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Post-Partum / Nursing
A Perfect Post-Partum Outfit: Pooch Hiding, Nursing and Babywearing Friendly

PC096231 I love this pic. Despite the fact that Pax was born 3 weeks ago, I hardly look post-partum at all! Happy day. Unfortunately, it’s only a trick of the eye, due in large part to my husbands mad photography skills, the sweet cape/poncho thing I’m wearing, and the fact that I squeezed into a Bella Band per J’s instructions: “put it on so tight you can barely breathe!”
Bella Band or no, this will be my default (aka wear everyday) post-partum outfit until I loose the pooch. Or at least until I lose most of the pooch. Or summer hits…whichever comes first.

Date Night & Dressin' Up
Black, White and Shades of Gray – M’s Christmas Wish List

We all know this: when it rains it pours. It wouldn’t be a cliche if it weren’t just so dang true. Indeed, it has been a bit of a deluge at my house. So I’m feeling like I just sort of want to keep my head down and sneak out of 2010 and into 2011 nice and slow, without. . . making. . . any. . . waves. I didn’t realize my mood had permeated even my fashion sensibilities until I started clipping my picks for this post and I saw that everything was black, white and gray, hence my Christmas/Holiday 2010 wish list, a collection of drool-worthy if monochromatic gift ideas for mamas.

Gift Ideas For Men (From a Man’s Perspective) Part 1

Let’s begin this year with my number one rule when buying for men. We are simple creatures, we are not complicated, trying to buy us elaborate or complicated gifts rarely works. Trying to buy us clothing that is out of our personality range rarely works. Most of us enjoy tradition, simplicity, experience, and quality. A grandfather or father probably passed those values down to us so it’s usually somewhere inside, even if it’s buried beneath a love for video games or other materialistic bologna. This list is built around that concept. I didn’t include very many electronics or high tech gadgets because those are too easy. Everybody wants an iPad, PS3, LCD TV, GPS, blah, blah, blah.

Gift Guide: S’s Gift Picks for Moms

Gang, I’m back!! Sort of. Sleep deprived, yes. Living in a fog…um, yeah…that too. But the happy mum of two adorable boys. And if that weren’t enough (although it is, really)…it’s the holiday season! After nine long months or pregnancy, and after too many sleepless nights, I’m in the mood to be pampered. I’ll bet many of you are too. So forward this on to your gentlemen or partners to help point them in the right direction, gift-wise.

Mom Street Style: Tall Boots For Shorter Moms

PB065411 In our last Style Rules for Moms article, many readers either commented (or wrote in) wondering how tall a boot must be to qualify as a “tall boot”….J solved this problem perfectly by going for a pair of Frye Harness boots (in a gorgeous charcoal color).

Date Night & Dressin' Up
Go Buy Now: Fine Glitter Headband For Upcoming Holiday Parties (or for those who secretly want a tiara)

There’s a part of me that would like to wear a tiara. Yes, on my head. And yes – out of the house. You know…princess-like.
I do realize that it doesn’t quite match 30-something wrinkles. But still.
So this past summer, when the Fine Glitter headband sparkled out at me from the J. Crew display, I was hooked. It’s pretty. It’s sparkly. It’s tiara-like. And…it’s subtle enough to not be mistaken for an actual tiara. Or a blatant channeling of Blair Waldorf.

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