Pax’s birthday party on Friday…so we’re left with a house full of balloons and a just-turned six-year-old who has been playing Die, Stormtrooper since he opened this new costume for his birthday.  I’m all DON’T SHARE THE HELMET WITH RAINES because seriously.  That’s the last thing we need.

Don’t be surprised if I’m suddenly wearing sunglasses in all of my pictures.


Nine West started their Black Friday sale today.  It’s so good that Scotti rounded up all of her favs here.

These seriously cool hair-tie bracelets would make great gifts.

Speaking of gifts…Laura found this hysterical Lionel Richie mug.  (Perfect for tea lovers.)

The most-shopped item from last week?  These velvet skinnies.

This little faux-fur puff is a total lifesaver (it’s the only way I can easily find my keys in a jam-packed bag).

Suddenly we’re all obsessed with star prints.  I’m seriously considering this dress, Gwen has me drooling over this romper, and, of course, J.Crew’s Tippi sweater and metallic star tee (both 30% off right now).


Also, This…..

Amanda is taking over The Mom Edit’s Snapchat (@themomedit) this weekend!  Amanda says, “I’ll be headed to a benefit to raise awareness for postpartum depression/anxiety, which I had with both babies. If you’ve been affected, too, consider making a donation to the National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health“.

If you’re ever wondering why we love Nordstrom so much….here are a few reasons why.

Book nerds, get excited.  Amazon just released their list of the 100 best books of the year.  (Thanks, Amanda!!)

The most amazing big brother ever.  Wow.

Still reeling from the election?  I know I am.  A Cup of Jo had a good post recently on 5 Ways To Get Involved, as did Rebecca from Girl’s Gone Child.  Sing it, sisters.

From our slack channel…..Scotti has been working on gift guides, and came across this gem:


Locals Only

Philly families!  The Center for Architecture and Design is hosting a series of family workshops every Saturday through December.  Think architecture via gingerbread, designing and building an entire city (in a box), and going nuts with K’nex.  Full schedule is here.




Enjoy your weekend!




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November 12, 2016



(photo credit: Redfield Photography)

What a week.  As I type this, I’m siting here in the Detroit airport, en route to visit Scotti and my parents.  I brought one of my besties with me, turning it into a weekend girl trip, which is just what we needed.  On Saturday, Scotti will be speaking about makeup and beauty tips at a local woman’s conference, and I’ll be sure to highlight a few gems on TheMomEdit’s Snapchat channel (it’s my turn this weekend).

Before we get to the fun stuff, I want to take a moment and thank those of you who left thoughtful, respectful comments on our Facebook or my Instagram pages in the last few days (including and especially those of you who disagree).  This election has sent us all into a tailspin in one way or another, and I truly believe that the only way we’ll be able to come together is through open, honest, and respectful discussions.  I have more to say on this topic, but need time to process, to think.  And what my brain really wants right now is…..

Fun distractions???  YES.


Amanda updated her Editor’s picks with all kinds of amazing cold-weather accessories and fun finds…like these drool-worthy velvet statement booties (goodness gracious Madewell!).

Laura spotted 40% Off Ann Taylor and we are SO glad she did. We’re seeing tons of classic staples + holiday party-worthy pieces. As usual, we’re guilty of wanting it all #sorrynotsorry. Happening now-Monday.

It’s Friendsgiving at LOFT!  Which means 40% off everything.  I’m suddenly obsessed with LOFT’s pants, due to the roaring success of these velvet skinnies, which I’ve been wearing constantly.  Here are ones I’m considering:



It was Batman.  Laura found this hysterical video of an adorable bespectacled two-year-old blaming ‘Batman’ for the lipstick all over his mother’s mirror.  I DIE.

Dads, start working on your dance moves.  This epic father-daughter wedding day dance is SO fun.

Holiday Style Week is coming….  Holiday Style Week (the real-life version) kicks off this Sunday!!  We’ve been planning and scheming for a while….and are pretty excited.  Hope you like it.

From the TME Slack channel….


ASOS tee

Lastly….A NEWSLETTER IS IN THE WORKS.  Not only can you sign up for a weekly newsletter (which will be similar in format to this post – with editor picks, sale notifications, etc.) but there’s also an option to recieve new TME articles via email.  More coming soon (we’re still working out some kinks), but if you want to sign up now, look for the subscription box on the right sidebar.

Happy weekend!



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October 29, 2016

Halloween Weeeeekend….


Happy Halloween weekend!  It’s funny, the boys are going as Harry Potter again this year.  But this time, Raines (my oldest) is going to be Malfoy, and has been practicing his sneer (I just posted a pic to Instagram – it’s hysterical).   We’ve been listening to Harry Potter via Audible, and the reader is AMAZING – the entire family is riveted.  It’s almost completely usurped movie night.

We don’t have any big plans this weekend…all of our trick-or-treating will be done on Monday, as well as the kids’ class parties.  I suspect my kids will be bouncing off the walls allllll next week.  Happily, my parents will be visiting so….good luck with that, Mom.


Jess just updated her shoppable boutique with all of her favs.  She included this velvet tank and I’m obsessed.  Now all I need is a warm-yet-sexy cardigan and I have a perfect holiday outfit.  THAT’S ALL.  A WARM AND SEXY CARDIGAN.  ANYONE?…..ANYONE?….BUELLER?

YES!!  The fuzzy sweater I’ve been stalking at Banana Republic is now 40% off!  You might as well pick up this beautiful metallic tshirt as well.

My fav Lucky Brand boots just showed up at Sole Society!!

Bag boredom?  Kate Spade has these tassel-and-strap kits that can completely makeover your existing bag (as long as you have a detachable strap).  I LOVE this idea.

Game changing boots??   The entire Mom Edit staff is intrigued by Tory Burch’s Convertible Riding Boots.  They look like a seriously cool tall boot…then unzip the top part off, and voila!!  Ankle boots.  You gotta watch the video.  (Thanks for the find, Jess!)

My absolute favorite skincare is on sale right now at Colleen Rothschild.  I’m obsessed with this cleanser (I’m literally excited to wash my face at night), and Scotti swears that this moisturizer doubles as a primer.



Patagonia has retention rates of 100% for working moms.  Here’s why.  (Prepare to be blown away.)

I’m 4% Introverted.  Amanda has us all obsessed with this free personality test.  (I’m an ENFP -A, a ‘Campaigner’ who is “unlikely to have the heart  to establish…limitations” in parenting.  OMG TOO TRUE.)

Wondering what Fashion It-Girls look like in Indonesia?  My friend Brent is currently at Jakarta Fashion Week.  You can see the street style scene on his IG, @UrbanFieldNotes.

I learned something new:  PSL?  Pumpkin Spice Latte.  As in, ‘Is this top too PSL?’  (Yes, this was a direct quote from the TME slack channel.)

Need a last minute costume idea?  Mother Mag’s roundup is pretty great.

Or this stunning Mommy-and-Me skeleton costume from Hello Fashion totally blew my mind.

I  hate crafts.  But explorative art?  YES.  I’m totally intrigued by this skeleton leaf project (prob best for slightly older kids)  and this stunningly gorgeous yet simple art project with leaves.

Laura’s having a Halloween party…she’ll be taking over The Mom Edit’s snapchat account this weekend!  (@themomedit).  Here’s one of her party tricks:



Happy Halloween!!!



ps.  Send sexy cardigan recommendations.  The world needs this roundup.



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October 22, 2016



(photo credit:  Redfield Photography)

There was a full moon on Sunday.  I feel like that may explain everything about my week.

Also, it was 85 degrees (!!??!!) yesterday.

So let’s just get to the good stuffs, shall we?


Shopping Enablers ‘R us.  Have you ever been searching online for something specific but you can never find it and instead you find a million other SWOON-making things that you don’t need?  Yeah?  It happens to us over here at TME all. the. time.  So now we’ve put our favorite swoonables into shoppable boutiques.  You can find it in the drop down tab called “Shop Editor Picks”.  Or if you are lazy (me), here are direct links: Amanda, Cam, Gwen, Laura, Scotti, and me. Whew. (Jess’ is coming soon.)

A halloween costume you could (arguably) wear again?  Try Modcloth’s Sexy Chewbacca or  R2-D2 dresses. I’m DYING.

Madewell has an additional 30% off sale items this weekend with code EXTRASALE.  There’s a ton of summery pieces, but also some spot-on pieces for Fall.  Here are my favs:


Laura is off to a brunch this weekend, and is bringing these French Doughnuts.  Super simple and quick to make (they’re billed as weekday doughnuts), and especially pretty when made in this pan.

There’s a color darker than black.  So that’s exciting.  (And cue “just like my soul” jokes from Amanda and Laura.  Thanks for the find, Amanda!)

20 minutes of recess?  It’s not nearly enough for budding engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, or really anyone who hopes be considered “critical thinkers” as adults.  This thoughtful (and well-researched) article from NotJustCute is a must-read.

Gwen started a small obsession with sing off YouTube videos, and this one totally blew me away.  Gosh, people are talented.

Saturday night is the Light The Night Walk in Philly, a walk to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Gwen will be there.

Scotti is taking over our Snapchat account this weekend!!  She’s doing a wedding, so I’m sure there will be plenty of make-up snaps.  Feel free to send her any questions you have on the topic – she’ll do her best to answer.  Our account is @themomedit.

And lastly….the team’s response when seeing Vetements for the first time….



Enjoy your weekend!





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