January 11, 2016

Tried-and-True New Baby Essentials


I’ve been getting everything together for babe #3. I feel really proud of myself this time around, because I actually feel on top of things. I’m usually scrambling at the end to prep for a new human (or hem, rather, the child impolitely decides to show up weeks early before I have anything ready), but NOT THIS TIME, BABY. Not this time.

Don’t get too sure of yourself, Cams. You still need to clean your gross house, pack your hospital bag…and maybe prepare yourself emotionally for three kids (ha). Oh, right. That. Eh.

I recently put together a Gift Guide for the New Mom, so I thought it only made sense to follow-up with a round-up of things you can use for baby during those early, newborn days. Basically, these are the things that I have found to actually be useful. Not an expert here, but having had two babes…I have simply kept mental notes over the past four years – and I will now pass them on to you. You know, mama solidarity and all of that shizz.

There really isn’t that much to this list either…because yeh. As most of us know already, newborns only do a few things – eat, sleep, poop, repeat. I didn’t really understand that before we had our first, so I had all of this STUFF cluttering up the house. I soon realized after our daughter was born that I only used…oh…maybe a few of them on a very regular basis.

So. Let’s get all kinds of minimalistic on this baby shyat.

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February 17, 2015

The Easiest Way to Highlight & Contour (or how to get instant cheekbones)


I’ve been obsessed with highlighting and contouring ever since I was given Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces book for Christmas in 9th grade.  Highlighting and contouring (or “HAC” for you fellow beauty junkies) really just refers to playing up the shape and features of your face using light and dark colors. You’re essentially creating shadows with dark colors on places you want to “sink in,” or thin, and highlighting areas you want to stand out with lighter colors.  Spending a few extra minutes on HAC can make a HUGE difference. There are lots and LOTS of ways to use this technique and some are easier (and faster) than others.  After many, many hours of doing it myself, I’ve come up with the easiest, fastest way to highlight and contour your face.  (5 minutes!) *All steps are optional.  You can pick and choose how many of these steps you want to do . . . for example, if you want to just start by contouring your cheeks or adding a little shimmer highlighter, go for it!  I’ve outlined the whole look but you can choose to do one or all of the steps.  

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January 9, 2015

Seriously Huge Sale on Frye!

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 4.48.55 PM

I remember when I first saw a pair of Frye boots years ago.  My fashionable big sister was wearing them (of course), and I remember thinking “Oooh . . . those are so cool.”  I immediately wanted a pair and asked her where to get them.  Then I saw the price tag . . . yikes.  Not quite in my college budget.  BUT.  She still has (and wears) those boots.  That exact same pair have withstood years of wear and tear and have outlasted countless pairs of my cheaper (and therefore cheaply made) boots.  Frye is one of those brands that are seriously worth the money.  Shana has two from the 70’s (literally – the 70’s!) and they still look amazing.  When I asked how she takes care of them to make them last so long?  She doesn’t.  They’re just such high quality that they last.  SO . . . here’s the best part: 6pm is having a seriously huge sale on Frye.  Shana & I have rounded up our favorites to share with you.  This pair caught both our eyes.

Scotti’s Picks:


Shana’s Picks:

More footwear picks in the footwear shop.  Most are mom-friendly, some are just plain hot.




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October 14, 2014

My Favs From Shopbop’s Friends & Family Sale! (25% off almost everything)

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.46.00 PM


Shopbop is having a sale!!  Take 25% off of almost everything with code FAMILY25.  Sadly, Stuart Weitzman, Alexander Wang, and Rag and Bone are all excluded from the sale.  Darn!  But don’t despair – the Shopping Enabler has found all manner of cozy sweaters, fashion-y winter boots, wear-everywhere tees, cool leather jackets, sexy winter dresses and DENIM.  Oh, the DENIM YOU GUYS.

If you are reading in a reader or email, you might need to click over to the real site to see the boutique widget.  But I promise that it’s worth it.  SOOOO worth it.

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September 14, 2010

Found! Crazy-Cool Tees For Toddlers…Most Under $8

Nerd Ummmm…what the heck, Target?  Who knew that lurking among the racks would be such cool tees?  For so cheap? 

While these picks all came from the boy's section (I checked the girls' section also…waaaay too many licensed characters and "princess" themed stuff for my taste), I would dress a little girl in any of these tees in a heartbeat.  For example, just add a cool plaid or pleated skirt with leggings to the nerd shirt, $6.99, pictured above.

Or try a tutu and tights with any of the other picks.  Insanely cool.

And moms of boys?  There is not a brightly colored dinosaur or truck in sight.  And no Paul Frank, either.  In fact, had these shirts come in bigger sizes, I would've purchased some for my husband.  

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August 30, 2010

Wooley Bloomers / Diaper Covers for Boys and Girls

 I love diaper covers.  You know – the pretty white ruffle-butt thingys that are often monogrammed?  Yes.  LOVE.  But since I gave birth to:  1. A boy, and 2. In January…ruffle-butt bloomers were never purchased.  Now, with baby #2 (again, a boy, November) I thought I was still out of luck.

But I came across these cashmere wool shorties pictured at left, $14, from Etsy Seller rebourne, and I was hooked.  I love the rather sophisticated black-and-white stripes — so cute on either a boy or a girl.  How refreshing to see something so truly
Il_430xN.163759788 unisex.  She also has a totally adorable orange version, made out of merino wool and cashmere (pictured at right).

I think these are really meant to be diaper covers for cloth-diapering mamas….but I'd use them just for pure cuteness over any old diaper.  I think baby picture perfection is achieved best when the babes are either naked or wearing only diapers, and these diaper covers would make an adorable pic.

Want more? 

Another Etsy seller, grandmagift11, makes merino wool diaper covers reminiscent of a cozy old sweater.  With ruffles for girls, of course.  Her prices range from $20 – $28.


So what do you think?  Perfect for a holiday card picture, no?



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July 14, 2010

Go Buy Now: Patagonia Baby Down Sweaters

Patagonia Baby Down Sweater
"Go Buy Now" is our new section dedicated to the stuff that sells out before you even know you critically need it.  As soon as we find out one such crucial item is available, we'll give you a heads up, regardless of the fact that the timing of the content seems absurd.

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April 29, 2010

Crazy-Gorgeous: Chinny Chin Chin’s New Spring Line For Kids

6a00d8341cc39c53ef0133ecc550d0970b-800wi Longtime readers of this blog will know I'm a huge, HUGE fan of Chinny Chin Chin (aka Esther Croak).  I drooled over her 2009 line, we featured her adorable outfit as a mom uniform idea, and now…her newest Spring line debuted last week at the Hopscotch Hustle.

For those of you not familiar with Chinny Chin Chin, she creates stunning, unique designs for kids from vintage fabrics.  Her new line manages to cross 1940's glamour with a little hint of Victorian preciousness, but does it in a fresh, completely kid-friendly and affordable way.  It simply doesn't get any better than Chinny Chin Chin.  I. Want. It. All. 

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