August 9, 2016

#myeverydayedit Cool Summer Style


booties  | jeans

…and by cool, I mean temps! This summer has been gorgeously pleasantly cool here in Portland. All the kids with no AC say YAY!!! I’ve been wearing jeans on the reg for most of the last month and I LOVE IT. And I found THE best tank ever. And I got a new tattoo. Yup.

Here’s what I’ve been into in the outfit department lately…

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March 6, 2016

An End of Winter #MyEverydayEdit

The end of February and beginning of March is my least favorite time of the year. As my fellow Midwestern residents can attest, these weeks are particularly bleak and uninspiring. It’s still very much winter, the snow shows little sign of letting up, and there are no more fun holidays to look forward to.  The last thing I want to do is spend any more money on winter gear when Spring is so close, nor do I look forward to putting on the winter boots and coat I so excitedly purchased and wore only a few months ago.

So, I look to your #myeverydayedit Instagram posts to be inspired by fresh takes on styling. Here are the outfits I managed to pull together these last few weeks and also a collection of a just a few of your outfits that I found especially inspiring!

P.s. If you are new around here, #myeverydayedit is an Instagram tag we use at The Mom Edit to share our every day style. I promise, we are all nice gals and you should definitely consider joining in on the fun. (no pressure or anything)  You can find us at: @ShanaChristine@Scottiliz, @Camilledipoala, @Elletrain and @jessbobess.

So without further ado….


My Every Day Edit Outfit #1

A photo posted by jessbobess (@jessbobess) on


Outfit Details:

fedora – RVCA ‘Sunner’ Wool Hat available at Nordstroms, $45.00

top – I bought this top about three years ago at Forever21 and had trouble finding a lace cutout top in this mustard color. The closest I came to finding something similar was this Little Creek Top from ShopRuche for $48.99

jeans – Hudson Brooklyn Skinny Moto jeans,in blue denim, available at Shoptiques for $148.50. Or on Amazon in their grey color called “Lalaland” , $218.50 – $255.00

booties – Dolce Vita Jaeger Boots available on Amazon for $133.50 – $160.00

bag – Kerry ‘Fringe’ Crossbody Bag at Nordstroms, $59.95

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February 21, 2016

Laura’s #myeverydayedit (I promise it’s not ALL overalls!)


blazer (similar) | top (similar) | jeans | mules | earrings (similar)

Hey hey… #myeverdayedit post is here in hopes to pull you out of a gray, mid-winter slump. That is what I’m trying to do over here anyway (see the workout outfit below…sheesh…I’m a goofball, for sure).

I love love looking at everyone’s #myeverydayedit pics on Instagram. It’s so fun to see what you’re wearing, especially in the gray days of winter. As for me, I’m still mostly wearing overalls. Big surprise, I know. Those of you who follow me at @elletrain are all too familiar with my overalls, but I did manage to include some other looks in the last week or so.

The 90’s Called

Blazers and boyfriend jeans and mules have been calling me lately …these mules I’m wearing: LOVE. And something besides the Kork Ease wedges that are on constant repeat! (More on those mules later with some outfit combination ideas.) This was for a casual date night with friends to celebrate my birthday. (38 and feeling great! And tired. But mostly great!)

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December 30, 2015

Laura’s #myeverydayedit Pics – Holiday Travel Outfits

Hello from water-logged Arkansas! Thanks to bad weather and general holiday air travel craziness our stay has been extended. In the mean time (and for the sake of fashion) I wanted to share photos of the outfits from my holiday packing post with you all + what I learned along the way:


– planned outfits are a must

– mother nature can (and did!) throw a wrench in your well-planned wardrobe

– always pack a couple of extra items for different weather


I also realized that I planned a different pair of shoes for each outfit. Oops. I do tend to travel with multiple, but five pairs is definitely overkill for a one week trip. I paired (pun intended) it down to four thinking I’d wear the leopard print shoes for the date night outfit. Major strides people, I know.

Outfit #1

This outfit worked well for the first morning, at least. The sweater was on the heavy side but it did hold out for some last minute shopping. I have a feeling this will be a winter staple for me – when we get home it’ll be perfect.

sweater | jeans (similar) and these | shoes (similar and amazing! and these) | earrings

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December 8, 2015

Much Ado About #myeverydayedit

My reaction to Shana asking if if I would be interested in joining the #myeverydayedit fun on Instagram looked something like this:

So to say I am excited is an understatement.

And just in case you don’t know what’s got me acting as giddy as a school girl at her first slumber party,  #myeverydayedit is a hashtag on instagram that Shana (@shanachristine) and others from The Mom Edit team (@camilledipaola, @scottiliz) use to post photos of their everyday outfits through out the week.

I’ve been following the #myeverydayedit posts since the get-go, admiring from a distance and trying to work up the nerve to join in. I think it’s such a cool concept and so much fun to see everyone’s unique individual style expressed through their day to day outfits.

To give you guys a better understanding of what you could expect from my posts, I thought it would be helpful if I tried to describe my own style… but I’d never really sat down and thought about my “style” in any definitive terms before and as it turns out, isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

So armed with my most serious researching techniques (aka a bottle of wine and pinterest)  I stumbled upon this quote:


style quote

I think style is an expression of our individuality. Choosing what we wear is just another way we can express who we are and what we are feeling. It’s amazing how many unique variations of “lazy bum” I can come up with 😉  And this quote is really what #myeverydayedit is all about. There is no right way or wrong way to dress- what makes style fun is each person’s unique take on the clothes they choose to wear.

So….(shameless plug)…if you haven’t already- you should join us on Instagram for some fun. We don’t bite!

My personal style is probably best described as  “boho”, eclectic, and a bit adventurous. Comfort is high on my priority list.

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November 9, 2015

How To Wear Leggings Now



I’m taking over our usual #myeverydayedit spot to talk about leggings.  In the comments section of the cozy sweater article, Beth had asked us for legging inspiration, so I’ve been doing a little thinking.  If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine), I threw a few of these pics out there already, and asked TME’s insta-community for additional ideas.  They’ve been insanely helpful, tagging relevant pics with #themomeditleggings.  (I know, I know – so literal.  I’ve been busy, you guys, and the only other hashtag I could come up with was #TMEslicklegs and NO.  Just NO.)

In any case, here are three ways I’ve been wearing leggings-as-real-pants (as well as a few ideas from the #myeverydayedit community on Instagram).

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November 1, 2015

My Everyday Edit

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  I hope it wasn’t nearly as cold or rainy for you as it was for us!  It put a bit of a damper on trick-or-treating, but we still went out for G’s first experience.  It’s not until you start explaining the process to your 15-month-old (not that she can fully understand) that you realize trick-or-treating is actually super weird.  “So normally don’t talk to strangers at all . . . but tonight we can knock on people’s doors and ask them for treats.  Ok?”  The look on her face was priceless . . . she was thoroughly confused, but she had fun!  Now I’m in the middle of a mad dash to take down all the Halloween decorations and pack for PHILLY.  SO excited to see Shana and the fam . . . but first I’ve got laundry to do.  SO without further ado, here are my everyday outfit looks!

Girlfriend Jeans Before It Gets Too ColdEveryday-Casual-Style-2


Express Girlfriend Jeans

Old Blouse, Similar Leopard Print Here

Similar Shoes

Old Clutch but I’m loving this green color!


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October 11, 2015

#MyEverydayEdit Is BACK



Ok Gang!!  After a not-so-brief hiatus, #myEverydayEdit is back!  If you’re new here (hi!), #myEverydayEdit is an Instagram hashtag that a bunch of us use to show the kinds of outfits we’re wearing everyday.  Some are date night, some are workout….but expect to see mostly denim.  At least from me (@shanachristine).  🙂

This post will highlight not only what I’ve been wearing, but a what a few other ‘grammers have been wearing – fun stuff that caught my eye.  Everyone is welcome to join – just upload a pic of yo’self to Instagram (or your shoes or scarf or whatever accessory porn you want to taunt us with) using the hashtag #myeverydayedit.

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August 10, 2015

#myeverydayedit – Mama Got Her Mojo Back


Hair braided, make-up on and an overall look of “hellz yeh”. We have left the first trimester. ALLELUIA.

It’s so cool when you don’t wake up feeling like poop every morning, knowing that you will feel like poop for a while that day…and then tomorrow…and then the next day. It is glorious, actually.

I do still feel ehhh some days (I mean, I am pregnant),  but it’s better than the feelings of DEATH I had before. I’ll take it!

Anyways, on that death note…let’s get on with this #myeverydayedit thang.

(It’s funny, because you can see the slow progression of me going from blah to better with each outfit. ha ha.)

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