May 30, 2017

Three Gorgeous Tops (That Are Unexpectedly Perfect For Nursing!)

Muuu Muuu… that means hola in my cow language. Do you feel like a cow sometimes?

I have a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding. Putting aside the saggy breasts, the middle of the night milk-puddle in my bed, nursing strikes, a kid who wanted to be glued to my breast for years and another kid who screams at my breast. I love nursing! I seriously do. I think so, cause I’ve been doing it for the past three and a half years so, you know? THERE’S GOTTA BE SOMETHING TO IT.

OH, I know! When my baby locks his eyes with mine and nurses peacefully almost drifting out to sleep. I won’t tell you how often that happens or else I’ll start crying.

Do you know what else is hard about breastfeeding? How tricky and sometimes boring getting dressed becomes.

When I was a first time mom, I think I stopped myself from wearing many things I wanted. I don’t really remember wearing a lot of tops with high necklines. I stuck to the most nursing friendly pieces I found. You know v-necks, wrap tops and some button ups.

The truth is that apart from a few on trend pieces, I like to buy things that I’m going to wear for quite some time. I think I’m not the only one, am I? I refused maternity clothing in both my pregnancies with the exception of two pairs of maternity jeans for my last pregnancy. Nothing else to do with my huge yoga ball. Same for nursing, with the exception of a few nursing bras, I just try to make it work in many other ways with what I have or want to get.

However, this time around I’m a little more open to other options without sacrificing comfort and I’ve found three unexpected tops that are great for nursing during the warmer months. They truly help me feel stylish when I’m feeling like a cow.

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April 3, 2017

Supportive Swimwear for Larger Busts: Our 2017 Picks


Hey all! We’ve been getting tons of questions from you ladies about swim styles that offer a bit more support up top, especially for larger busts. It can be really disappointing when you love a certain style, only to try it on and feel like the designers forgot about that silly thing called gravity? Or if you’ve nursed a few babes and now find you need more than stretchy fabric to keep things where they should be, we’ve got you covered.

When you’re looking for supportive swim tops, it helps to skim the description for these key words: underwire, hidden or otherwise; side boning (your hubby will probably find that amusing if his sense of humor hasn’t evolved much since junior high, like mine’s); and 3-row 2-column (or some combination) hook & eye closure like regular bras & sports bras have for extra security.

I found so many good choices this year, even more so than in years past. I noticed a happy and inclusive trend this year that stylish and on-trend swim brands are making the same style in regular, larger cup sizes and plus sizes. Yay for finally recognizing bodies come in more sizes than small, medium and large! I grouped swim styles by tankini/bikini and one-pieces, so everyone can find their comfortable level of coverage.

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September 30, 2016

Nursing-Friendly AND Post-Partum Friendly Fall Staples

Hey mamas of tiny ones…this post is yours. New mamas and all of us with still-soft tummies want a fall update, too. There are some lovely finds this season that are still kind to feeding babes and feeling fab postpartum.

Rounding up some of these finds made me a little nostalgic about those early days with Sienna. She was an adorable little bundle, with the roundest cheeks you ever did see! She started saying ‘hi’ at about 8 months old….and hasn’t stopped since.

Confession: I still have and wear a pair of my favorite maternity jeans. Nostalgia is a powerful force.  

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April 11, 2016

The Free People Tops You’ll Want To Wear Allllll Summer Long




Hey, HEY, HA-AY!   Nordstrom reached out, asking if I wanted to take a peek at what Free People has been up to lately.  Summer must be coming, because I was already up to my ears in Free People tops.

If you are new here, welcome.  My name is Shana and I have a Free People problem.

My love for Free People has been well-documented on this blog, but it really all started after my oldest was born during that pesky post-partum phase.  The one where your boobs have reached uncomfortably epic proportions, but that’s fine because those giant melons are the only thing hiding the the poochiness of your stomach.  You know that phase? Lovely.  The only thing better than this post-partum phase is when you can go through it in the summer. [raises fist]  YES.  Nothing like a little sweat and sticky fabrics to highlight that pooch!

So yeah.  This is where Free People comes in.  Each Spring (and I’m on a roll because I’m now five years post-partum), I pick out one fabulously drapey top from Free People.  These tops have become my summer go-tos: dress ’em up, dress ’em down, eat whatever. Win.

This year, I may or may not have gotten a little carried away.  If you follow me on instagram (@shanachristine) you might have noticed many tops of late have started with an “F” and rhyme with “zee people”.  They have varying degrees of pooch-hiding abilities (#5years #shutup), and *most* are nursing friendly.

What can I say? Zis stuff is good.


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April 6, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Style a Blazer for Everyday

ideas for styling a blazer

Blazers, ya’ll. I love a blazer – have always had at least one in my closet for as long as I can remember.

Many of you probably have one as well…or at least think you may want one, because it’s just one of those things – a pretty, classic basic. It’s tricky though. I mean, right? A blazer is a very tailored look, which can make it interesting tying it into your rotation of easy, everyday outfits. It’s simple to pair with work attire or with the occasional date night look, because blazers are so good at adding structure and class to a dressy outfit. But the casual route…???

Well, ma friends…maaaaa friends. My absolute favorite way to wear a blazer is CASUALLY. I actually feel more comfortable in a blazer when it’s dressed down. Considering the fact that I don’t have an office to go to (unless you count my desk in the playroom, covered in sticky peanut butter finger prints, dried up play dough and a million drawings by Mads that I can’t seem to just let go of) and I very rarely get out on a date these days (ya know, newborn and all)…my blazer has to be worn in a more casual way. I love it too much to wait for a dressy occasion (in 10 years – ha. Just kidding. Sort of).

So! I put together some outfits, that I then tested on myself, to prove how very possible it is to wear a blazer with day-to-day, mom on-the-go outfits.

Let’s not take a blazer too seriously.

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March 16, 2016

Spring Backpacks and Cool Shoes: They’ll Update Even Your Most Casual Outfits


Need a quick wardrobe refresh?  Yeah.  Me too.  I’ve been trying to figure out what particular Spring trend to highlight, what new and exciting twist could make our hearts sing.  And after scrolling through pages and pages of pretty dresses, flowy skirts, and sky-high heels that I have no business looking at (while in my sweatpants, mind you)…I tossed it all out. I’m just gonna wear what I’m just gonna wear.  Which basically boils down to wearing the exact same thing…only better.

My Spring update couldn’t be easier:  pretty backpack, cool shoes, bright lips.  This virtually fool-proof combo works with even the most casual of outfits (think windbreakers and sneakers), as well as slightly elevated basics, like double denim and cute hoodies.  (If you follow me on Instagram –  @shanachristine  – you’ve already seen this in action.)



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February 22, 2016

The One Top You Need This Spring (And Summer)



If you follow me on Insta (@shanachristine), you’ll know of my latest obsession:  The Peasant Top.  If there’s one thing to add to your wardrobe this Spring, it’s this.  (Bold words, I know).  But here’s the thing:  they look equally amazing with flares as they do with skinny jeans, and they’ll add instant polish to cut-off shorts come summer.

Besides, they’re just so cool.  Peasant tops evoke a sort of just-rolled-in-from-someplace-fabulous vibe, an effortless beachy glam, like loose wavy hair and oversized sunglasses.  However, if sunny skies and warm temps aren’t currently the view from your window….hello, turtleneck.  #youknewthatwascoming

But finding the perfect peasant top is….tricky.  Too many veer into the Terribly Loud Pattern category, or the Very Busy, Busy Print or the ever popular All Volume and No Drape, which, pattern or no, has the added bonus of making most of us look both short and wide.

Personally, I prefer a peasant top with an element of sophistication.  While this often means a black-and-white color palette, I can get on board with color, as long as it’s done in a spirit of restraint.  Keep reading to see which peasant tops I’m drooling over – and I promise all of them can be paired with flares, skinnies, cut-offs, half-tucked AND worn with turtlenecks, like…now.



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January 19, 2016

What to Pack + Wear for that Post-Baby Hospital Stay


This post could just as easily been titled “Postpartum Loungewear”…and I know you all HATE when we post about anything in that genre, so…I’m sorry. ha. ha. riiiight.

I got legitimately excited as I was packing my bag this time around, because I feel as if I now know exactly what I want to be wearing in the hospital after the whole giving birth part: COMFORTABLE STUFF. That’s what.

I also packed a solid (and even cool) “going home outfit”, because baby isn’t the only one that needs to look their best on that ceremonial walk through the halls of the hospital, out to the car and into the house. Mama needs some sort of spotlight here, too. [snort] What this mama will really need is a long, undisturbed nap, but…let’s go with what is more likely to happen –  going home in an outfit that isn’t pajamas, but still uber comfortable (and hey, if you feel like you look cool two days postpartum…SCORE. My job here is done).

Let’s get on with it then…because really, I feel like my water could break at any moment. Seriously. Even “waddling” is being generous – it’s more of a toddle, I would say. Yeh, a toddle.

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October 27, 2015

The Best Cozy Sweaters Right Now



Nighttime walks through snow-covered streets, red cheeks and noses and the way my boys smell so fresh after being outside, a good book under flannel sheets…and cozy sweaters.

That’s pretty much my entire winter bucket list.  The snow covered streets will have to wait, but I’ve got the cozy sweater thing down pat.


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