May 22, 2017

Lighten Up: Styling Your Black Clothing for Spring

jacket (similar) | tee | jeans | sneakers (similar)

You probably know by now I adore black and gray. Besides the occasional striped shirt, most of my closet consists of dark clothing, especially in winter. Spring here is a little nuts weather-wise, but mostly it’s still quite cool and rainy, all the way through June-uary (the name says it all.)

But, while I will always love my black pieces so, all the spring flowers do actually inspire me to lighten up a bit this time of year. Clothing. I mean clothing-wise. This type-A has trouble ever lightening up beyond my outfit. (Sorry, family.)

So, I came up with a few ideas, using some new and old favorite pieces, to style an all black outfit for spring, and it’s definitely my newest go-to look. As my dad loves to say “I love it when a plan comes together!” Me, too, dad. Me, too! Check it out…

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May 19, 2017

The Most Comfortable Shorts EVER – American Eagle

When I first put these shorts on, I was like “oh yeah, I’m keeping these babies” before I even looked in the mirror.  They are hands-down the MOST comfortable item of clothing I’ve ever put on my body.  (I mean, it didn’t hurt that they were under $40, too).  So soft, so perfectly broken-in . . . long enough to wear without feeling like everything is hanging out . . . it almost didn’t even matter what they looked like.  Almost.

The problem I have when I buy longer shorts is that they typically make me look wider than I am.  Because I have to buy them large enough to fit my butt, the legs kind of stick out straight and make my thighs look bigger (where my big booty girls at – I know you know what I’m talking about!).  So I just had to figure out how to make them flattering.  The solution?  A simple roll at the bottom gave them a bit more shape and voila – I found my new favorite pair of shorts.

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May 18, 2017

Lemlem X Joe Fresh Swim! (SO. GOOD.)

Gang, I’m a longtime fan of Lemlem:  the floaty scarves and dresses, the summer-ready patterns, and the fact that the brand is committed to hiring women, elevating African artisanship and creating more jobs in African nations.  The only downside is that true artisanship – compared to fast fashion – costs more.  Pieces in the Lemlem collection often range from $100 – $500.

Enter Joe Fresh, a Canadian-based fast fashion retailer.  They’ve come together on a swimwear collaboration that is GORGEOUS – fans of the brand will recognize the Lemlem influence – with proceeds going to Liya Kebede Foundation.

All the yes.




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May 17, 2017

Preppy with a Twist: Waist-Tied Tops & Leopard Print Heels

Ahh, Spring. The perfect time (and temp) to switch up your style. Whether you’re going from parkas to sundresses or you’re a lucky one who’s been in shorts all year (cough, cough CAM) you want a little something new. When the TME girls gave me a style challenge, I was determined to take on “preppy” as best I could. Collared shirts, if we’re getting specific here. Damn, these girls are good at dishing out the hard stuff.

As much as I usually don’t like button-up collared shirts, I can’t help but be drawn to unique trends. Since I’ve been eyeing all the great new wrap-around style button up blouses I figured this was as good a time as any to try one.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE preppy style, I just feel like I can never quite pull it off.  Mainly, I don’t like feeling constricted. As a child, I refused to stay dressed because I couldn’t stand how suffocating clothes made me feel. Obviously, I made it through the ‘no clothes’ phase but restrictive clothing isn’t necessarily conducive to my lifestyle. I’m constantly moving while working; I spread out on the floor when painting and drawing and stand and pace when writing.

The top I was planning on ordering was sold out in my size so I headed to the mall where I found a similar style at New York and Company. I paired it with my Rocket Citizens and (in true preppy fashion) my low-slung pointed toe leopard heels.

Of course, in the store, the top was professionally tied in a lovely bow that I had to dismantle in order to put the shirt on.  I was never able to re-create their perfect wrap and knot but the long ties allowed me to get creative with styling and wrapping in different ways. I liked having it tied a little looser to give me some room to breathe and so my ta-ta’s weren’t too squished. My biggest concern of course was that it was going to be too constricting but the material was quite comfortable and had a nice bit of stretch for moving.  Plus, I couldn’t believe how many compliments I received while wearing it.

Mission: Successful.

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May 16, 2017

$50 Shift Dress Styled 4 Ways

This Leith shift dress has long been one of my favorites . . . it’s an easy dress to throw on and go, dress up or dress down and comes in a ton of colors (which change all the time).  The cut is super flattering for all body types and doesn’t hug like some dresses do – even for this pear-shaped girl.  Bonus: It’s machine-washable (hang to dry) and under $50.  Here are four ways I’m wearing it: 

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May 16, 2017

Introducing Our Newest Contributor…..Julieta!!

Wow! The day finally came and I’m still pinching myself because I can’t believe I’m going to be a part of this great team. Shana was a big inspiration when I started my blog and I was always using the #myeverydayedit hashtag to see if I could get a feature. But this? I’m still in disbelief. And we met in person! We sat, talked and laughed while enjoying some chips and guac.

So…hola! I’m Julieta. I’m almost 29 years old, a wife to an amazing man, a mom to a threenager, a three-month-old and a baby I never got to hold.  I was born and raised in Colombia, but love and fashion brought me to NY. During a semester I came to study English my now husband made the move and didn’t let me go back to my country without a ring on my hand. He was lucky because I always had in mind to finish college and come to NY to continue my fashion studies at FIT. I quickly returned to Colombia to finish my last semester. Once done, I got married, packed what I could of my life and moved to the United States at the young age of 21. I know I was crazy! oh and he’s Colombian too!

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May 15, 2017

(Not So) Mellow Yellow: 2017 Spring Color Trend


I’m looking at the gaggle of daffodils I planted in our yard last fall and noticing how vibrant the yellow looks on gray spring days. It’s definitely not a color that shies away from the spotlight! Even though dark neutrals are my comfort zone, I can’t help falling in love with all the lemon, mustard, and butter shades popping up in my favorite stores. Check out the happiest new yellow finds I rounded up for wearing and decorating…

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May 15, 2017

Proportion Play: Mini Dresses + Cropped Jeans

I sure hope everyone had a beautiful Mother’s Day! Sienna, Camper and I got to have a special day recently where we pretended to be in France for a bit, right here in Portland. (You may have seen a sneak peek on my Instagram @elletrain) We bought lovely flowers at the adorable City Market and dined on French fare and pastries at St. Honoré. An old man with suspenders and a baguette in hand seriously walked by! I mean. Timing. And to top it all off, it was a sunny day here in PDX and it couldn’t have been lovelier. Special time with my girls plus pastries and sunshine? Good for this mama’s soul.

I wanted to wear a little something out of the norm for me, something with a bit more color that felt a little springy but still practical for chasing a kiddo and a puppy. The result? I came up with a new pairing I adore: springy mini dress + cropped ankle jeans. Check out this combo and our fun mother-daughter day.

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