October 28, 2016

Pumpkins, Hay, and Seriously Cozy Boots


Greenlea and I had the best time at the Hayes Corn Maze the other day.  It’s like a fall wonderland for toddlers.  There’s pumpkins and hay and live animals and a ton of games and displays set up for (literally) endless hours of entertainment for the kids.  Bring a child full of energy to burn, leave with an exhausted and happy one.  Greenlea could hardly contain her excitement once we walked in.  She started running from here to there, giggling and shouting “Come on guys!”  It’s SO much more fun to experience seasons and holidays with kids.  Their excitement is catching and a great reminder to not take ourselves too seriously.

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October 27, 2016

My Take On The Menswear Trend: Sneaker Oxfords



I’ve been coveting Mike’s sneaker oxfords.  He wears his with a suit during the week, and jeans on the weekends.  As if the already huge comfort-chasm between guy’s clothes and women’s clothes needed to widen.  Ugh.

But this latest resurgence of the menswear trend feels a little more….equal opportunity.  Spoiler alert:  I found the shoes.

Additionally, I found myself developing something of a formula (which sounds so much better than ‘rut’):  menswear accessories mixed with delicate little jewelry.   The backdrop for all of this?  A classic button-down shirt.

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October 25, 2016

Need A Bag Refresh? Meet My Latest Obsession: Hobos


Mama’s got a brand new bag.

You may remember my previous bag obsession, Rebecca Minkoff’s Julian Backpack.  It’s the bag I just can’t quit (even now), but it does have a few limitations:

One:  Pickpockets.  (Just go with me here.)  While in Barcelona this past summer, I brought my backpack only to be stopped by locals and warned about pickpockets.  After Mike’s prescription sunglasses were “lifted” (ugh), I realized they were right.  So while this isn’t a huge issue stateside, I would think twice before packing my backpack next time.

Two: I can’t fit my laptop.  My giant camera?  Easily.  Laptop?  Sadly, no.

So what’s a girl to do?

The obvious choices are a giant tote, or a big ‘ol satchel.  But I’m SO over totes right now, and giant satchels, while amazing, aren’t that comfortable for walking.  I’ve been totally and completely spoiled by the comfort of my Minkoff backpack (even when stuffed full), and satchels, rather than moulding to your body, bang and bump and stay structured.

But the hobo bag…..it moulds.  Happily, this time around, the newer hobo bags are bigger, and some even have a cross-body strap, making these perfect for us mamas on the go (whether we’re toting laptops or diapers).

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October 23, 2016

A Fresh Way to Wear Tall Boots


I think I have finally cracked the code, ya’ll. I figured out how to successfully wear tall boots day-to-day, without feeling way over-dressed.

I’ve tried over-the-knee boots with a short little shift dress and, while it was cute, it wasn’t exactly practical – with having to pick up kids, chase after kids and yeh, BE A MOM. I was pregnant, nonetheless! I know I flashed at least a few people that day – live and learn, live and learn.

I decided to go the opposite direction this time – slouchy, comfortable and decidedly more casual.

Spoiler alert:  I FREEKIN’ ROCKED IT OUT.

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October 18, 2016

Interesting Cardigans, Fresh Air, and Brave Steps


cardigan (c/o Modcloth) | top (c/o) | gloves (c/o)

Coziness. That’s pretty much all I can focus on clothing-wise right now, especially with a trip to the coast. (Think: cold, windy, rainy). And I love how even a quick trip to the shore is so renewing and refreshing…there’s just something about fresh air and being near a body of water. I forget how much my soul needs these little day trips to the beach.

I recently had a dear friend visit for a week (you may have seen our adventures over on Instagram @elletrain).  She lives in Toronto and our time together is far too little. She left a few days ago and I’m feeling pretty bummed. It’s tough when good friends live far away, even with technology. And I think it gets harder as moms, wives, and business women to find time to foster friendships. The kind of friendships that reflect our best selves back to us. It’s too easy to lose ourselves in our families. And while it’s a very noble cause, I sometimes wake up and think “Wait, what happened to me? Where did I go?”

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October 12, 2016

What to Buy At Shopbop’s MAINEVENT Sale




jacket | gray cardi | cream cardi | bag | boots


Hey there!!  Shopbop’s MAINEVENT sale has just started, and it’s really good.  Take 25% off purchases up to $500, and 30% off purchases over $500.  They have a few of the really big ticket items: Stuart Weitzmand lowland and highland boots, IRO leather jackets, but in addition, a ton of really interesting cardigans, cozy sweaters, gorgeous blouses and dresses perfect for the holidays.  As promised, I’ve also included a few maternity pieces.

Keep reading for links to all of my favorite pieces….

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October 5, 2016

Introducing Buru White Label (Especially For New or Nursing Mamas)


Gang, I’ve been meaning to tell you about the launch of the Buru White Label for quite some time.   Somewhere in between summer wrapping up and school starting, which, over here means homework, soccer and more homework (WTF THIRD GRADE)….

It all fell down.  On the upside, my son will be ready to take the SAT any time now.  (Ha, ha….ha.  #no)

But here’s why I’m so excited about my friend Morgan’s latest venture:  Shop Buru, my favorite online go-to for all things nursing and post-partum (she seriously has a ‘machine washable’ SECTION, as well as an ‘elastic waist‘ one…I mean, she gets us, she really gets us), just launched her own label, the Buru White Label.

While Shop Buru has always had an insanely well-edited selection of items, the majority of pieces were priced well over $100.  Morgan was getting frustrated that she couldn’t find jaw-droppingly cool fashion for moms – pieces that could stand up to a spin in the washing machine –  for under $100.

So she created the Buru White Label. The whole line is filled with pieces that somehow look…expensive….Morgan’s nailed that Sorry, I’m Impossibly Chic vibe, yet the pieces are priced from $60 – $150.  She’s included detailed wash and care notes in the description of each item, as well as an explanation on how one might be able to nurse or pump in each piece. Finally, Morgan’s own styling is pretty inspiring.  I like browsing through just for ideas.

Keep reading to see a few of my favorite pieces (as well as a discount code just for TME readers)…..

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September 30, 2016

Nursing-Friendly AND Post-Partum Friendly Fall Staples

Hey mamas of tiny ones…this post is yours. New mamas and all of us with still-soft tummies want a fall update, too. There are some lovely finds this season that are still kind to feeding babes and feeling fab postpartum.

Rounding up some of these finds made me a little nostalgic about those early days with Sienna. She was an adorable little bundle, with the roundest cheeks you ever did see! She started saying ‘hi’ at about 8 months old….and hasn’t stopped since.

Confession: I still have and wear a pair of my favorite maternity jeans. Nostalgia is a powerful force.  

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September 20, 2016

Sweatpant-Like Dress Pants, Styled For Weekend, Work, and Wink-Wink


Meet my new favorite pants.  These babies are crazy comfortable and can go everywhere:  coffee, work, date night.  They are, technically, ponte pants, but they’re stretchier than the ponte pants I’ve worn before, yet are thicker and super soft.  The thickness (and rear pockets HOLLA) make these pants appropriate for work (even if you don’t have your bum covered), but feel like lounge pants.

I’m alllll about lounge-like pants.

Lastly, these pants are high rise so they smooth out your mid-section and don’t need to be tugged up.  Yes.  Yesyesyes.

Keep reading to see how I styled these pants for a precious weekend morning alone (yes to that, too), work (pretending that I’m still teaching), and date night (sexiest sweatpants ever).

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