June 24, 2014

My Trick For Taming Short, Curly Hair on Humid Days at the Beach


 (wearing: Free People leopard wideband, Tarte Power Pigment in flush, J.Crew star teesimilar sweatshirt both 30% off with code HISUMMER)

I’ve been working with these short, post-chemo curls as best I can.  But the one area that – ALMOST – completely beat me down was the beach (or pool).  Basically, any place where you combine wind, insane humidity, and the potential for a dunking was a total and complete disaster.  Remember when my hair was this short?  Yeah – in hindsight, that hair rocked.  This?  This length is just long enough to be trouble.

Don’t believe me?  Let’s take a pop quiz.  In the picture below, choose the answer that best describes how this hair will look when dry (feel free to use the helpful hints below):

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April 29, 2014

Street Style: The Coolest Everyday Outfits From The Gals of Freda Salvador



At the Reward Style conference, I was so pleased to meet Megan, Cris, and Hillary of Freda Salvador.  Freda Salvador is a small footwear company based in San Fran (you're looking at the entire company right here) who uses a family-owned factory in Spain to produce their line of cool, edgy, and, to quote Megan, "infinitely walkable" shoes and boots.

That's a big statement, infinitely walkable.  So as cute young bloggers teetered around us on their impossibly high heels, I fixed her with a skeptical look.  "No really!" Megan laughed.  "I'm a mom – I totally get it!"  

So we bonded – they were all great fun.  And I will say this:  The shoe leather is very soft.  

In addition to their shoes (which I did cross the conference room to ask about – I mean seriously, white oxfords, black laces?  I'm drooling) they were each(!!) wearing an outfit worth copying.  Love when I see a perfect mix of comfort and edge.  And y'all – I learned that in Dallas –  know how my heart beats fast whenever destroyed denim or camo is involved.


On Cris:

(BTW, there's a baby bump underneath her chambray shirt)

headscarf: vintage Gucci….I'd probably try this Turban Headband at Anthropologie since I can't tie anything

shirt: MiH Simple Shirt in Chambray

necklace: Pamela Love Dagger Rosary

denim: Citizens of Humanity Maternity Skinny Jeans

shoes: Freda Salvador White Oxford with Cut-Outs


On Hillary:

glasses: Oliver Peoples

necklace: old…try Bauble Bar's black beaded necklace

jacket: Wilfred Free Rayder Jacket at Aritzia

top: from Planet Blue (now gone)…try Gap's Fitted Floral Shirt

denim: from Urban (gone)…try One Teaspoon's Freebird Skinny Jean (destroyed)

shoesFreda Salvador White Oxford with Cut-Outs


On Megan:

top: Madewell (gone).. try the  Lace Collage Tee at Anthropologie

necklace: J.Crew (gone)…try Bauble Bar's Crystal Feather Bib Necklace

pants: Sanctuary Camo pants (gone)…try Current/Elliott's Army Buddy Camo Pants…or maybe even these camo pants at LOFT?

denim top (wrapped around waist): Madewell Denim Shirt

shoes: Freda Salavador Ivory Snake Sandal



Megan, Cris and Hillary – so nice meeting you, and thank you again for being such good sports!



April 23, 2014

Reader Style: Hayley’s Seriously Cool, Nursing-Friendly Sweater



Gang, I was thrilled to receive a email from Hayley, who blogs over at Easy Style For Moms.  She had recently bought this gorgeous yellow sweater from an Etsy seller based in China.  I've had my eye on a few Chinese-based Etsy sellers (their designs are so interesting and unique yet amazingly affordable), but I haven't tried anything firsthand. Happily, Hayley was willing to share her thoughts about the process and the product. 

 I’ve always been drawn to clothing with a contemporary Asian aesthetic. These pieces are often layered, draped, and playful when it comes to volume and proportion.  It’s a look that feels very modern so when I discovered this long, draped sweater on Etsy, I just had to have it.  I purchased the sweater from Aolo, an Etsy seller based in China.  I had to wait two weeks after placing the order but my patience was rewarded when the package arrived. I had been concerned about the fit because it was only offered in one size but I’m more than happy with the way it looks.  This sweater is now easily one of the favorites in my closet.


Sweater:   Aolo on Etsy 

Chambray tunic: Old Navy 

Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans 

Boots: Lifestride X-Zip 

Silk hair scarf: Old – similar

Glasses: See Eyewear


Interesting, right?  Here are a few other pieces that caught my eye….


1. Black Oversized Top, $45 from Idea2wear

2. Loose Fitting Sweater, $50 from clothnew88

3. Two-Color Hoodie, $105 from Aolo

4. Cowl Neck Cardigan, $56


Thoughts?  Tempted to try?  And Hayley, thank you so much!  You can read more from Hayley at Easy Style For Moms.




ps.  Thank you SO much for your patience while Typepad worked to recover from the DDOS attacks.  Six days down!  Whoa.  

March 30, 2014

Three Perfect Spring Transition Outfits For Nursing & Post-Partum Mamas

Well shoot.  I'm not currently nursing (and "post-partum" is stretching it)…but I'd wear any of these in a heartbeat.  



Look 1:

Flower Hair Clip, ASOS, $15 (I'm picturing this tucked nonchalantly into a messy bun)

Free People Story Teller Tee, $68 (it's waffle knit – so cozy!) 

Nixon Time-Teller Watch, $74 (I'm addicted to these bright, oversized watches)

Striped Backpack, BCBG at Nordstrom, $88

AG Stevie Cuffed Jeans, $188 at Anthro

TOMS in Orange Palm Trees, $54 (the only thing better than palm trees would be…nothing.  Nothing is better than palm trees.)


Look 2: 

Lanston Asymmetic Top, $95 at Shopbop (pooch-hiding, nursing-friendly drapiness at its best right here)

Autumn Cashmere Cardigan (almost sold out…try Target or Everlane)

Chewbeads Red Bracelet, $17 (A teething-friendly bracelet that I would actually wear…)

Marc Jacobs Medium Tate Tote, $198 (I swore by these when my little guys were young…and I'm still using them.  These nylon, washable bags rock my diaper-baggin' world.)

Gap Boyfriend Jeans (Soooo…I tried them recently and wasn't impressed.  Have been hearing much better things about Old Navy's version.  Go figure. 

Tieks Unmellow Yellow, $195 (aka my favorite flats ever)


Look 3:

Blackbird Colorblock Tee, $68 at Anthro

Slouchy Beanie, $12 at ASOS

Lily Jade Diaper Bag, $260 for another few days (then will shoot up to $335)

AG Stevie Cuffed Jeans, $188 at Anthro 

Steve Madden Trooper Lace-Up Boot, $100 at Urban (I wear mine almost every day.  Grace, I have you to thank.  I know I owe you an article about these…how 'bout I just wear them in virtually every pic instead?)


Happy Monday!  (already?!?!)



March 12, 2014

Make Your Legs Look Longer While Wearing Flats – Part 3



Here we go…the last part of the series on leg-lengthening while wearing flats.  You can find a list of key pieces, as well as other styling tips in Part 1 and Part 2.

Today?  Let's talk about my most unexpected find:  Over-the-knee flat boots.  

Over-the-knee boots help to create a long, lean line…making your legs look longer.  The key is getting the proportions right.  I wouldn't worry so much about how high they come up your leg….the trick is to pair your over-the-knee boots with tops (or skirts) that still show off at least 2-3 inches of leg.   Let's get into it, shall we?

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February 3, 2014

7 Easy Ways To Add Glam To Dreary Winter Looks



So I've been feeling pretty good these days.  There's a spring in my step, and my heart feels…light. It's like I'm emerging from a cocoon.  Butterfly!  I am the butterfly!  #stopit

And I'm dressing differently, too.  Not a huge shift, but I have this new found sense of…fearlessness when picking out my clothes.  Or maybe carelessness is the better word.  I find myself throwing something on because it's fun.  Like I'm honoring the fact that somewhere…there's a party.  (Even if it's just the Pigeon and his hot-dog parties.)  Or I'm reaching for my favorite things, uh, period.  Like, wearing the same thing three days in a row because it makes me feel good.  High heels on a Saturday morning just because, or pretty underwear on a random Wednesday (insert 'hump day' joke). 

Know what's happening here?  I may be bald-ish, I've got some serious scars, but I'm craving – a little – glamour

I mean…let's not get too excited.  I'm a mom of two young boys – there are limits to this glam. (Glimits?)  And someone who talks about glamour while wearing a puffer jacket and fuzzy mittens really shouldn't be trusted.



Just sayin'. 

But I felt like the January issue of Vogue was speaking directly to me:  "Here's to the year of you.  Fashion 2014 is about the charisma of the individual, the charm of the rare and unique…." and even Ms Wintour, in her letter from the editor, talked about a "sense of promise" that was evident in all of the 2014 collections.  Vogue heralded a "return to maximum embellishment" and dubbed 2014 the year of dressing dangerously.  

"There was a strong current of let's-play-dress-up – even whimsy – on the spring runways, and this openhearted spirit only adds to the pleasures of the new season.  Trends may come and trends may go, but fun, we hope, will never go out of style."

Sing it, Vogue.

So.  Here are a few easy-peasy ways to add a small sartorial punch to your everyday, a little dose of pedestrian glamour that even this sleep-deprived mama can do on a daily basis.  As Vogue says (and really, one should always do what Vogue says)….let's play.


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December 9, 2013

Holiday Style: Five Ways To Rock Black Pants



Whether they're skinny or flare, denim or wool, I'm willing to bet that you have a pair of black pants in your closet.  And while [yawn], they may not be [snore] the most exciting [zzzzzzz] sartorial choice…just you wait.  


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December 8, 2013

Holiday Style: Four Festive Ways to Wear A White Button-Down Shirt



If Jenna Lyons can wear a white shirt on the red carpet, we can certainly rock one at some holiday party, right?  Youbetcha.

Here’s what I’m thinking….



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November 4, 2013

Cheap Leggings? A Few Ideas to Keep Your Bum Covered

We are getting into the car.  It's date night!  "Nice tights" says Mike.  What?  Tights?  "No honey," I correct him.  "These are leggings."

Mike looks confused.  "They are?  Hunh.  They look like tights."

"I'm not wearing a skirt" I point out.  "So these are leggings.  Which are pants."

"Ok" he says, agreeably.  "But they're kinda like tights since they're so sheer, right?"

I freeze.  Sheer?  Does he know what that word means?  I mean, this IS the man who repeatedly confuses dresses with skirts.  

I narrow my eyes at him.  "Can you…expand on that?"

He absentmindedly fumbles with the keys.  "Uhhh…they look silky and thin?  Like tights?"

"I forgot something inside" I tell him.  "Be right back."

Mike groans.  "Babe, what did you forget?"

Apparently, I forgot my pants.


THESE ARE "PANTS"  bumcoveragerequired



I do own thicker leggings.  The J.Crew pixie pant-type things that are thick enough to show some bum.  And my faux-leather leggings…yeah, I'm not as careful with bum coverage in those, either. But for whatever reason (in the above case, I LOVE the pattern)…I do find myself reaching for my cheapie black leggings from time-to-time.  They're easy, they're comfy, and sometimes, heck, they're the only thing clean.  

Here are a few styling tricks I've been using when I really (really, REALLY) need to keep my bum covered. 

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October 1, 2013

The Last Haircut(s)…and Hello, Wig


This short little haircut has served me well.  But it's thinned to the point that I have major bald spots on the top of my head, and can't leave the house without a hat.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember seeing the ginormous clump of hair that fell out this morning.  UGH.  There is hair on our floors, hair on the couch, hair on our clothes, hair in our food.  (Someone needs to write a Dr. Seuss mom-has-cancer book.  "It's all over the floor!  It's all over the chair!  But guess where it's not?  There's no hair up on there!")

I'm amazed, really, that I have any hair left on my head.  This morning Raines pulls (yet another) hair out of his cereal and says, "Mom, I hate to tell you this…but it seems like your hair is trying to take over the world."

Yeah…OK.  Back to Salon Ziza I go.  This time, because I was so patchy, Shannon cut my hair in their privacy room.  I think it's amazingly awesome that they even have a privacy room.  I mean, seriously, wow.


Wanna see what Shannon did?

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