December 20, 2016

This Dot Mesh Bodysuit: A Little Bit Sexy…VERY Comfy


Finding the perfect coat or shoes is one thing. Finding the perfect base is another. 9 times out of 10, as a reader pointed out recently, that coat comes off for work, dinner or parties and what you’re wearing underneath quickly becomes the star of the show.


So when Tamar – founder of TUXE Bodywear and a dear friend – sent over this gorgous dot mesh bodysuit, I knew this was a piece with starpower.  Show off a little bit of dot for just a hint of fun….or layer over a longline bralette and go nuts.   Truth be told, the bodysuit has enough pow to dress up a turtleneck – just roll the sleeves and let the dots shine.

Here are two ways I’m rocking the dots, both a little and a lot.

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December 19, 2016

PJ Loungewear Week: Warm Slippers + Cozy Cardis + Soft Slips


The holiday season has been extra exciting for us this year because we’re celebrating in our new house! We’ve been so busy with the seemingly unending tasks that come with settling in to a new home, that we haven’t had time to really decorate for the holidays.

It’s easy to tell which one’s our house at night though! We’re the completely dark home in between the two houses with all the festive Christmas lights! No biggie, we were doomed to be the designated neighborhood slacker couple from the get-go.

Inside though, it’s surprisingly cozy and Christmas-y despite our minimal decorating efforts, thanks to the snow that started falling over a week ago and hasn’t stopped since. I’m not even that mad about all of the snow because it convinced me it was time to buy the Minnetonka slipper booties I’ve wanted all year and I don’t know how I lived before having a pair of slippers like these, they became essential to my wardrobe and well-being overnight.

By the way, this is toootally what I look like when I wake up in the morning, minus the three layers of makeup and and any hint of life behind my eyes.

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December 15, 2016

PJ & Loungewear Week: Graphic Sweatshirts + Sweater Leggings


I’ve got cozy on the brain because this weekend we’re going to visit the in-laws in Minneapolis for an early Christmas. The kids think we’re going to the North Pole, but joke’s on us because it’s actually warmer in the arctic circle than the midwest right now! When we get back and thaw out, I’ll be wearing this fun sweatshirt and festive sweater leggings on repeat. Especially on Christmas morning and, if we’re being honest, the rest of the day since I’m not leaving the house! We make the rounds on Christmas Eve, then get to stay warm and cozy all day on the 25th – the benefit of having the only grandkids is that my parents come here for present opening and lots of food that seems to merge into one day long meal. This is a great outfit combo for staying in, but if you’ll be staying over with family or friends during the holidays, it’s guest-appropriate, too!

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December 14, 2016

Festive, Fun and Comfy: Holiday Clothes For Kids



Gang, my sister has been visiting all week with her sweet family.  It’s been such a treat.  Little Greenlea is just…..amazing.  I’m so used to boys and all of their quirks that having a girl around has totally thrown me.  She talks!! SO much!  She constantly narrates our day, in the sweetest little voice.  And of course my boys are totally wrapped around her little finger.

She’s pretty fiesty, tho.  A little like her Aunt (yikes).

Anyway, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off her chubby-and-adorable self, as well as highlight some of my favorite holiday clothing options for the kiddos.  I tend to stick to comfortable pieces….but ones with a little something special.  Ears, for example, should be attached to all hoodies for children under 5, crazy-printed Christmas sweaters on boys are totally hysterical, and tutus with graphic tees might be my new favorite combo.

Keep reading to see my top picks for both boys and girls (yay, Greenlea!)…..

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December 13, 2016

PJ & Loungewear Week: Long Cardis and Leggings


I. Love. The. Holidays. And you know the most perfect thing that happened on this day? It snowed!!!!! We get so many loads of rainfall each year, but snow is not a regular occurrence here in most of the Pacific Northwest, so we get pretty excited about the first snowfall. I will skip over the part where the next day it pelted us with freezing rain and focus on the magical wintery wonderland we had Thursday.

Sienna was insanely hilarious y’all, this being the first snow that she can remember. She was running around yelling “snow!” for 30 minutes straight when she went outside. She could not believe it! My heart definitely grew three sizes while watching the sheer joy on her little face.

Needless to say, I did not move out of these comfy clothes all day. My new favorite thing is a long cardigan. Pair with soft knit leggings, sherpa lined slippers and (possibly spiked) egg nog and you have a recipe for a perfect snow day right there.

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December 9, 2016

This Might Be The Only Dress You Need



What if I said that one of the most versatile pieces in my closet was a dress covered in giant, embroidered flowers, and made from a material that reminds one of tapestry?

I know, I know.  You clutch your pearls (ironically of course), and laugh, because OBVIOUSLY I’VE LOST MY MIND.


But here’s the thing:  when it’s time to be….festive….or dressed up….or when it’s time to slip out of our everyday uniform of slept-in sweaters, dirty jeans and well-worn sneakers (please tell me this isn’t just me)….it’s always fun to wear something that makes an impact.  Something that provides a sharp contrast to the everyday, something fun and sexy and different.

And patterned dresses provide the punch I’m looking for.  Not only that, because they’re Bringing The Fun, they pair easily with classic standbys:  black boots, leather jackets, your old faithful wool coat, etc.

Even better?  There’s something about a patterned dress – at least a gorgeous, richly patterned one – that looks just as good with fur and heels as it does with denim jackets and boots.  Dress it up, dress it down – it’s all pretty effortless.

Keep reading to see how I recently styled my patterned shift dress for a wedding weekend.  I wore it first to the wedding itself…..and then to the horse races the next day, with denim and boots and turtlenecks (of course, if you follow me on IG, @shanachristine,  this is old news).

Lastly, I’ve also included a HUGE round-up of my favorite richly patterned dresses (at many different price points).

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December 1, 2016

Fun Modern Holiday Sweaters for Kids

Have you guys seen this year’s range of cool, offbeat holiday sweaters out right now for kids? (Apparently some of you have, since the boutique I set up a few weeks ago got decimated during Black Friday/Cyber Monday!) In case you’re still looking for a holiday outfit that looks nice, lets kids express some personality and is comfortable, I found some that check all those boxes, and at reasonable prices, too! Think cheeky spins on traditional patterns (from astronauts to ice cream cones), unique color combinations and versatility to wear beyond the holidays.

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November 30, 2016

Guy Style: Three Ideas For Holiday Parties



Need a few fresh ideas for your guy this holiday season?  It’s always surprisingly tricky.  Despite the fact that guy style can be summarized – at a high level – as Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Done….there’s often a fine line between date night and work drone.  And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a full suit, most holiday parties fall into the casual-to-sorta dressy range, leaving most guys reaching for khakis #no or polo shirts #no.

So here are three easy outfit ideas – from dressy to casual – for your guy’s holiday party needs.

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November 28, 2016

Little Black Mini Dresses Under $200


I love the combination of  black mini dresses with flat over-the-knee boots in the winter.  The boots are comfy, keep your legs warm and offset the shorter length of the dresses.  (This pair is perfect and is currently over half off.)  Add a long coat and you’ve got a gorgeous outfit that’s perfect for the holidays.

I’ve rounded up my favorites for you guys . . . nothing is over $200 and most are under $150.

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November 28, 2016

Warmest-Ever Party Outfit: Eyelash Sweater + Sequin Joggers


I’ve finally found it:  the perfect outfit for those freezing cold nights.  The nights you have plans, but the couch, piled with blankets is calling your name.  The nights you pull the intended dress out of your closet and shiver just looking at it.  The nights I invariably end up clad in layers of black wool and denim, grumbling about how I just won’t take the knit pom-pom hat off ALL NIGHT.  My hair will be FINE.

Those nights.

Enter in the fuzzy eyelash sweater.  It totally works with jeans, of course, but for those freezing-cold nights when you still need to Deck The Halls….try it with a pair of sequin sweatpants.  This particular pair is super cozy – not itchy in the slightest (which is always my worry with sequin-encrusted anything).

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