December 19, 2016

PJ Loungewear Week: Warm Slippers + Cozy Cardis + Soft Slips


The holiday season has been extra exciting for us this year because we’re celebrating in our new house! We’ve been so busy with the seemingly unending tasks that come with settling in to a new home, that we haven’t had time to really decorate for the holidays.

It’s easy to tell which one’s our house at night though! We’re the completely dark home in between the two houses with all the festive Christmas lights! No biggie, we were doomed to be the designated neighborhood slacker couple from the get-go.

Inside though, it’s surprisingly cozy and Christmas-y despite our minimal decorating efforts, thanks to the snow that started falling over a week ago and hasn’t stopped since. I’m not even that mad about all of the snow because it convinced me it was time to buy the Minnetonka slipper booties I’ve wanted all year and I don’t know how I lived before having a pair of slippers like these, they became essential to my wardrobe and well-being overnight.

By the way, this is toootally what I look like when I wake up in the morning, minus the three layers of makeup and and any hint of life behind my eyes.

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December 12, 2016

It’s PJ and Loungewear Week: My Favs



Hey there, holiday-loving Mamas!  We’re pretty excited about this week.  This week has been declared PJs & Loungewear Week (by, uh, us),  so every day this week, someone from the TME team will be posting about their favorite loungewear, sweatpants, leggings, or jammies.

I mean….pretty dresses and high heels are great and everything, but WE KNOW WHAT YOU WEAR THE MOST, MAMAS.  WE KNOW.

So.  Whether you are visiting the in-laws for the holidays and just want something cozy and cute to wear in the mornings (without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions), or you need something bright and cheery for Christmas morning photo ops…by the end of the week, consider yourself Shopping. Enabled.

It’s all for the greater good, of course.  Because what makes a better gift than jammies or sweatpants?


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November 18, 2016

Taking it Back to Casual Town with my new Vera Bradley Backpack (& a fun recap)


Considering that my life calls for casual attire, after dressing up my new Vera Bradley Leighton backpack for the Pittsburgh event, I dialed everything back to ummm…REALITY…and have been carrying this baby with me every day, no matter what I’ve got on.

I’ve worn it with yoga pants even…and have felt pretty damn awesome, because of it’s classy sass.

My current favorite thing to wear it with though? — a flannel shirt w/ cropped jeans and a sick pair of flat booties.

It really does it for me in a big way.

Play dates? Yep. All the errands? Yep. Thanksgiving programs at school? Oh, YEP. That happened today in this very outfit.

I really feel like I need to take a moment to thank the backpack for inspiring my new favorite everyday momiform…and for assisting me in keeping some semblance of cool, even if I do happen to have some PB&J encrusted on my back. Yep, that happened today, too. So.

Thank you, Vera Bradley Leighton backpack. From the bottom of my mama heart. You rock.

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November 15, 2016

Cam’s Go-to Holiday Outfit


My Christmas season looks a lot like…

Cocoa and cuddling on the couch with the hubs (the cocoa may or may not be spiked. idk).

Making cookies with the kids (or watching as they eat and simultaneously drop all of ingredients on the kitchen floor).

Grabbing a drink with the bestie, laughing until we realize we need to stop drinking, talking about how fast the year flew by (and how big our babies are getting ::sob::).

Blasting Christmas music in the minivan and dancing to it like a fool, while running around doing the normal mom things with the kids.

Bonfires with our neighbors/built-in-family in the back yard. <3

Online Christmas shopping. for ALL OF THE PRESENTS. Free two day shipping. I mean, come on!

A very little amount of sequins, glitter and champagne bottle poppin’.


Nah, really I wouldn’t change a thing (except to maybe go to ONE fabulous holiday party – haha).

So. My go-to holiday outfit is a pretty casual one, but one with festive elements thrown in…because CHRISTMAS.

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November 15, 2016

Shana’s Go-To Holiday Outfit


Happy holidays!  We’re a little early here, but with Thanksgiving right around the corner…we’re going with close enough.    So let’s kick things off with a week of Go-To Holiday Style.

It’s easy to get caught up in style possibilities around the holidays – the pretty dresses, the gorgeous shoes, the shimmery little tanks – holiday dressing is often part fantasy.  All that shine and sparkle.  But when it comes down to it….most of us won’t be donning sweeping gowns or sequin-encrusted mini dresses for our holiday soirees.  So we wanted to start with what we’re really going to be wearing for the holidays.   Each day this week, one of the TME editors will cover their tried-and-true, Honestly Yes I Will Be Wearing This, Go-To holiday outfit.

Here’s mine.


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October 28, 2016

Pumpkins, Hay, and Seriously Cozy Boots


Greenlea and I had the best time at the Hayes Corn Maze the other day.  It’s like a fall wonderland for toddlers.  There’s pumpkins and hay and live animals and a ton of games and displays set up for (literally) endless hours of entertainment for the kids.  Bring a child full of energy to burn, leave with an exhausted and happy one.  Greenlea could hardly contain her excitement once we walked in.  She started running from here to there, giggling and shouting “Come on guys!”  It’s SO much more fun to experience seasons and holidays with kids.  Their excitement is catching and a great reminder to not take ourselves too seriously.

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October 27, 2016

My Take On The Menswear Trend: Sneaker Oxfords



I’ve been coveting Mike’s sneaker oxfords.  He wears his with a suit during the week, and jeans on the weekends.  As if the already huge comfort-chasm between guy’s clothes and women’s clothes needed to widen.  Ugh.

But this latest resurgence of the menswear trend feels a little more….equal opportunity.  Spoiler alert:  I found the shoes.

Additionally, I found myself developing something of a formula (which sounds so much better than ‘rut’):  menswear accessories mixed with delicate little jewelry.   The backdrop for all of this?  A classic button-down shirt.

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October 25, 2016

Need A Bag Refresh? Meet My Latest Obsession: Hobos


Mama’s got a brand new bag.

You may remember my previous bag obsession, Rebecca Minkoff’s Julian Backpack.  It’s the bag I just can’t quit (even now), but it does have a few limitations:

One:  Pickpockets.  (Just go with me here.)  While in Barcelona this past summer, I brought my backpack only to be stopped by locals and warned about pickpockets.  After Mike’s prescription sunglasses were “lifted” (ugh), I realized they were right.  So while this isn’t a huge issue stateside, I would think twice before packing my backpack next time.

Two: I can’t fit my laptop.  My giant camera?  Easily.  Laptop?  Sadly, no.

So what’s a girl to do?

The obvious choices are a giant tote, or a big ‘ol satchel.  But I’m SO over totes right now, and giant satchels, while amazing, aren’t that comfortable for walking.  I’ve been totally and completely spoiled by the comfort of my Minkoff backpack (even when stuffed full), and satchels, rather than moulding to your body, bang and bump and stay structured.

But the hobo bag… moulds.  Happily, this time around, the newer hobo bags are bigger, and some even have a cross-body strap, making these perfect for us mamas on the go (whether we’re toting laptops or diapers).

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October 23, 2016

A Fresh Way to Wear Tall Boots


I think I have finally cracked the code, ya’ll. I figured out how to successfully wear tall boots day-to-day, without feeling way over-dressed.

I’ve tried over-the-knee boots with a short little shift dress and, while it was cute, it wasn’t exactly practical – with having to pick up kids, chase after kids and yeh, BE A MOM. I was pregnant, nonetheless! I know I flashed at least a few people that day – live and learn, live and learn.

I decided to go the opposite direction this time – slouchy, comfortable and decidedly more casual.

Spoiler alert:  I FREEKIN’ ROCKED IT OUT.

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