January 16, 2017

Portland’s Bridge & Burn Annual Sale

Hey hey…my favorite store in Portland is having a big sale! I love their simple, casual, very Pacific Northwest style. They have quality items famous around Portland. All of it is just very ‘me.’  You may recognized them from my rain gear post. My favorite pieces are their shirt dresses, trousers and t-shirts and at the top of my list is one of their waxed raincoats (of course). Check out my very favorite pieces below. Their mens’ line is amazing, too. Use code SAVE40 starting today for 40% off all Bridge & Burn items! Stuff is selling quickly.

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January 16, 2017

Classic Sorels (And One of My Fav Outfits)


It’s winter boot week!  Which means….each day on The Mom Edit, we’ll be talking about our favorite winter boots and how we style them.  I’m kicking things off with some classic Sorels.  I’ve been wearing boots like this since I was a kid – they’re practically standard issue in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I’ve been gleefully watching as Sorel has transformed themselves – over the last decade or so – from the boots my Dad made me wear, to a fashion brand (albeit a verrrry practical one).

Obviously, Dad knew best.

We’ve also been talking about coming up with three perfect outfits, based on layers that can stand on their own – this is one of mine.  (If you follow me on IG @shanachristine, you’re very familiar already.)  I’ve been wearing it with my Sorels on ski weekends, but it easily transitions to a dressier look with different footwear.

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January 10, 2017

LOFT – My 5 Favorite Capsule Pieces

Closet cleaning and capsule wardrobes are always hot topics during the first of the year. I am horrible at official capsule wardrobes, but am starting to get better at getting the overall concept of them…buy go-to pieces that can be workhorses in your closet. Having a sense of your own style sure helps when choosing these pieces and though I don’t own a ton of LOFT pieces, I find myself lately being drawn to some of their stuff online. I decided to head over to their brick and mortar and give them another try in person.

What I found? Pairing some of my own tough-girl pieces with their more refined, workwear items creates a combo I am loving right now. I found 5 pieces that could create a solid start to a capsule wardrobe. Check it.

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January 9, 2017

My Favorite, Most-Worn Pieces

Fashion blogging is a very strange job.  From the curious glances (or outright stares) during photo shoots, to the arguments with your husband over f-stop settings (Amanda recently coined the term #spousetographer to the hilarity of the rest of the TME team), to bribing the kids to cooperate during photos (aka no eye or tongue gymnastics)….it’s a weird job.  Add in the wide range of reactions you get during small talk at parties (disbelief, eye rolling, some genuine interest) and the fact that much of your day is spent staring at photos of yourself in all your *cough*aging*cough* glory….it can be humbling, for sure.  Throw in a few mean-spirited comments now and then, some outfit fails, and the realization that your husband has started to cringe whenever you reach for your pineapple sweatpants (and you are always reaching for said Pineapple sweatpants because they are blogging sweatpants and the fact that you have ‘blogging sweatpants’ at all speaks volumes)….well.

It’s not always glamorous.  (HA.  It’s rarely glamorous.)

But there are some definite perks to the job.  The biggest one being that I genuinely LOVE it.  (You’d have to, really.  See above.)  I love figuring out what works, figuring out how to -easily- feel the most like myself, and then…figuring out how to break it down so others can feel the same.  And when I do?  When I get an email from a reader saying that I’ve helped them discover their own personal style, or helped them find themselves again after babies, or post-partum or nursing or miscarriages or – sometimes – cancer?  I’m totally over-the-moon.  The community aspect of blogging is the biggest perk of all.

But the other perk?  The smaller, but slightly more glamorous one?  CLOTHES.  As a blogger, I’m lucky enough to be gifted with free items from time-to-time, and part of my job is, quite frankly, shopping.  Since we’re so focused on pieces that go the distance, I’m most comfortable recommending pieces that I’ve actually tried.  Tried on, in some cases, and worn and washed and worn again in others.  I cut hems off jeans with wild abandon – making mistakes in the process – so we all can learn from it.  And since one of the goals of this blog is to save you time shopping, we all do our best to stay current.  It’s not very helpful if I keep gushing on and on about the fab DKNY parka I picked up at the Anniversary Sale two years ago.  Try eBay, Suckers!  MWAHHAHA!

It’s tempting, though.  Because there are a few pieces that have emerged over the years as my go-tos.  My closet workhorses.  These are the pieces you’re most likely to find me in, make-up free and flustered, picking up my kids from school.  The pieces I wear on Thursday night date night, when it’s just Mike and I curled up somewhere, the pieces I wear when hanging out with friends.

And since we’re focusing on three perfect outfits this year (the one above is one of them), I though I’d I’d highlight my favorites, my most-worn pieces.  The pieces you’ve probably seen me wearing time and again, the pieces you’ll definitely be seeing more of in the future.  The pieces that definitely factor into the creation of three perfect outfits.

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January 9, 2017

Gorgeous Tech Accessories & Office Supplies to Start the New Year Right


Scale of 1-10, how painful was back to work this week? I’m having major “holiday hangover”, missing having the hubs home during the day and trying to get the kids’ sleep schedule back on track after a week of relaxed rules and way too much sugar. I’m in need of some major motivation and organization – especially since my home “office” is a desk two feet from our bed, and our room happens to be the most disorganized and cluttered room in the house! (Although I heard hygge is the new KonMari, I don’t think it applies here…) 2016 kind of kicked our collective butts, as Shana alluded to – but we are strong, resilient ladies and it’s time to get back to business. Nothing centers me like having a functional, organized clean-ish workspace and I want the things I see and use everyday to “spark joy”. I found some gorgeous tech accessories and stylish office supplies to help start the year on the right foot.

2017: let’s do this thing.

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December 27, 2016

Laura’s Edited Post-Holiday Sale Finds

Ahh, the post-holiday slump. I always get sad when Christmas is over…but, not this year. For many reasons, 2016 has really blown it as a year. I saw this quote the other day on Facebook…

Fellow Arrested Development fans, hear Ron Howard’s voice? Yeah, so, I do love Christmas lights and all, but let’s get on to 2017, shall we!!

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December 20, 2016

This Dot Mesh Bodysuit: A Little Bit Sexy…VERY Comfy


Finding the perfect coat or shoes is one thing. Finding the perfect base is another. 9 times out of 10, as a reader pointed out recently, that coat comes off for work, dinner or parties and what you’re wearing underneath quickly becomes the star of the show.


So when Tamar – founder of TUXE Bodywear and a dear friend – sent over this gorgous dot mesh bodysuit, I knew this was a piece with starpower.  Show off a little bit of dot for just a hint of fun….or layer over a longline bralette and go nuts.   Truth be told, the bodysuit has enough pow to dress up a turtleneck – just roll the sleeves and let the dots shine.

Here are two ways I’m rocking the dots, both a little and a lot.

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December 19, 2016

Last-Minute Gifts for the Cook


If you follow me on Instagram stories at all (@elletrain) you know I love to cook and bake. My grandmother was an amazing Southern food cook and baked the most delicious desserts. My stepmother is half Italian and has always cooked and baked fabulous holiday treats and special birthday meals. My youngest brother works in the food industry and is an avid fan and tester of all Alton Brown’s recipes. My mom is an incredible cook who has hosted international dinners in her home where she’s researched traditional foods from various countries to serve to complete strangers. (#brave) I think it’s in my blood.

I didn’t use to love to cook, but being surrounded by such wonderful foodies in my life, I had no choice but to take up interest. Once you spend a little time trying out recipes and building your repertoire of kitchen tools you learn the genuine satisfaction that comes with making a delicious meal or treat. I know many of you out there probably share my interest or know someone who does. For you or them, a great kitchen tool is really a priceless gift that will be used again and again.

Here, I’ve tried to gather useful, beautiful kitchen gifts that I would absolutely love to receive this Christmas. They’re also all available with Amazon Prime shipping, so you have time to get them ordered before next weekend. From mixers to cookbooks, there’s a little something here for every price point and every cook.

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December 19, 2016

PJ Loungewear Week: Warm Slippers + Cozy Cardis + Soft Slips


The holiday season has been extra exciting for us this year because we’re celebrating in our new house! We’ve been so busy with the seemingly unending tasks that come with settling in to a new home, that we haven’t had time to really decorate for the holidays.

It’s easy to tell which one’s our house at night though! We’re the completely dark home in between the two houses with all the festive Christmas lights! No biggie, we were doomed to be the designated neighborhood slacker couple from the get-go.

Inside though, it’s surprisingly cozy and Christmas-y despite our minimal decorating efforts, thanks to the snow that started falling over a week ago and hasn’t stopped since. I’m not even that mad about all of the snow because it convinced me it was time to buy the Minnetonka slipper booties I’ve wanted all year and I don’t know how I lived before having a pair of slippers like these, they became essential to my wardrobe and well-being overnight.

By the way, this is toootally what I look like when I wake up in the morning, minus the three layers of makeup and and any hint of life behind my eyes.

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December 13, 2016

PJ & Loungewear Week: Long Cardis and Leggings


I. Love. The. Holidays. And you know the most perfect thing that happened on this day? It snowed!!!!! We get so many loads of rainfall each year, but snow is not a regular occurrence here in most of the Pacific Northwest, so we get pretty excited about the first snowfall. I will skip over the part where the next day it pelted us with freezing rain and focus on the magical wintery wonderland we had Thursday.

Sienna was insanely hilarious y’all, this being the first snow that she can remember. She was running around yelling “snow!” for 30 minutes straight when she went outside. She could not believe it! My heart definitely grew three sizes while watching the sheer joy on her little face.

Needless to say, I did not move out of these comfy clothes all day. My new favorite thing is a long cardigan. Pair with soft knit leggings, sherpa lined slippers and (possibly spiked) egg nog and you have a recipe for a perfect snow day right there.

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